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Mini Blog Series ~ Going Rogue

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There really isn't much more of Going Rogue left! After you read this one, there is only 1 more chapter left! If you are behind, they are really short chapters around a page-page and a half each. Continuing Aaron's journey...

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

                     Going Rogue

Chapter Five

The days were getting colder and the days had become a blur. It had snowed and I was thankful of the coat that I had stolen. I yanked on my cap to further cover my ears. When I was little I loved the snow, I use to pretend that I was like Neil Armstrong with my boots leaving prints in the snow. My mom hated the cold, but she would bundle the two of us up on snow days to go outside. She would have snowball fights with me, always letting me win. We would stay outside till our noses and cheeks were pink then we'd go inside to get into pajamas with a mug of hot chocolate. I watched the smoke form with the last breath I took. I was never going to see my mom ever again. The flash of her being disappointed in the last time we spoke came before me.
I shook my head. I had to focus on the snow days, not my teen years with her. Staring above me the clouds were dark still from the night before's snow fall.
"I hope you can see me up there. I'm trying to do better for you and dad."
My heart fell down to my stomach. I needed to get back to Lauren. I could hear my mom's voice telling me that I shouldn't run away from my troubles. Though I'm pretty sure Lauren is exactly the type of girl my mom would have tried to set me up with. She didn't care for the ones that I brought home, or the few that I did bring home. I chuckled, God, mom would try to marry Lauren and me together if she was still around. She wanted lots of grandchildren, just not right then.
My mom would make cookies with me sometimes after school, I think we ate more of the dough than the actual cookies. As much as my dad and I had a special relationship where he took me to get my tattoo, my mom was the one that I could talk to. She and I built a fort the first week that I moved in with them.
I shoved my hands into my pockets as I thought back to how nervous I was. I had spent the time that I could remember in a couple of foster homes before I was told I was getting adopted. I didn't trust my new parents. I had been shuffled around a few times that I didn't actually believe that they would keep me. I would barely talk to them, I picked at my food. I came down one morning to see a blanket fort in the living room with a plate of cinnamon buns inside.
I had tip toed over to the blanket. They left me alone that day while I sat in the fort and I fell asleep in it. The next morning I woke up and saw my mom coming down the stairs. She had her hair tied back so that when she bent down to look at me I could look into her eyes. She had the warmest smile that I had ever seen.
"I use to build forts like this for my cousin's when we were growing up. Do I still have the skills?"
I remember laughing and she asked to join me in the fort. When I nodded she sat down next to me and talked about her family growing up. Eventually I got hungry and we ate breakfast. She got me. She always did. My mom got that I needed to do things on my time. She was the greatest mom.
"Mom, I know I never said it enough, but I love you. I promise I will make you proud. I didn't do much of that before you-" I paused unable to say out loud that she was gone. "I know I have to go back, even when you're gone you're still steering me in the right direction."

I turned on my heel towards a certain girl.

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Mini Blog Series ~ Going Rogue

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I can't believe is week 4 of the mini blog series. This is a story that will help you get to know Aaron from End of the Line.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Chapter 3
                    Going Rogue

