Sunday, December 8, 2013

Mini Blog Series ~ Going Rogue

Hello Lovelies!
Today is the second installment in the Going Rogue! Aaron is a character in End of the Line who before the asteroids hit was known in school, had a small group of friends, and if anything did not hang around people like Lauren. After things changed the two stuck together because safety in numbers to survive. Aaron has some time to himself, and you get to know him better in Going Rogue, so I hope you guys are taking advantage of knowing him ;)

Chapter 1 if you missed it HERE

                    Going Rogue

Chapter Two

My lungs were burning by the time that I lost the two idiots. Manson was in jail, why couldn't he have gotten real enemies there? Or at least not go for 'an eye for a whole head' exchange. I didn't see any lights searching for me as it was getting dark so I sat on a tree stump and leaned over my knees to catch my breath. I needed water that was way too much running and moving for me not to be drinking. Lifting my head I saw the faint puff in front of me.
Normally winter coming wouldn't phase me any, just meant occasionally throwing on a sweatshirt, but I was literally in the woods with nothing. Things were very serious right now. My eyes searched the area for a river or stream nearby. A person could last longer on no food than without water. I stood up and started to wander about looking for some water. A couple of squirrels scurried past me and up a tree. Watching those little furry animals I wondered if they would taste like chicken. Wasn't always the story, 'it takes like chicken?' No, I'll wait a little longer before thinking about a furry rat.
My foot caught on something and I fell onto my back. Unable to grab onto anything I slide down the hill. My shirt rose up as I felt leaves, sticks, and a couple of rocks scarp across my back. My bottom smacked against a rock stopping me short. Pain shot through me and water started seeping through my shoes. Heat and throbbing radiated through my body as I tried to push myself up. I cursed at the rock that I ran into and pulled my feet out of the stream. If I had stayed with Lauren on the bed I wouldn't have ended in pain and wet. I would be in the apartment with Sean and Paige trying to give them something to do before we killed them from cabin fever. Or I would be with Lauren who would probably be asleep against me for warmth. I closed my eyes for a moment to see those blue eyes.
God damn it!
I kicked the water and got up. I had to stop thinking like that. That was why I left. I wasn't able to separate myself from the current situation and starting to like Lauren. She was suffering as it was without me in her life. I had a man out to kill me and she's still wounded from losing her family.

Scooping some of the water in my hands I tried to keep to the top of the water where there was less dirty. Better than nothing. I brought my cupped hands to my lips I sipped. Well here's to running away. Again…

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