Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Cover Reveal ~ Invisible Bonds

Good Morning!
I want to check in on everyone during this time in history. I am working from home and working with my students online. I've been reorganizing the house, working on healthy habits (attempting), and a little writing. I finished the first book in a young adult novel trilogy. Invisible Bonds will have the first chapter of the first book. I'm torn between two names so I have a few days to pick that. However, we are here to see the pretty cover for Invisible Bonds (Family Ties 2)!

The above is the original photo! I was stuck between like five photos and picked this one. I had mixed opinions when I was asking people what they thought, then went with my gut. I hope my gut was right! The next one is the ebook cover. I feel like it is missing some of the fun parts of the cover, but it is what it is. 

It's been nearly two years since Abby was walking home and grabbed by Wilhelm's men. Abby is now in her senior year trying to balance a job, a boyfriend, school work, and Zoey, who is trying to make the best of every second of their time before they all go to college. However, things start happening, and Abby feels eyes on her. Abby starts to wonder if the past is the past, or is she going crazy.

That is the paperback cover. I think it is great and I hope you enjoy it. I mean it has lavender on it, and who doesn't like lavender? I will have the links to the book soon for Amazon and Barnes and Nobles. You can pre-order it on Smashwords though!

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Check out the first and second covers together.

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