Chapter Four

It had been a week and I was still at the house for a couple of reasons. First, I wanted to leave after the ash had dissipated. Second, I didn't know where else to go. There was not much food here so I knew I had to be on the move at some point especially since I could have sworn that I have been seeing movement in the bushes. My hope was that there were some deers or bunnies moving around, but I was pretty sure I saw some flickering of lights. I was avoiding walking by the windows or the glass back door because every nerve of mine was on edge. Something was up.
Pacing around the master bedroom where I had been sleeping I tried to think of a way out. Leaving when it was dark would be the best idea. Keeping flesh against the wall I glanced out the window. If I got a little bit of a running start I might be able to jump and grab onto one of the tree branches on that oak. I must be losing it. A running leap into a tree? My luck I'd miss the branch and break my neck. Well, that would be one way to get Manson off my back.
Glancing out again the sky was full of oranges, pinks, and purples spreading across the sky. Whatever I was going to do, I was going to have to do it soon. I grabbed the jacket that I had found in the house, it was a little big on me, but I figured it was better than nothing. Walking into the bathroom I turned on the facet and the water sprayed out in spurts. I grabbed a clean razor and wetted it under the water. I quickly shaved my face of peach fuzz before grabbing some scissors to trim my hair. Who knows when I'd get the chance. I cut my hair to almost the scalp and put on a hat hoping to keep my head warm.
It probably was dumb to cut all my hair before I left, but not being able to wash my hair was getting to me. I couldn't imagine what Lauren felt about her own hair, it was much longer than mine. I thought back to when we first arrived to the house in Pennsylvania and she showered. Her hair looked so soft.
I shook my head and went to the window again. The bushes were rustling around the house. I cursed under my breath. They found me. I zipped the coat up and opened the window slowly. There were a couple of heads popping up around the trees and they were popping up to point in another direction. I crouched low to the frame and ducked my head. Once I had one foot over it let the other half of my body to follow suit. Keeping low to the roof though I crawled over to the tree. I stopped when I got close to the tree and watched a man go to the front door.
Taking my chance I leapt to the tree with a thud. I bit my tongue to hold back the yell from the new bruises. Working quickly I climbed down and ran down the street with shouts behind me. My feet hit the pavement and I tried to think of where I should go. A bullet whizzed by me and hit the car that I was near. Cursing I turned towards the woods, I tried to pick up my pace, yet not trip over any rocks. Dashing out of the woods when I heard leaves crushing behind me I bolted for a nearby car and climbed into the back of the car. Once I was in the back I laid down and pulled a lone sweatshirt over my feet. Taking off my coat quickly and I draped it over my upper half. Closing my eyes I tried to tune out my own racing heart to listen for foot steps. Slow breath in the nose. Hold. Hold. Release.
"Where the hell did he go?" a voice in the distance yelled.
"People don't vanish, go look for him."
I tried to make my breathing even to limit the movement. I would be trapped with no place to escape to if they found me. Air was trapped in my throat though when I heard the foot steps near the car. I needed to live. I needed to be able to see the group again. I know I complained about them in the beginning, but I needed to live for them.

The sky was completely dark by the time I didn't hear any whispers or steps. Slowly sitting up I stayed on the floor to peek through the bottom of the windows. It seemed to be clear. I put my coat back on fell asleep on the back seat.

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Diana Nixon ~ The Souls of Rain

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The Souls of Rain (Heavens Trilogy, # 1)
By Diana Nixon
COMING Out December 18th, 2013

The secrets of the heavens had always been carefully guarded. Until one day when the angels realized that what they used to believe in was nothing but a cruel game between heaven and hell.
And Claire’s life is a part of that game too. She is a guardian angel.
She always thought that her existence was perfect. But perfection is a very relative term, and no one is protected from making mistakes.

Everything changes the moment Claire gets a new assignment. Guarding humans has never been easy, and this time won’t be an exception.

Alan Rosenford is a spoilt party-boy, whose life is a hurricane of risk and adrenaline rush. His soul is damaged, his heart is bleeding, and there are so many things he prefers to keep private….

The words they have never said before …
The sins they have never committed….

How much does forgiveness of the heavens cost?
Or maybe even the heavens make mistakes?....


Trailing my fingers over the lines of your face,
Kissing your lips and melting in your embrace,
Enjoying the warmth and drinking in the moment,
Leading multiple lives feels like a pure torment.

Falling even deeper in love with you,
Discovering all the things I never knew,
Evolving into someone better and someone new,
I’ll stay for one more day, or maybe for a few,
To build up my strength to live centuries without you.

I’ll follow you to the deserts and across the oceans,
Desperate for changes and overwhelming emotions;
I’ll stay with you on the earth, or follow you to the sky,
Only with you can I breathe and feel myself alive.

Holding hands, we walk between the silver raindrops,
With the snow-white doves flying around us;
Leaving for the memories we shared, lives ago,
Can we put them back together? No one knows.

