Sunday, August 1, 2021

Review ~ The River House by Shawn Maravel


It is been so long we are going to ignore how long it has been. I have had a lot of personal things going on the past year and I might talk about it later on. I needed some time to get myself together first, but I am back and not only am I back I here doing a book review PLUS I have a book that will be released in the next month/month and a half! 

I could gush about how excited that Shawn Maravel was releasing a new novel when I found out a few months ago. I have reviews of her other books from years ago on my blog if you want to search for them. Shawn is an author that creates realistic love stories that make the readers feel and hope for the characters. Is the road easy? No of course not because that's not how life works.

I have had a really rough mental time the past year and a half so the fact that I read a book and finished it is alone a miracle. I read this book in a couple of days. It is a nice easy read without dumbing things down for the reader. The characters will have you cheering for them and a good-looking, charming male lead doesn't hurt either. I of course ordered a paperback so I could have all her books together.

Jocelyn's family experiences a loss in the family causing her family to decide what to do with the family house that is filled with wall-to-wall memories. Jocelyn volunteers to monitor the restoration of the house before the family puts the house on the river for sale. However, Jocelyn wasn't expecting to face her past as Jack Evans shows up on her doorstep. Together as they repair the house, feelings grow, but the question of what will happen once the house is ready to be sold.

This story I was super excited for as I loved reading Maravel's previous stories. Her characters are realistic so the reader feels as if they know them. The character's feelings are a gradual growth not only in love but also as they search for what they really want out of life versus what they had set out when they were young adults. The characters go on a journey and it is a good light summer's read.


Sunday, February 21, 2021

Cover reveal ~ Beaker to Life

 Good morning!

I am brining to you today a brand new cover for a young adult novel to be published next month! Beaker to Life is a story that I started way back in high school. Since then it has been finished and revamped. It took on a new life since then. I also overthought this story so much and finish put it out. I went back and forth about if needed more or if I added more would it drag. It's normal to doubt. You can read the first three chapters (not edited, I'm working on it now) right here.

Madeline is special. However, the threats and protests make her feel otherwise. Madeline is the first successful human clone. She lives with one of the scientists that created her, Dr. Vodola, and his son, Sawyer. Between the constant doctor appointments, press conferences, and Dr. Vodola's strict rules, Madeline lives in prison. She never gets a choice in anything in her life. Sawyer is counting the days where he can graduate and move out of his abusive father's house. Growing up, Sawyer learned that his mother left him because of Madeline. As the abuse grows, their relationship is tested will they find the strength to fight for a chance to live?


Warmth surrounded me as light dings danced against the window and roof. Mother Nature's song tickled my ears, but my eyes stayed closed. I didn't have to wake up if I didn't want to. I had a choice. Keeping my eyes closed I uncoiled, rolled over, then curled back up, and tightening my hold on my blanket. My body was comfortable, but my mind was pinging many different ideas and memories against my brain it was making it very difficult to fall back to sleep. Sighing I stood up and wrapped the blanket at the end of the bed around me as I tip toed across the room. The rug fibers pressed between my toes. Titling my head up I stared up at the dark clouds. It was morning, but there wasn't any trace of any light.

My fingers pressed against the cold glass lightly as the water droplets ran down. My eyes watched as each water droplet left almost a trail behind it, patterns formed against the window. Every teardrop was the same, clear, wet, and small. I wasn't like the other water drops. I was created rather than born. Years of being called a freak, monster, and even had death threats against me, I found myself wanting to be like everyone else. I would have done anything to be like them. Though, he was always different. We didn't always get along, but he still managed to make sure that I felt human.

I barely got a chance to live. The scientist never gave me true affection, but rather treated me as a trophy for a prized pumpkin at a fair. He made sure to show me off. While other kids were learning to ride their bikes, I was poke and prodded by scientists, news reporters, and so many others. Then there were those who wanted me dead. The protests that would form when I was heard to be somewhere. The yells and signs shouting out that I was a sin, a creature from hell, against all laws against nature. People knew who and what I was, so they hated me.

There was no way to keep track of how many nights I ended up curled up crying. Then against all his father's wishes Sawyer would come down and sit with me to make me feel better. He was the only one I really got to talk to, and he did not seem to care what others said about me. Sawyer was able to able to see me, for me even when I didn't know who I was. Sawyer and I were friends through it all, as much as we tried to be anyway, because at times it was difficult to have any form of a relationship with someone. I don't think I could have survived without him. When I was deprived of him, I would have been alone, and I don't think I would've had the strength to see the next day without that encouragement.

Being the only successful human clone in the world makes me stand out a little. The rarity makes me more of a science experiment than a living breathing human. Taking in a deep breath I sat on the couch by the window, watching the storm, and creating the cocoon as a haven around me.

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Upcoming Release

 Hello Readers!

I will continue to work on edits this week and I will be doing a cover reveal later this week, early next on my upcoming young adult novel. I am back to the young adult world, I enjoy it though what can I say. This is a scifi story though! That is a little different, I have trouble staying in one genre, oops! However, this weekend I will be doing a cover reveal of the upcoming novel. Then I will release the book March 19th. You can read the first three chapters on Wattpad, but remember it has not been edited yet because that is what I am working on it now. Keep an eye out for more updates and hope that you're all excited!

Tuesday, December 1, 2020


Hello Lovelies!
Again it has been awhile since I've written, there will be a day that I will be consistent. I hope everyone has been staying safe this holiday season. I know with my kiddos we have been social distancing and it has been making teaching different. I will give my kiddos credit they have been real troopers with coming into the building. I will not argue about safety and masks on here.

