Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sarah Dessen

So I know I normally do not really talk about other authors, HOWEVER, I was on Goodreads (basically facebook for books) and I follow Sarah Dessen on there so I see her blog updates. This is not stalking! I saw the first couple of sentences where she is talking about dating advice. For those who do not know me very well, I'm 21 years old and single with an over curious mind so I clicked on her entry to read more. It isn't really about dating advice, but rather she wrote an article for Seventeen about the male leads her her stories. She is one of my favorite authors (within the top couple) and so I read the article. Lets start with I really need to keep my copy of This Lullaby at school!! Even though I am a history major and all we do is read a billion books for each class and essays.

I normally do not read magazines. I have a tendency of just looking at the pictures. I thought her article was fun to read and I highly enjoyed it!! I can understand a little bit, well not the part of marrying the guy that I dated in high school. For those again who do not know me, I didn't start dating till AFTER high school, like Sarah had said I wasn't on the guy's radar. In the article though she talks about people always asking her if the people (mainly the guys) are based on people that she knows. She breaks down each of her stories, and explain why she has an array of different men's personalities, and that she doesn't try to aim to make the prefect man. In This Lullaby it is Dexter, the loveable, clumbsy guy. I just thought it was fun to read, because my friends always ask me who people are based off or saying a character is based on someone. So that it was good to see someone else break it down. To read the article click here!

On my stories news!! I was informed by Jenn who is editing Family Ties that she is aiming to finish editing it this weekend for me too look at. Then I will be able to go through it, befor she edits it a second time to see if I had any comments!! I can not wait!!! Also can not wait to see when and what the cover designs are!!

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