Look around and tell me what you see,
There’s no one else in sight, but you and me,
Chasing away the darkness and stormy clouds,
Just the way it was always meant to be.

Living like there’s nothing left to lose,
No one to forgive, no one to accuse.
When the bridges of hope come crashing down,
In the bewitching sounds of love we drown,
As we kiss away each other’s worst fears,
Banishing regrets, pains and bitter tears.

Take a breath and wait for the long tomorrow,
If I disappear in the shadows, find me and follow,
Rescue me in the midst of my endless night,
Turn the pale moon into bright daylight,
Make this heart of mine miss a beat,
Only with you is my soul complete.


Three angels were standing in the middle of a round, crystal room. Their long, silver cloaks were swaying slowly in the wind; the rustle of their wings was the only sound breaking the intense silence. One of them, a woman with curly, strawberry-blond hair that went to her feet, raised her hand and a huge, white cloud formed in front of her.
“The girl deserves to know the truth,” she said to the others.
“This is insane,” a male angel replied, shaking his head. He ran one palm through his messy, sandy hair; his big, blue eyes seemed to be brighter than the sky itself. “What if something goes wrong?” He stared nervously at the picture appearing inside the cloud.
“We are losing control over her.”
“She’s right,” the other male angel said. “It’s not safe to keep her here.” His golden eyes shifted impatiently between his companions. “We need to send her back to the earth.”
“You will follow her,” the woman said, looking at the blue-eyed angel. He was the youngest of the three of them, and his age was the only thing that stopped him from breaking the order. He didn’t want to spy on anyone. He used to be one of the best guardian angels, until one day he made a mistake and was obliged to follow the orders of the top-ranked angels. It was the worst part of his punishment; he hated being told what to do.
“You didn’t have to say that,” he snapped, meeting the woman’s emotionless eyes. Sometimes it was really hard to believe that she was an angel, and not a demon wearing snow-white wings. “You know I would have never left her unprotected.”
“Right.” The other angel smirked.
“Albert,” the woman hissed, warningly. Her voice sounded calm, but the intonation said it all — she didn’t approve fights between her subordinates. “This meeting is over. I’ll see you two later.” And just like that she disappeared, making the air in the room crackle. Albert grimaced at the force of energy left after her disappearance. He wasn’t as strong as she was, and the powers she possessed always made him uneasy. He looked one last time at the blue-eyed angel and followed the woman.

Left alone, the angel stared at the picture of the girl he was supposed to spy on. The girl was a guardian angel. She was slim and beautiful; with long, black hair and big green eyes, shadowed by the curling lashes.
She was walking down the alley surrounded by the age-old oaks, watching her fosterling. She seemed to be relaxed, but in reality her every instinct was on alert. Her wings were outspread, and though no human could see her like that, the creatures of the heavens always knew when she was on duty.
 “I won’t let you down, Claire,” the angel swore in a whisper, making the cloud in front of him turn black. “Never again….”

