Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Query Letter

Hi! I think I've sent out close to 30 query letters since 2009. It kind of reminds me of college letters, you write trying different stuff, adding this because one agency wants chapters while another just wants a letter, some want summaries, then there are a few that wants the whole shabang. Then you play the waiting game not sure what will happen in the email because it isn't like the college letter looking for the big envelop sitting in the mailbox weighing someone's future. The trick is to just breathe and know things happen for a reason as you wait for the best fit which is key. Writing is suppose to be fun and full of passion and it takes the right mixture of agency and writer to create that magic! It's fun experience trying to figure this all out, really is.

Monday, August 16, 2010


Hey Everyone! So I did make a decision, I withdrew from the Exhibit in California this fall. Wasn't happy about the choice, but the company really isn't helping me, refuse to respond to emails, sent one back in June still haven't received an answer. Just trying to get words out there...