Thursday, March 5, 2015

Shadows from the Past free

Hi Everyone,
I wrote a sequel to Shadows from the Past! The title of this new story is called 'Whispers in the Woods'. In this story readers will be able to see what happens in the world after 'Shadows from the Past'. To celebrate this upcoming release I am making 'Shadows from the Past' free for all ebooks! You can get your copy here: I hope that you'll enjoy Whispers in the Woods as much as you've enjoyed the first novella. Yes these stories are a little darker than my novels, or at least a really different genre. It's different to write paranormal stories, I like to dabble in different genres. It is interesting to see different worlds. Between 'Shadows from the Past' and 'Whispers in the Woods' beta readers and editor have asked me if there will be a full novel. I will say that I'm considering it.

Back in high school I started this story, Mistakes. After writing it for a bit I kind of wrote myself in a corner because I thought of a plot twist I wanted, but I was going to have to rewrite the beginning because I didn't like how it was hinted. Forward a couple of years I wrote Shadows from the Past and when I went back to edit it because I was going to use it for something else I realized I accidentally linked that story with Mistakes. I wish I could say I was clever and did it on purpose, but I'd be lying. However, after writing that I knew Mistakes was going to be the series name, not the novel's. I then wrote 'Whispers in the Woods'. It might be a little weird to have a series where the first two books are short stories then the third is a full novel. Then again I decided to scrap the old one from high school and started to rewrite it completely, for all I know it might be a short story too. I'd rather produce a short story then drag out a story just to make it a novel. I want to write that as much as you would want to read that.

I really think I went off topic for just saying that a novella is free for all ereaders. I'm really sorry about that! Again enjoy the free book and keep your eyes open to a new upcoming story!