I started out doing nanowri this year, but I got distracted with an editing project. I have Beaker to Life which is a sci-fi young adult story that was calling to me. I edited it. For some reason I keep doubting this story and the relationships. So the story is about the first human clone and how she grows up. I worry since it takes place over seventeen years that I am timing jumping more than diving into the story. Then I wonder if I really skimp or it is my brain overthinking.

I am still working a little here and there on the third book in the Awakenings trilogy. It is fun getting to know all four girls by themselves on top of them learning about each other. I cannot wait to finish so you all can read the trilogy.

Also I was visiting a high school friend during the weekend and we were talking. Then she said the phase from the Bible, "beauty for ashes" or from. I love it and changed the manuscript "A Flower in the Ashes" to "Beauty from Ashes". They're similar but it's the meaning that I've been searching for. I love it and I'm trying my best to finish my young adult trilogy before going to my historical fiction story.

Stay safe Lovelies!

Thursday, July 16, 2020

New Series

So I don't know how I could be home during a pandemic and not write for nearly two months. Then again I was pretty busy with teacher stuff while I was home for the last couple of months. I am sorry. I know I have been majorly missing in action and weird the last several months. I was taking a step back from things and working on me. This might be TMI, but I've always had female problems. This past fall I was diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) . It isn't life threatening, but because of the hormonal imbalances I do have to watch stuff for my overall health. It's been an emotional roller coaster. One minute I'm ready to conquer everything the next I am cursing my body and our healthcare system for brushing things like this under the rug. So part of this pandemic I took a step back from a lot of things and decided to work on me. I've been working on my physical health (my scale my say otherwise) in addition to my mental health. I am sorry for the tmi and too much information. 

That was probably a heavier than what you were all expecting and I am sorry. However, something that I've been trying to get back into to help myself is writing. The first month during the pandemic I wrote the second half of the first book of my upcoming young adult trilogy!! I have been kind of fauge about it because I've been over thinking titles and what not. This trilogy will be different from my previous stuff. It orginally was going to be four books, but I'm worried that I'll drag things out that don't need to be. So it is a trilogy.

How is this trilogy different? First off it is a different genre. First time I'll be publishing fantasy/scifi genre. Now I've tried writing in these areas before, but never published. These books will be about elements!! As in earth, fire, air, and water. Hopefully this idea isn't overplayed.

Second, this trilogy might have a couple snippets of romance, BUT this series will NOT be about love. First one of my stories that will not be centered about two people coming together. Instead I will be focusing on friendship/sisterhood. It is a little bit of a challenge, but I'm oddly liking it. I cannot wait for all the characters to meet up. I keep having these scenes in my head (hopefully I remember them all!) And I love them.

Last reason this series is different. The first two books are written in one point of view. Which if you have read everything I have written has only happen two other times, Going Rogue, and Invisible Bonds (this might be stretching it). Otherwise just about everything else changes points of view. I like writing that way because I love getting in different character's heads. Especially when I am tired of one character. I think that's been part of my struggle with the second young adult book I'm working on now. First off it is a fire person, which I'm finding that I am not, water was way easier to write.

So I'm thinking the series name will be Awaking, but I don't know if that is over used. The first one is Against the Current. Second is In the Line of Fire. Then the conclusion is Mischief in the Air. You can read the first couple of chapters on wattpad. Read Against the Current.

I hope you all enjoy the sample and hopefully the series to come out in 2021!

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Cover Reveal ~ Invisible Bonds

Good Morning!
I want to check in on everyone during this time in history. I am working from home and working with my students online. I've been reorganizing the house, working on healthy habits (attempting), and a little writing. I finished the first book in a young adult novel trilogy. Invisible Bonds will have the first chapter of the first book. I'm torn between two names so I have a few days to pick that. However, we are here to see the pretty cover for Invisible Bonds (Family Ties 2)!

The above is the original photo! I was stuck between like five photos and picked this one. I had mixed opinions when I was asking people what they thought, then went with my gut. I hope my gut was right! The next one is the ebook cover. I feel like it is missing some of the fun parts of the cover, but it is what it is. 

It's been nearly two years since Abby was walking home and grabbed by Wilhelm's men. Abby is now in her senior year trying to balance a job, a boyfriend, school work, and Zoey, who is trying to make the best of every second of their time before they all go to college. However, things start happening, and Abby feels eyes on her. Abby starts to wonder if the past is the past, or is she going crazy.

That is the paperback cover. I think it is great and I hope you enjoy it. I mean it has lavender on it, and who doesn't like lavender? I will have the links to the book soon for Amazon and Barnes and Nobles. You can pre-order it on Smashwords though!

Pre-order Smashwords

Check out the first and second covers together.

Family Ties

Friday, March 6, 2020

Upcoming new release ~ Invisible Bonds

Happy Friday!!
It was a shorten week, but it felt long. Anyone else feel that way?? I have gotten a kick of motivation this week at least. I am revising Family Ties 2, Invisible Bonds! I have been talking about it for awhile now, and the release will be April 3! Keep your eyes open for a cover reveal and any other news! It will be fun to have the story continue for Abby. A story that doesn't get a lot of attention, but I went back to because I felt like a little bit needed t be told about the story. You can check out the sample on wattpad.

The other work that I'm working on is a young adult story that I'm having a lot of fun thinking up ideas for. It has some spunky characters. It is also is different because it is told in the point of view of only ONE character! I haven't fully done that before except the novellas. Also the genre is different so I'm exploring a new writing genre which I'm hoping goes well.
Happy readings!