Chapter 1

I was staring at the file in my hands. It was thick and heavy, and I didn’t have the slightest desire to read it.
“What’s this?” I asked Bert, my trainer.
“Your new assignment,” he said, walking down the hall that led to the training rooms.  
I raised my eyebrows in surprise. “My new assignment? Seriously?”
“Yes. Why?” He opened the door to one of the rooms and led me to the wall with crystal daggers.
“I was reassigned just a few days ago, remember? No angel changes humans so often!”
“It’s not your call, Claire. They give commands, you execute them. Period.” He gave me one of the daggers to replace the one I broke last night, trying to kill a demon following my fosterling. “Be careful with the weapons. You are the only guardian angel who breaks them so often.”
“I’m also the only guardian angel who destroys the biggest number of demons.”
“True.” Bert smiled briefly, and looked at the wound on my right wing. “Close your eyes, I will heal it.”
I sighed and obeyed, waiting for Bert’s powers to deal with the wound. It didn’t hurt much, but the feeling wasn’t pleasant either. Guardian angels couldn’t heal themselves. We always needed the help of other angels, whose powers were different from ours.
 My thoughts switched back to my new assignment, and I sighed again. Bert was right, I couldn’t help matters. And neither could he. He was just a messenger in this case. I answered to him for my every step, but when it came to the orders of Santunary, he was as helpless as I was. 
No one could ignore the words of Ledons — top-ranked angels. They formed the Santunary: the highest and the cruelest governmental authority, and the most respectful body of the heavens (except for God, of course). There were no ‘ifs’ for Ledons. They accepted only ‘yes’ or ‘no’. The last word was better not to pronounce if you cared about your life.
Ledons were followed by Deerons, our trainers. They guarded the gates of the heavens. No one could come or go without their permission, even the souls.
Then there was us, the guardian angels, followed by our loyal servants, the Pastreens. I didn’t know what exactly their duties consisted of, but they were a real pain in our necks; always watching us and laughing at our mistakes. Though sometimes they were really helpful, especially when it came to doing my hair or cleaning my wings.
“So who’s my new baby?” I asked the trainer. We called humans our babies, because we felt like their nannies that were always there for them, no matter how bad or good they really were.
“Why don’t you open the file?” Bert winked at me. Oh, no…it was a sign of bad news.
Alan Rosenford,” I read the name, written on the file’s cover. “Who is he?”
“Just don’t tell me you’ve never heard about him! How long have you been working in New York…for two years? And you’ve never heard about Alan Rosenford?”
“I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I haven’t.”
“Well, this is probably for the best.” Bert smirked and vanished. Literally.
Angels always appeared out of nowhere and disappeared as abruptly. But I hated when Bert did that. He never answered my questions, and he always left without saying good-bye. Not that it was the only unpleasant thing about my life. Nothing about it was normal actually.
Sometimes it felt like my life was an endless cascade of ups and downs. I could fly and I could walk; I could save and I could destroy. Heaven was my home, and the days I spent there couldn’t be compared with anything else; they were special.
But there were also days that I had to spend walking down the roads of sinful earth. Everything about them was even and painfully predictable.
Unlike those humans I guard, I don’t need to count seconds; I have a whole eternity to live. I don’t need sleep or food, though cakes and ice-cream are my weaknesses and the best things about my perfect life.
 I don’t have a family, and I never had one. I was created by the heavens. I don’t have friends, but I do have enemies. And all of them are demons — soulless, cruel creatures that make people do things they will have to spend forever in hell for.
My job is to protect humans from demons, making their lives better and happier. Funny enough, I’m the unhappiest creature in the world. It feels like my happiness is always near, and too far away at the same time.
There are things that I will probably never be able to understand. I don’t know what love means. It always felt like something mysterious and too unreal. But unlike humans, I can live perfectly well without it. As well as without boys, parties and other essential attributes of every girl’s life.
But there is one thing that I can’t live a single day without. My wings. They are my faith and an essential part of me. I can’t show them to humans, and every time I let them see me, they think I’m just a girl in my early twenties. Too bad no human girl knows how to cross the distance between two places in seconds.

I closed my eyes and imagined myself standing in the middle of my sky-blue living room. I liked the color. It reminded me of my true home and the sky that I liked gazing at so much.
I had a two-bedroom apartment not far away from Central Park. I didn’t have much time to spend there, but there were times, like today, when I wasn’t on duty. My last assignment, a five-year-old Annabel Walders left for a few days to visit her grandparents, but I couldn’t leave New York, so she was guarded by one of the local angels of Washington.
It was supposed to be a free weekend: no work, no demons; only freedom and me. Yeah, too good to be true….

