Friday, August 8, 2014

New Job and moving

Good morning!
So I will be a little all over the place the next couple of weeks. I graduated college May 2013 and have been applying to teaching jobs from March 2013 to now. The past month I even started to apply to jobs in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina. I figured I'm not married, don't have a boyfriend, I don't have kids, so if I am having trouble looking for a job around here, why not look elsewhere? Expand my horizon. On August 3rd I was standing in the movie theater waiting for my friend, I got an email asking if I would do an interview for a special education position in a middle school in Virginia. I was already doing one that Monday, so I was excited to add another phone interview that Tuesday. Who doesn't like an interview in their pajamas?

The interview that Monday only went alright, I had a pretty bad interview the week before and my self-esteem was still kind of low. I had friends who told me not to worry, that I would be fine. That I had to go to my next interview and act like I had the job. Easier said than done. However, Tuesday I had the interview, and it went well. So well that I got a job offer less than three hours after my interview! Shell shock, and excited can't explain how happy I was for this job! It is a little crazy that I will be moving out of New Jersey, I'm twenty-four years old and have only ever lived in Monmouth County (minus college which was still New Jersey). My first day of workshops/training starts August 18th! So soon, I have major time crunch to find a place, furniture, get my paperwork done for my contracts, and my teaching certificates figured out as I cross some state lines. I am oddly not panicking, but if I'm a little MIA that's why. I'm usually such a worry wart I'm shocked, but it's a new chapter, and a new adventure. I applied to about 160 school districts, and I compared finding a teaching job to the hunger games. This economy is crazy and needs to get better. It is a major relief to have a job. I am majorly excited to start this September, to meet my sixth graders, and welcome a new life in Virginia.