Saturday, May 24, 2014

Review ~ Raised by Sharon Stevenson

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So I have a new review for you! I have a couple more in the future so prepare yourself, it's been so long! This one is New Adult or older and it is a Sci-fi book so if that sounds like your kind of thing this is your book. I am happy to have found this new to me indie author :) It is also FREE for all e-readers, another reason to jump on it.

Everyone deserves a second chance even the dead. In the future the world is taken over by beings creating it so that there is magic to be harnessed. Pete has died and someone has brought him back to life, but he doesn't know who or why as he sets out on his journey to avoid being captured and forced into the military. Raised is a story that has characters that are realistic, well the main characters at least, and how realistic as a dead man can be. Sharon Stevenson will have you involved in the characters in a manner where you are going to keep flipping through to find out what happens next.

It usually takes me a little longer to read Sci-fi books. However with Raised I was able to zip through the book in a steady pace. The readers are in a fully developed world without the extra word jungle that I get lost in with some Sci-fi books. The main character has an array of emotions that the readers can understand because they are in the book's world. There are even plot twists. Hang on for book two though...
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