Saturday, May 25, 2013

Cover Revealing

Hey Lovelies!
So today I'm doing a cover revealing of Family Ties! The beautiful photo was taken by Regina Wamba she owns Mae I Designs. I highly suggest that you check her site out because she does amazing work. This will be the cover for the second edition of Family Ties

Stories told by word of mouth can get twisted or lost. Abby grew up hearing about her great-grandmother Emma, a royal who left that life to come to America. Yet when Abby takes a summer job with her best friend Cory, she feels eyes on her. When she is kidnapped after leaving work, Abby learns there may be a hidden part of her family tree...

Friday, May 24, 2013


Hey Lovelies!
I will eventually get better at this posting business! However I wanted to share, that I will be posting a cover revealing soon for Family Ties' second edition, but the proof for it is currently in the mail! Eep! So exciting! However I graduated College since the last time I posted, I am officially a college graduate, working two jobs and applying to every possible social studies teaching jobs for grades 6-12. I am learning more about towns in this state that I didn't even know existed.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Some Indie Love

Hey Lovelies!
I just got a new indie book in the mail a couple of days ago and I was thinking of the other indie authors that need and deserve some love. I was thinking about what Indie Books I even had. The new one I received was Recalled by Cambria Hebert, the author of the Heven and Hell series.

The Indie E-books I have:

just to name a few...