Sunday, February 27, 2011


So currently at this moment I'm suppose to be working on a paper (blah!) however I just heard that BCP recieved my accepted verison of Family Ties!! If that wasn't exciting enough I'll be seeing the cover possibly this week!! When I wrote this one I really had no ideas for this story when it came down to the cover. Most of my stories I really do not have ideas for the covers because I was just a High Schooler writing for fun, getting these tales of these characters out. So my friend Taylor (who did the cover of my first story, End of the Line) talked a little her being an English major was thinking of metaphorically, and I told BCP when they asked if I had any ideas. So I'm exteremly thrilled and ansty to see what shall be the shell for Abby and Cory!

Family Ties coming to book format near you soon!

Abby was raised with not nursery rhythms by Mother Goose, Fairy Tales, or Asepses Fables, but narratives of her Great Grandmother, Emma. Emma has the dream life that got past down to the family as a story or so Abby thought. During one of the hottest summers in a long time in New Jersey Abby and her best friend Cory are working at a restaurant in town while their peers go to the beach to have fun. All the two do is work and Abby keeps thinking she rather be doing something bigger then her town and be out of the sight of her overprotective family. Abby learns after she is kidnapped that she has to be careful for what she wishes for, because it might come in a form she may not be expecting…


Friday, February 25, 2011


So not only have I sent in the okayed copy of Family Ties to BCP, but I have joined the world of twitter. No idea what I'm doing haha should be interesting...

Thursday, February 24, 2011

what?! .99 cents!!

Hey, that is right END OF THE LINE is NOW .99 CENTS for e-reader/computer verison!!! I hope everyone can enjoy this story!! Also there will be a brief time End of the Line will not be able to be in print because I'm going to try to cancel being with Xlibris and work with another company for it. I am almost done reading through the edit verison of Family Ties which will be out in a little over a month!!! So excited!! Hopefully I can post the cover soon, can't wait to see it!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Hey Everyone!! It is always fun to come back from class and see that my blog recieved an award!! The lovely Heather who hosted me as an author of a month has sent me this award!! You should check her blog out while you are at it!

However their are some rules for this award
- Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and his or her blog link.
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I will be passing this award to...


Monday, February 21, 2011

montage of news!

So not even sure if I spelt the title write, but I'm going to go with it! So yes I have several news, but first I am sorry that it has been a week since I have last written!! Okay so I got in my email yesterday a very lovely piece of mail!!! I got the edited verison of Family Ties after much talking to the awsome editor Jenn!! I know hell week is over, though I'm in college hell weeks never fully end. I have started to read through it to make sure I approve. It is so exciting!! To see something I have written in a book format, it's still on word, but still it's amazing. I don't care if this is the second book I'm producing, it all feels new and exciting and I love it!!

However like I said, it's still busy in school and I'm trying to balance school which is slowly eating away my soul, and looking over Family Ties before saying the okay!! I'm ubberly excited, even though I have not seen the cover which I am itching to see! Waiting and I do not go hand in hand too well...

Hmm what else did I have to say...Oh! Yes so End of the Line is competely and utterly awaiting those with e-readers to enjoy! I am still not very happy with Xlibris, calling when they want money for something else when I keep telling them I don't have a job, but they dont' return my calls when I have a problem. Along with other cat and mice games so I am thinking of canceling my service with Xlibris, while looking for another self publisher or something for it to be in print I'm going to keep the e-reader form up till then!! I have spring break in like 2 weeks and I'm hoping to do all of that during that time! That way hopefully the print form will be cheaper for yall!! I'm probably keep the cover for End of the Line because I love it!

There was more news...

Oh yeah so I'm still attempting to write the short story for the charity, edit Project US, write part 2 of Pirates and school, silly school getting in the way!! Spring break in 2 weeks I'm hoping to get stuff done and not feel guilty about school and stories...

Monday, February 14, 2011

A Dance in the Gardens

Hey Everyone!!
Yes today is Valentine's Day, this holiday has never been a biggie for me. It's a whatever holiday for me, and it is not only because I'm single, but that's a bigger discussion on a maybe different day. However despite the fact that it is monday, that I had 4 classes today, this is hell week, and to top it off it's Valentine's Day I'm not in a bad mood. Whether it be from the weird sleep pattern my body has developed, or the fact that it is in the 50's for temperature my mood is good and I'm blissifully unaware of the world around me. My friend Ryan is in a horriable mood because of the holiday I'm hoping he doesn't reach through technolgy and kill me. The fact that even though he's my ex I can still make him laugh.

Wow I'm seriously all over the place mentally I am terribly sorry! Oh, but in the spirit of Valentine's Day a scene in Part Two of the Pirate story came to me when I was waiting for class to start. I really am not the best student mentally attention wise apparently. I envision this garden and Jacqueline slow dancing. Can't share all the details because I'm mischious and do not want to give the plot away :) BUT I'm hoping people will enjoy the scene when I publish it. I really had no idea I would write a small scene like this when I started this story. I also do not know how I'm going to end this tale. If I still do not know what is going to happen at the end I might use one of my friends as a wall to bounce ideas off of, either Taylor or Ryan or someone who will listen to my phsyco babble.

I really sound like I have an obession with slow dancing. I have done this in a couple stories in different ways. Each dance having something special about it. End of the Line has a cute little slow dance in it between Aaron and Lauren [check the book out to see ;) ]. It is simple and happy, springish, to the song 'Everything I do, I do for you' and I really am trying not to give too much away. Project US is Nick and Rachel which I will promise to introduce yall to them eventually, they are caught up in a moment and flurries. Then Family Ties has a shorter one which yall get to see in April, filled with giggles of friendship.

