Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Snow Days and sequels

I'm currently sitting on my couch in my living room watching a random movie on my second snow day in a row and I just received an email saying we are having another one tomorrow. I have cleaned and reorganized my apartment, did laundry, caught up on work emails, wrapping three birthday presents, practicing make-up for a wedding this weekend, and spent endless hours researching endlessly about nothing and blowing up my boyfriend's phone so when he gets off work he has a bunch of dumb texts. What else are girlfriends for? Oh! I have also gotten my oil changed. I have gotten a little of writing down. I'll get more done tomorrow. I did a little work on End of the Line 2, which is slowly moving, I'm near the end, but I can't bring myself to write or focus writing right now.  I'm not selling that story probably considering how long it is taking me to write it. I just get distracted. That and it is sad to think that I will be saying goodbye to some friends again. I have a soft spot for Aaron and Lauren. They were my first published characters and they were based off characters in a dream I had for years.

I will be doing final edits on a short story that will be along side of Shadows from the Past! I can't wait to share that one, but once that is done I will be sending it to Amy to work her magic on. I don't publish much, but I hope they are worth the wait. This story it does not really matter if you read shadows from the past first or not, there are different characters, but in the same world. I had a few beta readers on it and they seemed to like it, and were interested to see if there will be a full length novel on the world. It's in the works is all I can say.

Now to Project US. My Aunt is doing edits on the second half of it and I got the first half back from my boyfriend since I accidentally left it at his place. She did the edits on a physical copy. I'm sure there is a forest out there that is plotting against me. This is my longest story up-to-date, 80K+. It's a little different, and I'm nervous to see what people will think, I've gotten some really positive feedback on it so that is helping my nervous. Of course I'm over thinking the cover and everyone I have asked liked something else. I'm going to have to go on my gut probably which will be fun of course. Can't you tell by all this writing that I've been locked up in my apartment for days?

I'll try to writing more soon. I have one of my best friend's getting married this upcoming weekend which means a trip back up to NJ this weekend! I haven't seen him in so long I'm excited to see him and his fiance tie the knot. This is my first friend to get married, and it is crazy to think that we reached this point in our lives. So grown up, yet, I'm still being mistaken for one of my students. Plus the boyfriend will be going with me to the wedding, our first event together. I'm probably more excited than I should be about that. That's probably because when it came to prom I always went with my friends never a date. I'll post pictures!