I looked back at the files I was still holding in my hands. I never read people’s files. I liked making my own opinion about them. No matter how bad or perfect they were, the only thing I cared about were their souls. And even a criminal’s soul can be pure. Because when people kill or lie it means that demons win. It also means that angels lose. And we lose only if we don’t take our duties seriously. Usually it leads to becoming Pastreens. Or fallen. Both variants close the doors to the heavens and leave us wandering around the earth forever. And no matter how heavy the sin we commit is, we always want to be forgiven and returned to the heavens.
Speaking of sins….
“Nolan, what are you doing here?” I asked the fallen angel, standing behind me.
“Good to see you too, Claire.” He smiled, taking a seat on my couch. The guy didn’t need my permission to make himself at home.
Nolan was the only fallen who never wanted to be forgiven. At least that was what he was saying every time I asked him about his life. He liked living among humans. Though I never asked him about the rule he broke to be kicked out of the heavens.
“I heard about your new assignment,” he said, turning on the TV set.
“Why do you even care?” I crossed my arms, watching him curiously. I didn’t understand why Nolan liked spending time with me. My life was a picture of everything he couldn’t have.
“Because we are best friends. And friends always care about each other.”
I rolled my eyes. “We are far from being friends, Nolan. Let alone best friends. You are stalking me. This is how it calls.”
“Whatever you call it, the fact remains — I’m here, and I want to know how you feel about being Alan’s new babysitter.” He smiled again, and I desperately wanted to slap him in the face. God, forgive me.
“What is wrong with the guy that everyone is so worried about me guarding him?”
“Nothing’s wrong. He’s a good guy actually. He likes drinking, smoking, girls, and car racing.”
“Sounds like a typical description of a good guy.”
“Sarcasm doesn’t fit your pretty face, my angel. And Alan is a good guy. You will see.”
“Can’t wait,” I muttered, heading for the kitchen to get a piece of a strawberry pie I made earlier today.
“How can you think about food when your human is dying?” Nolan shouted after me.
I stopped and turned around, barely breathing. “What did you say?”
“Alan Rosenford was taken to the St. Mary’s hospital about an hour ago. He kissed a tree with a bumper of his new car.”
No more details were needed. I closed my eyes and sank into the red vortex of a bittersweet smoke that took me straight to the hospital ward.

The moment I opened my eyes the smell of drugs hit my nostrils. I hated hospitals. To me they always looked overcrowded. Hundreds of lost souls, whose physical bodies died and were not allowed to ascend to the heavens, were flying everywhere, making people shiver and shrink from the pure cold they consisted of. Humans didn’t see them, but I did.  And they did see me.
“He doesn’t look good,” Nolan said, coming closer to the bed where a guy in his mid twenties was sleeping. He was on a drip; about a dozen multicolored cables went from his body to the monitors on his left.
“I’m sure you wouldn’t look any better being him,” I said, examining the numerous bruises and scratches on the guy’s body. “How bad was the crash?”
“The boy will need a new car. But I don’t think he cares about a few more scars. It’s not his first accident.”
“You said he’s a car racer, right? How often does he get into accidents?”
“Every week or so.”
“Does he even care about his life?” I didn’t like people who risked their lives just to get an adrenaline rush. It meant their souls were hurt. And they didn’t want to do anything to heal them. Stupid humans…they didn’t know that losing a soul meant becoming demons.
“You didn’t read his file, did you?” Nolan chuckled at his own words. He knew I didn’t. “You should probably start reading files, Claire. It would save you plenty of time.”
“Thanks for the advice, Nolan. Maybe one day I will follow it.”
I took Alan’s hand in mine and tried to feel his soul. I was good at feeling souls. Not every angel could do that. It was one of my angelic powers that I had been trying to perfect every day, for the last seven centuries of my existence. And with every passing day I could tell more and more about the souls I was guarding.
“He is a good person,” I said, knowing that Nolan was still there with us. Every time I tried to feel someone’s soul, it felt like sinking into the depths of multicolored oceans, where every single word, action and thought had its own shade.
“I told you,” he said, and I smiled; my best friend liked being right.
I let go of Alan’s hand and breathed a sigh of relief. Guarding good people was always easier. Demons couldn’t get to their souls, and fighting them was as simple as anything.
I was good at fighting demons. They didn’t stand a chance with me. Especially when I was guarding children. They were like little angels to me, and I always felt sorry for the couples that couldn’t have them. It felt like the worst curse ever.
My new assignment wasn’t a child anymore, but something about him wasn’t right. His soul was too fragile and sensitive. Not a regular picture of a man’s soul. Maybe I should have read his file after all?…
“Hey…Claire, you okay?” Nolan asked.
“Yeah, I’m fine,” I replied absently, still watching the guy on the bed. “How old is he?”
“Will turn twenty-five next week.”
Even with the dark-purple bruises all over his face and a swollen lip Alan looked much younger than his real age. I couldn’t say the same about his soul. If I didn’t know it belonged to him, I would say it was a soul of an eighty-year-old man. Suddenly I wanted to know what happened to make him get old too soon.
“Read the file, Claire,” Nolan said, as if reading my mind. “I need to go now, but if you need anything, call me, okay?”
I nodded and the fallen angel disappeared. He was always saying the same thing, “Call me, if you need me.” And we both knew that he would never be able to help me if I actually needed help. We played for different teams.

