Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Road Block

I would've named this post writer's block, but it isn't just a mental block on writing. Sometimes it's an emotional block or for me I know work can clog my brain from everything else. For me I also have to take breaks from a story and start fresh with a story. I'm probably rambling because it is a little personal for one of the reasons why I am hesitant to work with one story and I'm debating on if I should even talk about it even as I am writing this.

I've been writing erratically with a couple of stories as I continued my first year writing. I'm in a new state, living by myself, and trying to figure out the ropes my first year. Some of those stories include, the third installment in my werewolf story, A Pirates Life for Me, Walking a Thin Line, Going Rogue, Project US, and Call for Help. Sequels I swear are my Achilles Heel. Walking a Thin Line I figured out the ending, I have it outlined and have been working on it in bits the past two weeks. I kept having to take breaks because there was a couple different ways I wanted to take that story and I was overthinking parts.

However, that's not the story that I wanted to talk about. Beneath the Scars and End of the Line are my top two stories. They go back and forth depending on when I look. Beneath the Scars I already have a rough outline for it to be a trilogy. Riley and Eponine will be in all of the books because well, who doesn't love Riley? However, the other books will follow some of the other men in Riley's troop when he had his accident. Should I be giving away spoilers like this? I hope not!

In Call for Help one of the main characters deals with cancer. I have been working on this story too in stages. However, I'm actually a little nervous to work on the story. That sounds probably immature and dumb as I am sure most of this post does. A little over a week ago I found out one of my best friends has cancer. He and I met in college and worked together at the same recreation center/gym. We don't always get to talk as much as we do, but when we see each other there's no stopping the conversations. I guess that's what you get for putting two teachers together in the same room in their free time. He's like my big brother. I was in shock when he told me.

Even though it's been over a week it still isn't sinking in. I can't imagine what him and his wife must be going through. He and I have talked on the phone and via text message a couple of times since then, but it isn't sinking in. I can admit that he has cancer, but the idea of what he is going through seems surreal. It seems like just the other day we were at work talking about Family Guy. I don't know if working on this story will be too close to home, making me face the fact that my friend indeed has cancer. The doctors caught it early for him and I'm staying positive. I'm hoping that me loving this story helps me stop being a baby and move past it to write. So sorry that this story will not be done as soon as I had planned...