Sunday, February 27, 2011


So currently at this moment I'm suppose to be working on a paper (blah!) however I just heard that BCP recieved my accepted verison of Family Ties!! If that wasn't exciting enough I'll be seeing the cover possibly this week!! When I wrote this one I really had no ideas for this story when it came down to the cover. Most of my stories I really do not have ideas for the covers because I was just a High Schooler writing for fun, getting these tales of these characters out. So my friend Taylor (who did the cover of my first story, End of the Line) talked a little her being an English major was thinking of metaphorically, and I told BCP when they asked if I had any ideas. So I'm exteremly thrilled and ansty to see what shall be the shell for Abby and Cory!

Family Ties coming to book format near you soon!

Abby was raised with not nursery rhythms by Mother Goose, Fairy Tales, or Asepses Fables, but narratives of her Great Grandmother, Emma. Emma has the dream life that got past down to the family as a story or so Abby thought. During one of the hottest summers in a long time in New Jersey Abby and her best friend Cory are working at a restaurant in town while their peers go to the beach to have fun. All the two do is work and Abby keeps thinking she rather be doing something bigger then her town and be out of the sight of her overprotective family. Abby learns after she is kidnapped that she has to be careful for what she wishes for, because it might come in a form she may not be expecting…



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