Friday, November 7, 2014

Mistakes and happenings

Sorry I've been a little MIA, forgive the first year teacher! This week I had some paperwork, grades, meetings, and observations this week so my brain is really fried. I like to bake to relax, it might be weird, but I enjoy it, baking gets my mind elsewhere. So I was told I could put eggs in the freezer and the next day they would be fine. Yeah, I won't be freezing eggs again! As I tell my kids, 'everyone makes mistakes'. Yeah I did a doesy today! They were still slightly frozen, so I put them in the microwave after I took the shell off. I ended up with scramble eggs in my dough. I had to restart and use yogurt because those were my last eggs... vanilla yogurt don't worry! It tastes good last time I did that. Hopefully it will again, because I might trick my friend Ryan with them to see if he notices a difference.

Now you might be thinking, that I say I write to relax. I do, don't get me wrong, but I also like to cook even if I'm not the best at it. My Aunt has Project US and she will be editing that next! Hopefully it's worth the build up...and I've been editing little by little my pirate story again :) I swear I haven't forgotten about my writing!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Baking Adventure

Good Evening,

I know that I said I would review the new books I got over the summer and I haven't. However I've been a little busy, and when my mind is need to relax I like to bake or cook. It kind of keeps me busy and over worrying about things. I got Sally's Backing Addiction book in the beginning of the summer and loved all the colors in the book. The book is more than an eye catching cover, and a book that actually has a picture of what you are baking, but it is also easy to follow. I decided to try her take on an old classic, the chocolate chip cookie. Yeah, I know not much of an adventure, however my last batch was flat and I wasn't real impressed, it really bothered me. I mean come on, I should be able to bake a good batch of chocolate chip cookies.

I'd been following Sally's blog for a few years now, and had been book marking her recipes. Mostly deserts that I'm sure that would make my work clothes not fit. However, I noticed she had a book and got real excited when I could get it. I already talked about how gorgeous the colors were (I know I'm easily amused!). However I loved how she had little tid bits, and help throughout the book, it was so organized! Not only was it easy to read, but the directions were real simple and straight forward. I wouldn't have thought of putting the dough in the fridge before baking them, but I think I found a recipe that will be a classic in my household and I can not wait to try her other stuff. I haven't bitten into the cookies themselves yet, but I have tried the dough. I will be bringing them to a friend's house for the weekend and will be testing them, one of them has as bad if not worse sweet tooth than me. He will not spare my feelings if they taste bad! He will be my guinea pig.

Sally's Baking Addiction Cookbook - on sale

Her blog:
Her book:

Monday, September 29, 2014

OMG I'm still alive!

Hi Everyone,
Yes, I know believe it or not I have not fallen off the face of the Earth! I am about to finish my first month of teaching, gotten my toes wet of what is expected and what is to come (well rough idea). Since I'm working in the school and adjusting to a new state things have been well interesting to say the least. I am loving the new state and the school that I'm at. I know I'm not really posting anything since I've gotten the job and moved. I am going to try to get better of working writing and editing into my routine, I miss it and it's a great way to relax at night. My goal is to get Project US and a couple other stuff released soon. Hopefully since that's in print that it'll motivate me to stick to that!

Friday, August 8, 2014

New Job and moving

Good morning!
So I will be a little all over the place the next couple of weeks. I graduated college May 2013 and have been applying to teaching jobs from March 2013 to now. The past month I even started to apply to jobs in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina. I figured I'm not married, don't have a boyfriend, I don't have kids, so if I am having trouble looking for a job around here, why not look elsewhere? Expand my horizon. On August 3rd I was standing in the movie theater waiting for my friend, I got an email asking if I would do an interview for a special education position in a middle school in Virginia. I was already doing one that Monday, so I was excited to add another phone interview that Tuesday. Who doesn't like an interview in their pajamas?

The interview that Monday only went alright, I had a pretty bad interview the week before and my self-esteem was still kind of low. I had friends who told me not to worry, that I would be fine. That I had to go to my next interview and act like I had the job. Easier said than done. However, Tuesday I had the interview, and it went well. So well that I got a job offer less than three hours after my interview! Shell shock, and excited can't explain how happy I was for this job! It is a little crazy that I will be moving out of New Jersey, I'm twenty-four years old and have only ever lived in Monmouth County (minus college which was still New Jersey). My first day of workshops/training starts August 18th! So soon, I have major time crunch to find a place, furniture, get my paperwork done for my contracts, and my teaching certificates figured out as I cross some state lines. I am oddly not panicking, but if I'm a little MIA that's why. I'm usually such a worry wart I'm shocked, but it's a new chapter, and a new adventure. I applied to about 160 school districts, and I compared finding a teaching job to the hunger games. This economy is crazy and needs to get better. It is a major relief to have a job. I am majorly excited to start this September, to meet my sixth graders, and welcome a new life in Virginia.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