Copyright @ 2013, Diana Nixon

Cover Design by Jennifer Wieland
(J.M. Rising Horse Creations)

OTHER BOOKS  by Diana Nixon:
Love Lines Series (YA/paranormal)

Hate at First Sight (A contemporary romance)

About the author:
Diana Nixon is a poet and the author of fantasy and contemporary romances.
She was born in Minsk, Belarus, where she currently lives. In 2008 she graduated from Belorussian state University. She has a Master of Law degree and speaks several foreign languages, including English, Polish and Spanish.
Buying books:

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Mini blog series ~ Going Rogue

Hey Lovelies!
This is the third week into Going Rogue series! I hope that you are enjoying this, and don't be afraid to leave a comment. This mini blog series is about Aaron who is in End of the Line.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

                     Going Rogue

Chapter Three

The clouds were dark, but I was traveling a little in search for something to eat. My stomach was a little shaky probably from the water, but I figured I should eat none the less. Stepping out of the woods I came across a couple of homes. Their doors were thrown open and so where the garage doors. There weren't any cars in them, the families probably grabbed what they could and escaped. I didn't blame them. If I had a family I'd pack up for safer grounds considering I could see the top of an asteroid on the other side of the houses. Rushing into the garage and listened to the inside, waiting to hear noises that someone else might have taken refuge in this abandoned home.
Still I tip toed into the house, but heard nothing. I went straight for the kitchen. The fridge didn't feel cool, they lost electricity. I started to shift through the cabinets. They had sporadic things in them, making it harder for me to find something that did not have mold or had gone bad. Finally I found some crackers and peanut butter. I took the packages with a knife and sat on the couch. I started to spread the peanut butter on the crackers, it felt like food of the Gods. God I hope that Lauren and the group had food. The cracker suddenly felt like cement in my throat. I had food and I wasn't even sure if the group did. I put the food down next to me feeling sick, I was spineless. My parents did not raise me to runaway from my problems, but that seems to be all I was good at.
I stood up and went to the back door. Placing my fists on the glass I stared out into the backyard. The glass felt cool and it was then I realized how much warmer it was inside. The yard was pretty deep out and I kept my eyes out scanning the area as I zoned out.
Sean is tossing a baseball up in the air and catching it with a mitt. Paige is chasing after Sean wanting to play too. Mandy is right next to Paige. Jill and Cole are in chairs in the sun, just as Jill gave Cole a shove so that his feet would go over his head. I smiled just as Lauren who was laughing headed towards. She reached out one of her hands towards me.
I shook my head and the sight before me vanished. God, I wasn't expecting to miss them this much. I glanced around the yard and noticed little rain drops. Ash mixed through the air as the rain came down harder creating almost a thick cloud closing around the house. Quickly I ran to the front door and closed it, and went around seeing if the windows were closed. I slammed a couple of the windows before walking downstairs to where I left the food. Even the weather did not want me to go find Lauren right now. I was locked in this house for God only knows how long, alone with my thoughts.

