Saturday, January 29, 2011


Sorry for it being awhile, I haven't had classes because of snow so I really don't have an excuse! Of course Jersey is suppose to have a Northeastern Wednesday, I do not do cold, I'm ready to move down south because this is getting ridclous!

So Family Ties is still under going being edited by Jenn, I curious to what she is doing. I truly have an awful sense of curiousity, use to drive Ryan crazy with how many questions I would ask. I'm trying to behave and not use AIM (she gave me her aim username) to contact her last night to ask her how she is doing with Family Ties. I do not know how much longer I'll be able to restrain myself. Stories are author's children, it's true as crazy as it might sound....

I'm kind itching already to get another story on the way to getting out there. I'm considering getting one of my series out to help draw people in. I might be wrong, but it seems like people want to read series, or that trilogies seemed to be in right now. I have a trilogy on works, 2 out of the 3 are written (Project US, Retrial of Poject US, and Project Not Again). I am trying to finish writing the third one, the second one needs to be run through again for my editing weridness to see if there is anything missing. The Project US, a big baby of mine, my longest story and just a piece that I have been working on, well started six years ago when I was a freshman in high school. Oh god that was six years ago!

It is pretty much the only real story that all of my friends have read, it was the piece that got me to really want to write. However I'm also considering the third book I try to get published is A Pirate's Life for Me. The sequal though I might have written myself into a corner, was not happy when I realized that. So yay series and wanting to get more stories out there...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fellow Authors and Writers!

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears WAIT BEFORE YOU THROW YOUR EARS HEAR ME OUT!! Sorry if you did not get the reference (Robin Hood men in Tights!! awsome movie!!). I figured I'd help spread the word, there is another site like Book Blogs starting out! It is a baby site looking "A site where unpublished, published and self-published authors meet"!! How awsome is that?? Well I hope you guys check it out!! Click AUTHOR'S CLUB to see for yourself!

On other news!! Got a hold of the Fablous Jenn who is editing Family Ties, and she is a seirously joy and fablous person!! She will be going through Family Ties starting tomorrow and I can not wait to work with her!! I'm looking over the story myself and I really can not wait for you all to meet Cory and Abby!! I hope that their spunkyiness and words will work a way into your hearts!! :)

Monday, January 24, 2011


Haha hey!!!
I'm not sure if the fever is finally gone and I'm loopy or lack of sleep. However the good news is I got the first edition of Family Ties edited!! Of course the good mood could be from the good news, most likely!! Also was asked if I had any suggestions for the cover!! I have more ideas for other stories, but none the less excited!! I'm excited to look through Family Ties and see what more the editor has to say!!

Also I had a second Author Interview click here to read it. Or click the interview tab at top!! I'll be sure to keep everyone in the loop!!


Saturday, January 22, 2011


So I'm not sure if I'm trying to procasenate on school work or if this blog is missing something. Any suggestions that I could be doing on here. Whether it be first chapters of published work, fun facts 'page', etc...feel free to suggest or tell me I'm just avoiding homework!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


So I'm still sick, go figure I'm never sick, and I get sick for the first time in years this week. Winter is bad enough without having the chills. I was at the food store and I forgot the sugar and cinninom for toast, that sounds about right. Good news is I figured out a story two ideas for Elizabeth's charity collection. I gave a small summery to Ryan and waiting for him to tell me what he thinks! :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

oh the joys of school...

Hey Everyone,
So I was so sick yesterday I could barely get out of bed. I'm doing a little better today which is also the first day of classes. I would be so lucky to be sick when classes start up. So I'll see if I can find a job this semester, we'll see how that goes. Though I'm suppose to be really focusing on school this semester so odds of a job are slim which drives me crazy not going to lie! Thoug I'm also to see if I have time to write, I really want to get Pirates 2 (Heart out at Sea) finished this year, and work on Project US 3 (Project Not Again). I will also work on a short story that MIGHT go into a collection of paranormal fiction that a fellow author is trying to put together for the charity that fights illiteracy. When I finish writing the short story my friend Ryan says he doesn't mind reading it. Poor guy I keep turning to him to read my stuff!! I do not know what I'm going to write yet. We'll see how that goes!! I'm excited though!


Sunday, January 16, 2011

sneak peek!

Curious on what I have been talking about with my upcoming book? Like what it is about? Look no further! if you click onto the Books tab I have updated the page!! I have posted the description of Family Ties. Hope that it interests you so that you might be excited as I am when it is out in April! I'll keep updating on the process, right now it is in editing and the book cover design process will begin. needless to say despite the fact that my stomach is in knots from else is going on (stupid little things that always happen all at once) I'm still a little bouncy, hyper, excited about it!! Well I hope you take a look!! Also I've been told that the cover is underworks!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Author of the month!

