Saturday, January 29, 2011


Sorry for it being awhile, I haven't had classes because of snow so I really don't have an excuse! Of course Jersey is suppose to have a Northeastern Wednesday, I do not do cold, I'm ready to move down south because this is getting ridclous!

So Family Ties is still under going being edited by Jenn, I curious to what she is doing. I truly have an awful sense of curiousity, use to drive Ryan crazy with how many questions I would ask. I'm trying to behave and not use AIM (she gave me her aim username) to contact her last night to ask her how she is doing with Family Ties. I do not know how much longer I'll be able to restrain myself. Stories are author's children, it's true as crazy as it might sound....

I'm kind itching already to get another story on the way to getting out there. I'm considering getting one of my series out to help draw people in. I might be wrong, but it seems like people want to read series, or that trilogies seemed to be in right now. I have a trilogy on works, 2 out of the 3 are written (Project US, Retrial of Poject US, and Project Not Again). I am trying to finish writing the third one, the second one needs to be run through again for my editing weridness to see if there is anything missing. The Project US, a big baby of mine, my longest story and just a piece that I have been working on, well started six years ago when I was a freshman in high school. Oh god that was six years ago!

It is pretty much the only real story that all of my friends have read, it was the piece that got me to really want to write. However I'm also considering the third book I try to get published is A Pirate's Life for Me. The sequal though I might have written myself into a corner, was not happy when I realized that. So yay series and wanting to get more stories out there...

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