That night I decided I finally needed to sleep. The rain had stopped, but everything was still covered in a thick fog of ash so I was stuck inside the house for a little longer. I crept upstairs, my hand skimmed the railing with each step. Darkness had overtaken the house. Yet a smirk grew on my face. The last time I tip toed up the stairs in the dark I was greeted by Lauren who had wrapped her arms around my neck, pressing our bodies together.
Shaking my head I found myself in one of the bedrooms and curled under the covers of the bed. Even though the windows and doors were closed the air was chilly around me. I just had to hope that Lauren was warmer than I was. My gut told me otherwise though. Glancing to my other side I thought back to when I shared my bed with three other bodies plus two stuffed animals. I stared back at the ceiling and racked my fingers through my hair. What was wrong with me? Lauren was everywhere. I got away from her to avoid this.
I took in a deep breath and let it slowly. Lauren is just a girl. Lauren is just a girl. Lauren. Is. Just. A. Girl. Then why the hell could she not get out of my head. I've been with girls before so Lauren shouldn't be any different. I tried to focus on the black of the inside of my eyelids. Under the tent of blankets I tried to calm my mind till I finally fell asleep.

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Review ~ Meant for Me by Faith Sullivan

Hey Lovelies!
I have the second instalment for the Take me Now series by Faith Sullivan. This series is contemporary romance, new adult genres. She has giveaways too so check this out because it is released today!

**Some materials are not suitable for those under 18**

How stable is the dream of happily ever after? In the first book we left Ivy and Eric, they were in love and found out that they had a little bundle of joy on the way. In the second installment the two are just as happy, they have their own place, and dreams of a little one that will soon be in their arms. Eric is still working at his shop and Ivy is picking up script writing with an old friend of ours from the first book, Will. that is when the nice comfortable bubble is nearly popped, Eric needs money, Ivy is having a harsh pregnancy, and the script has a new investor...

As the reader you can get lost in Faith Sullivan's characters, they are realistic, and you can understand Eric's fears. Faith throws the readers a couple of curve balls that the readers will not be expecting at first. I did get a little lost on how far along Ivy was during the pregnancy, but otherwise the readers will not be disappointed because just like in her fashion, Faith Sullivan leaves a cliff hanger for the readers wondering when is the next installment?

Title: Meant for Me

Author: Faith Sullivan
Expected release date: December 10, 2013
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age Group: New Adult
Ebook available at: Kindle | Nook | Smashwords  

Book Description:

Eric thought he had forever...before.

Divided between reliving the past and embracing his new life with Ivy, Eric fears that love will once again be ripped from his grasp. Having faith in the future is hard. So many things can go wrong.

Ivy is convinced that what they have is meant to be...but no one can escape the wheel of fate.

Her love for Eric and the life they're creating make every sacrifice seem worthwhile. Until she's forced to reveal the truth surrounding her delicate condition. Even if it shatters his hope.

Can they hold onto their newfound happiness or are events already in motion to keep them apart?


My boyfriend is so freakin’ hot.

I press my nose against the glass, peering out as he stops to take a break from cutting the grass around the garden center. It’s sweltering outside and he’s worked up quite a sweat pushing the lawn mower up and down the property. As a result of his labor, his white t-shirt is clinging to his chest in all the right places. I sigh happily, taking him in.

He has no clue that I’m watching as he picks up a water bottle and pours it over his head, forming a trail that trickles down the length of his body. I clutch the windowsill as I feel that all too familiar twinge between my legs. Being pregnant, my hormones are on fire and it doesn’t take much to get me going. So it’s no wonder a moan escapes my lips when he doesn’t stop there. Instead, he casually begins to strip in front of me.

My cheeks burn as he lifts his arms over his head, removing his shirt, elongating every inch of his defined abs. My eyes follow his v-shaped pelvic muscle as it dips suggestively below his belt buckle. My breathing becomes heavy as he stretches, causing his jeans to ride even lower on his hips. My pulse skyrockets as he proceeds to wring the water out of his shirt, flexing his glistening biceps against the rays of the setting sun.

I squirm against the window, forcing my knees together. My movement catches his attention and he glances up, meeting my gaze. A sexy grin slowly spreads across his face when he realizes the effect he’s having on me. My mouth is open. I’m literally panting for him. He shakes his head and chuckles softly. My heart clenches at how adorable he looks.