End of the Line

Good Afternoon!
So I'm working on about six or so stories right now. Why? Because I'm not fully working and I need to keep busy while I'm sending out what feels like a million applications and don't want to be stressing too much while I'm preparing for the job interviews I've been going on. It feels so good to be working with my characters again. I've missed them. I've been working on Project US (YA Romantic Suspense), A Pirate's Life for me (YA), Mistakes/Moonlit Eyes (YA - Paranormal Romance), Call for Help (NA Romantic Suspense Beneath the Scars 2), End of the Line 2 (YA), and might start working on two others. Yes, a little crazy. It feels nice to work on Young Adult books though.

I sometimes think that need to add more work than I should to my plate. It's an illness. You might have noticed that I've picked up End of the Line 2. I don't know what happened, but it sitting on the back burner for awhile I was able to get the gears moving again. Hopefully that continues. It has some interesting points, and I miss working with Aaron. That in mind I wanted the first and second to match interior wise. If you ever held the physical copy you might have thought the font was a little smaller. Looking at End of the Line with Family Ties and Beneath the Scars, I wondered how a book that has more words could be so much smaller. Family Ties is around 14K shorter, and Beneath the Scars is about three thousand words shorter. So I ask Amy from The Eyes of Editing and worked on the interior of End of the Line and now it's the biggest out of my collection. For that I'm sorry the price will be a little more, but at least your eyes will thank me. I fixed a couple interior problems that bothered me, I forgot to move a chapter heading down. My little OCD tendencies. It should be available again within a couple of days, or you can order End of the Line here now.
Happy Readings,

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Review and comments on ~ The Elements of Style

Good Morning!
Okay so my aunt gave me this book 'The Elements of Style' by William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White for Christmas. As I said before, you can never stop learning. I want to keep working on my writing skills, so I figured why not. I wish I could say it was this past Christmas she gave me this book, but then I would be lying on which Christmas. Anyway, I finally sat down and read through it. the book is about eighty-five pages long. It's real thin.

I feel weird giving a 'textbook' more than 3 because well, who really enjoys reading textbooks, let along grammar ones? I was given this book by a relative for Christmas because I am always up for constantly fixing my talent. No one is perfect. This book is tiny, but has a lot of information in it, and I'm hoping I'm not breaking too many of the rules as I write this review. There were a couple of parts which I thought might as well have been written in Chinese. I think I might have needed a step before this book because I think the authors expected I knew what they were talking about at parts. I was talked to rather than getting an explanation for what the rule was. There were a couple of points I wanted to know why that was the way it was. Otherwise it's real short read. If you already have a little bit of a foundation and just need something to grab as a quick reminder this is your book.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Fun book order!

Good Afternoon!
When I had a beta reader go through Project US she suggested 'Eats, shoots & Leaves' by Lynne Truss to help me with punctuation. I went on Amazon and picked up a couple of other books while I was at it. If I want to keep writing, learning new skills is a smart idea. I want to get better with grammar, and you can never stop learning more in life. I want to pick up new skills. Editors are great, but I also want to be able to catch more mistakes myself. Plus it is pretty ignorant of a writer to just say that's the editor's job. No, they are to help polish your book, but they shouldn't be there to need a blow torch to find the work. One of my editors likes Grammar Girl, and it was on sale so I figured why not. Plus with some of the grammar books, I can bring into my classroom whenever I get one as well. Yes, I will be that social studies teacher that makes the students write. As I go through them I'll share my opinion on them.

Now, you might be reading this and be like, "Those are cookies on that one cover, you're not fooling anyone that, that is a grammar book". I know it is a cookbook. I'm excited! My goal is to eventually move out into my own place, so I'm slowly going to start collecting cookbooks before hand. This one is called "Sally's Baking Addiction". It is from the mind of Sally McKenney, a blogger who I found a couple of years ago and is currently most of the cooking tabs saved in my folder on my computer. You should check out her block here, I'm hoping to try a few recipes out over the summer. She has a several sections in the book which include breads & muffins, breakfast, brownies & bars, cakes, pies, & crisps, candy & sweet snacks, cookies, cupcakes, and healthier choices. I'm sure my parents are not going to be so happy with all the sugar since someone is always on some form of a diet. That and she has easy step by step directions and tips which someone like me appreciates! If I cook any I'll be sure to share how it goes. Heads up, when I cook things don't always look like the pictures.