Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Reviews and a deal

Good morning!
I'm about to open word and work on a story. I'm not sure which one I'm going to work on. We will see what I'm in the mood for, editing or writing. However, I talked to the editor that has Beneath the Scars 2 and she has started. Yay! I hope you all are as excited as me because I can't wait to share more about Jack and Faye.

I'm going to share this deal now since the editing process has started. I'll give you all a chance to have time to read the first one. I will be sharing a form when I get the manuscript back. On this form I'm going to ask a couple of questions such as name. Email, and a link. This link will be the review for Beneath the Scars. For every person who does a review of the first will receive a free ebook copy of the second one!

When I say review it can be many ways. I mean you could post on Amazon, barnes and nobles, a blog, whatever way you choose!

If you go on smashwords right now you will even get Beneath the Scars on discount! Right now they are having their summer sale so Beneath the Scars is 50%. If you take advantage of this deal, post a review that means you get two stories of mine for $1.50. Can you argue with that? Nah, it's a beautiful summer day don't waste it arguing when you can be outside reading!
Have a good day!

Monday, July 16, 2018


I'm currently curled up on the couch with my fuzzy blue blanket and my laptop on my lap. I have "Little Shop of Horrors" playing as I stare at word document that is labeled for End of the Line 3. I've had an idea for it for a while now. Back when I was writing the second one I was thinking dividing that story in two then working in this idea, but that didn't happen.

As I was working on the last installment of Beneath the scars 3 I did get a little emotional. I'd been working on that trilogy for a few years. I take longer than most it seems. I actually felt like I was bye to these characters. I dont know if that makes me sound crazy or not.

The more I thought about it I didn't feel that way about writing the last End of the Line. Do I miss working with Aaron and Lauren? Big time. How could I not? Have you not read Aaron? So I'm not making any promises, but as I'm editing a couple of works I miss the actual writing part. I'm editing like three different stories right now. I like editing, but I want to do a little creating as well.

Truth be told, I love my Beneath the Scars series. I really bonded with these the characters and drove straight into the pages. However, with two of the three in editing mode, and editing Family Ties 2 it was a lot of PTSD for me. It makes me feel a little off so I was happy to take a break and write my Christmas Lites short story. Getting a little out of the funk, but enjoying the writing. Actually I sent the second Beneath the Scars to an editor! Yay! Hopefully Jenn enjoys it.
Have a good night!