Hey Everyone!!
It looks like the blog is growing with each new follower!! I seriously adore the people I'm meeting through blogging, Book Blogs, and GoodReads. I could spend countless minutes thanking all of them! Heather has a pretty blog, it isn't just because I have a soft spot for the sky! She is doing a spotlight on an author each month, and January is me! She is truly another sweetie!

Friday, January 14, 2011


Not going to lie I've been having a rough week emotionally with my friends and a couple other things, which is totally a great way to end my break with classes starting Tuesday....

However! I won an award!! Two AMAZING FABULOUS girls gave me an award!
FictionFlaire and Jessica . They themselves have absolutely beautiful blogs themselves! I want to take a second to thank them both. FictionFlaire if you have not already checked it out, is an aspiring writing sharing her sci-fi paranormal story that will have you hanging on every word! Jessica, I have mentioned her before, her blog itself is so pretty and her charm shines through every word!

There are 4 duties to perform to receive this award:
1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award
2. Share 7 things about yourself (since I was nominated twice I'll have 14 or close to 14)
3. Award 10 recently discovered great bloggers (since I don't know when people started, I might be breaking this rule! Sorry!!)
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award!

So, a random 14 things about myself

1) I am five feet and two inches
2) When I write I try to cover all sorts of family situations to be fair and get a different feel
3) I have a 11 year old Golden Retriever named Duchess and a 20lbs Ragdoll cat named Maximus after the Gladiator movie
4) I have a pretty big sweet tooth...
5) I am in love with the beach!!
6) I drive a green Nissan altima that I named Elphie after the character in Wicked!
7) I have a weird problem with using pencils, unless I feel the need to draw (what I call drawling...)
8) I've only had one boyfriend, Ryan, he and I had a long distance relationship for a year and 2 months. Only one month wasn't distance till he moved. He and I still talk, it's kind of different?
9) I'm the oldest of 5 grandchildren, I refer to my little cousins as itty boppers they are 9 years old, 3 years old, and 1 and a half.
10) I feel like school is eating my very soul...Those who know what is going on with Jersey and their education system will wonder why I'm killing my should for this career...
11) I have a sister who is almost 15 years old, she and I drive each other crazy
12) I think Chocolate Mint Cookie Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream is seriously epic!!
13) I've been helping a close friend battle anorexia
14) Okay last one I should make this a good one! Despite the fact that 90-something% of my writing was written when I was in High School, and my views on the subject, I did not believe in real love

The blogs I've chosen to award! Go Check them out!!

Anna White


Monday, January 10, 2011

getting back to normal...ish

Okay so I think things are slowing down a little bit from break and unforunatly I go back to school soon. I really am just ready to graduate I'm done, and I really plan on going for masters?? I must really be losing my mind! Anywho... so the lucky winner of the Indie Holiday Giveaway Patty from NY! I don't really feel well today so I'll be mailing her, her copy tomorrow of End of the Line! Pretty exciting to have people read this book, it is one of my favorite that I wrote, written? I'm hoping others will be enjoying it also.

So news about Family Ties!! It is now going to be coming out in April not May! Not going to lie after seeing that news after checking my email for around 2 hours I nearly jumped, despite the fact that I was sitting on my floor. The waiting does not bring out the best in my curiousity which might be another reason my friends think Alice from Alice in Wonderland reminds them of me. I'm hoping to post soon the description of Family Ties on the Book Page soon! I'm eager to say the least. Also on
BCP's site I have an author page, you should check out! I feel like I'm forgetting something else...I was celebrating my friend, Mo's, birthday last night till late this morning watching movies with a group of friends then I was unable to sleep afterwards. Got to hate an overactive mind at times...

Oh also I have worked out a better direction for Heart out at Sea, the sequal to A Pirate's Life for Me. I was heistant when I started writing it, but I am getting excited as I found the direction of where the characters want to go. It's looking to be interesting!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

back home

Hey Everyone!!
I am back from the Carribean Sea and boy has it worked its magic on the creative juices flowing!! AHHH I keep typing so many typos from typing so fast and spazzing!! I came back with the rest of The Tudors sitting on my bed awaiting and a snow ANOTHER snow storm heading in my direction with 84 aol emails, 397 gmail emails,was it really this morning on i was on white sand and dark torquise water. I'll probably type more tomorrow because my fingers are spazzing and there is a bunch of stuff to get catched up on!!
HOWEVER again I want to thank Jessica for hosting me the friday before I left on her blog!!
Talk to yall soon!!!