I however only really slow danced once, only matter of seconds long, with an ex guy friend of mine now. I was pushed into him and had bruises up and down my arms from my friends pushing me into him, then it was ended short because he gave up.

I did not want to depress everyone on this holiday. For those who have love, cherish it, don't let them no know how much you love them, that you apperishate them. Today is a holiday to celebrate a couple, the love shared between the two people, a family, real close friends. Today is a day to enjoy the small things. Today is not a day of gifts given, but more the emotions.
Happy Day of Love,

Friday, February 11, 2011

Little Taste

So who doesn't like getting a small taste, free sample of ice cream? I ask this as I sit next to an empty pint of Ben and Jerry's Mint Chocolate Cookie, I LOVE that stuff...but back to the free sample! The small spoon gets the flavor dancing over your taste buds enough to know if you like it, and just enough to tease your cravings. This brings me to the fact that Family Ties is coming out in April, and I'm trying to get the word out, by mentioning that story along with the one that is already out. End of the Line is based off a nightmare I had every few years, but I'm hoping that my dream will find a way to get turning the pages till the end of the book to find out what happens to the character. If you click on the Books tab I have inserted a link of a sample of the first 2 chapters for you all to get a small taste of the tale. Maybe soon I'll explain the dream I actually had that was the start of End of the Line!! Well here also is the
sample of End of the Line, I hope yall enjoy!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Hey!! Thanks to Brittany I recieved this award!! I want to take a second and thank her for this!! It is seriously sweet of her and you should check out her blog as well!! If I nominate you for this award you must:
1. Thank the awsome person who is giving you the award!
2. Post 7 random things about yourself!
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7 random facts about me:
1. I have one sister 6 years younger then me
2. My gulity pleasure TV is Bridezilla, Amazing Cakes, Yes to the Dress, and David T.'s My Fair Wedding
3. I blush easily, and my friends including my friend Ryan adore seeing how red they can get me
4. When things go missing I joke and blame the trolls Opal and Gregor, Opal is from a short story I wrote in high school, currently Opal has stolen nail polish and pj pants...
5. I would love to backpack through Europe
6. I'm a daddy's little girl (I'm 21 years old and not afraid to admitt it!)
7. I enjoy my characters more then my plots when I write
Now the Lovely 15 Blogs!
12. Random Ramblings
Again Thank you Brittany!!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Plotting Pirates!

Hey Everyone!
So I have mentioned many times about my two pirate stories. That I have been trying to figure out where I'm going with the second one, but if I didn't write a second one I'm pretty sure if I get it published the readers will want to chuck their copies at my head, which I do not want! I want readers to enjoy my work, and for me to produce something that I am proud of. My name is on it, so I should be proud of what I'm presenting.

Okay back onto topic! So I've played with the idea before, but today when I was in my World History II class (shhhhhh I'm not always the most amazing student...I'm sure karma will get me as a teacher!) and this idea came to mine! Awaken me a little after not really sleeping all week. So I have an idea of where I am going with the second Pirates, but I do not think I will have enough to make it into a full on story, so...I'm going to combine the first and second!! I will play around to get it to flow right, and write the second part! I'm ubberly excited and can not wait to see how it turns out! Potientally this and Project US will battle for next for me to write a letter for submission to see if it can be published. I can get myself as excited with this as little kids when they hear there is cookie batter!! I do not know where to start and just want to get into it all!

Okay Though onto business other then I'm still waiting to read the first verison of Family Ties being edited. In April I'm pretty sure Family Ties will be published, I'm thinking if any blogs are curious in doing a review for it. Even if it is an electronic way to read it, I would seriously appericate it!! If you think you might be interested in reading this YA book please check out the description on the Books Tab up at top and contact me either on this post or my email just put something in the subject so I do not delete! Thank you!!


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sarah Dessen

So I know I normally do not really talk about other authors, HOWEVER, I was on Goodreads (basically facebook for books) and I follow Sarah Dessen on there so I see her blog updates. This is not stalking! I saw the first couple of sentences where she is talking about dating advice. For those who do not know me very well, I'm 21 years old and single with an over curious mind so I clicked on her entry to read more. It isn't really about dating advice, but rather she wrote an article for Seventeen about the male leads her her stories. She is one of my favorite authors (within the top couple) and so I read the article. Lets start with I really need to keep my copy of This Lullaby at school!! Even though I am a history major and all we do is read a billion books for each class and essays.

I normally do not read magazines. I have a tendency of just looking at the pictures. I thought her article was fun to read and I highly enjoyed it!! I can understand a little bit, well not the part of marrying the guy that I dated in high school. For those again who do not know me, I didn't start dating till AFTER high school, like Sarah had said I wasn't on the guy's radar. In the article though she talks about people always asking her if the people (mainly the guys) are based on people that she knows. She breaks down each of her stories, and explain why she has an array of different men's personalities, and that she doesn't try to aim to make the prefect man. In This Lullaby it is Dexter, the loveable, clumbsy guy. I just thought it was fun to read, because my friends always ask me who people are based off or saying a character is based on someone. So that it was good to see someone else break it down. To read the article click here!

On my stories news!! I was informed by Jenn who is editing Family Ties that she is aiming to finish editing it this weekend for me too look at. Then I will be able to go through it, befor she edits it a second time to see if I had any comments!! I can not wait!!! Also can not wait to see when and what the cover designs are!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I just wanted to help spread the word, End of the Line, is offically avaiable on other e-readers other then the Kindle!! I know some people were curious about that, but now TADA!! I hope that is helpful for everyone. I hope it can be a little bit of a taste for my next book Family Ties that is coming out April 1!! I'm excited!!