He’s not the kind of guy who flaunts his body, but for me it seems like he enjoys being on display. He runs his hands through his damp hair, tousling it before grabbing another bottle of water. He winks at me, tilting back his head and taking a long swig. He closes his eyes, his lips wrapped around the bottle, teasing me. He smiles when he’s done, beckoning me with his finger.

I don’t hesitate for a moment. I gladly leave the confines of his air-conditioned office and rush outside. He’s waiting, his eyes smoldering. He stands with his hands on his hips, watching as I approach. It’s unseasonably mild for October, and I step out of my clogs as I draw nearer to him. His gaze never leaves my face. It only intensifies, causing me to blush even more.

I get close enough to feel the warmth of his breath on my cheek, but I don’t speak. Instead, I run my hands across the wide breadth of his shoulders and down his heaving chest. My touch must be driving him wild because I can feel his heart thudding beneath my fingertips. His skin is so smooth and firm. He’s a man’s man who’d never dream of waxing his upper body, and a trail of soft, fine hair guides me to his belly button and beyond.

“How can I expect to get anything done around here with you touching me like that?” Eric asks, his voice all husky as I find the zipper of his jeans.

“Well, you shouldn’t be tempting me by getting naked in front of the window,” I whisper seductively as he grabs my wrist, preventing me from lowering his zipper and undressing him any further.

With my free hand, I start to remove my dress when he growls, “I don’t want anyone seeing what’s mine.” He scans the horizon for any approaching vehicles, but there are none to be found. “No one’s ever going to hear what you sound like when you come. Only me.”

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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Mini Blog Series ~ Going Rogue

Hello Lovelies!
Today is the second installment in the Going Rogue! Aaron is a character in End of the Line who before the asteroids hit was known in school, had a small group of friends, and if anything did not hang around people like Lauren. After things changed the two stuck together because safety in numbers to survive. Aaron has some time to himself, and you get to know him better in Going Rogue, so I hope you guys are taking advantage of knowing him ;)

Chapter 1 if you missed it HERE

                    Going Rogue

Chapter Two

My lungs were burning by the time that I lost the two idiots. Manson was in jail, why couldn't he have gotten real enemies there? Or at least not go for 'an eye for a whole head' exchange. I didn't see any lights searching for me as it was getting dark so I sat on a tree stump and leaned over my knees to catch my breath. I needed water that was way too much running and moving for me not to be drinking. Lifting my head I saw the faint puff in front of me.
Normally winter coming wouldn't phase me any, just meant occasionally throwing on a sweatshirt, but I was literally in the woods with nothing. Things were very serious right now. My eyes searched the area for a river or stream nearby. A person could last longer on no food than without water. I stood up and started to wander about looking for some water. A couple of squirrels scurried past me and up a tree. Watching those little furry animals I wondered if they would taste like chicken. Wasn't always the story, 'it takes like chicken?' No, I'll wait a little longer before thinking about a furry rat.
My foot caught on something and I fell onto my back. Unable to grab onto anything I slide down the hill. My shirt rose up as I felt leaves, sticks, and a couple of rocks scarp across my back. My bottom smacked against a rock stopping me short. Pain shot through me and water started seeping through my shoes. Heat and throbbing radiated through my body as I tried to push myself up. I cursed at the rock that I ran into and pulled my feet out of the stream. If I had stayed with Lauren on the bed I wouldn't have ended in pain and wet. I would be in the apartment with Sean and Paige trying to give them something to do before we killed them from cabin fever. Or I would be with Lauren who would probably be asleep against me for warmth. I closed my eyes for a moment to see those blue eyes.
God damn it!
I kicked the water and got up. I had to stop thinking like that. That was why I left. I wasn't able to separate myself from the current situation and starting to like Lauren. She was suffering as it was without me in her life. I had a man out to kill me and she's still wounded from losing her family.

Scooping some of the water in my hands I tried to keep to the top of the water where there was less dirty. Better than nothing. I brought my cupped hands to my lips I sipped. Well here's to running away. Again…