Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I'm alive!

Well Hello,
Yes I'm alive, I haven't completely vanished from the earth. I had planned on writing during break, but well first year of teaching took over and I caught up with family and sleep. I was lame and I enjoyed every second of it. I also got to spend a couple of days with the boyfriend which was nice. I'm working on a paranormal story for a collection. Not a normal genre, it's fun, just is taking a little longer. The next month I have midterms (giving not taking!) and taking some more tests for my licenses since I'm transferring my NJ to VA. Ew! Other than that I've been going to bed between 9-930 and feeling lame.  I'll try to get better with writing, I really don't want to lose this part of my life.

So I had to get a new computer. Long story I'd rather not get into, but in life accidents happen. I'm currently writing on my new Dell, windows 8. Windows 8 will take some major time to adjust to, it's a little weird. I'm pretty sure I did something weird to download Microsoft, and will have to play around with it. The more I play with it the easier it'll get I'm sure. It was interesting to see all laptops coming with the side number key which might be nice when I key in grades. Yet at the end of the day, budget was kept in mine because of the other fiances going on. I'm pretty sure my wallet is sadder in January than with all the Christmas shopping. Sadly it's not because of anything fun, got to love being an adult.

Now it's night time where I'm from. So I'm sitting here on my couch in my doughnut pj pants, over sized sweatshirt with my hair tied back for a night of writing (werewolves ;) ) while watching a guilty pleasure of mine Millionaire Matchmaker! Much needed breather tonight.
Happy Readings!