Friday, December 1, 2017

New Release Fragile ~ Diana Nixon

It is officially one more Friday closer to Christmas! I can't be the only one excited about that. Today is also the day after the last day of National Novel Writing Month. Did I finish my story? No, but I have 37,000+ words of Beneath the Scars 2, Call for Help. I will probably be finishing it soon then begins the editing process. I was realizing yesterday as I was driving home from work that I have a few stories that I will need to be working on the editing process. Did anyone finish their NANOWri book?

Okay, like I said I get to share exciting news. Diana Nixon released another novel this week. She is on a roll, and she doesn't miss a dime with her books either. She sent me a copy of Shattered, which I can't wait to read because I could've sworn that I had a copy of the ebook, but it got lost in the new computer switch. I will probably be reviewing that soon. That is the first in this Fragile series. She also put her new book on sale. It is not often that a brand new book starts off $0.99! Check out this book by Diana Nixon! She is not only a great author, but a great person.

She was off the limits for many reasons: too young, too na├»ve, and too beautiful to resist. But most of all – because she was my best friend’s little sister. She was like a taboo that should have never been broken.
But we crossed the line together… We gave in to the temptation and made a mistake that changed us forever.
Years passed, but for some unknown reason, the memories of her never stopped haunting my dreams.
I was even more obsessed with her than I was years ago, while she hated me to the bone. And she had a very good reason to feel that way…
“I owe you a lifetime of us, and I will not let you down, not again…”

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Diana Nixon, an International Bestselling Author of contemporary and paranormal romances, is a woman of contradictions. She was born in Minsk., Belarus. She has a Master of Law degree and speaks several foreign languages, including English, Polish and Spanish.

Diana’s writing career is like a roller coaster ride. It started with a fantasy novel named Love Lines, that was originally written in Russian and only later, it was translated into English. Since then, Diana has published 15 more books, both of contemporary and fantasy genres. Her books are being translated into Spanish, French and Russian.

Diana Nixon is the founder of Inks and Scratches, a literary magazine  intended to help authors of all genres find readers and spread the news about their writing all over the world. 

Twitter: @DianaNixon9
Instagram: @authordiananixon

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Sample Sunday ~ Call for Help

Good Morning,
I know we got an extra hour of sleep last night, bu am I the only one who feels like they didn't? Anyway, I'd been good except yesterday for my NaNoWri story until yesterday. However, I cleaned the house and had date night with the boyfriend. A good night out which I needed after being locked up last weekend from being sick. That and Thor was amazing! I would highly recommend it. It was different than the others, but I enjoyed it.

Now, I know that you aren't reading this post because you want to hear how awesome Thor was. I have been working on Call for Help (Beneath the Scars 2). I started a sequel years ago, but how it was going I didn't like the direction. I thought it was too depressing, the characters were all over the place. The connection wasn't right. I put the story on the back burner. Last year I thought of a different direction, different set up. The last couple of months I outlined more of the story. This time I'm tired of just talking about the sequel and decided to use NaNoWriMo as the push I needed to get the word count up. To really light a fire under my butt. I am at the nearly 10k words mark! Yay!

Happy Sunday, this is Chapter 1 AND 2!!!


I was standing surrounded by fog. It was so foggy that I was having trouble seeing my hand in front of me. I started to wander around aimlessly. There was flapping of wings of a bird flew over my head and as quickly as it came it disappeared further into the fog. Glancing behind me I wondered if there was others, but only silence filled the air. Taking a deep breath I took another step forward. There had to be a way out of this fog. The fog swirled away in sections off to the left. I paused, looking around before changing directions. The fog wouldn’t let up except at my feet. I came to a halt and my heart sped up. There in front of me was the lake we all went to as kids with the rope that we swung on and into the water.
“Come on, I bet I can get further than you,” a giggle echoed throughout the air.”

Beeping woke me up instantly, but I refused to open my eyes. I batted around my nightstand until the stupid thing was silenced. Groaning I rubbed my face. My back ached, my hands were stiff, and my knees were ready to pop off to run away. I was only in my twenties and I was falling apart. This was what I got for working with my hands, but the thought of being stuck in a cubical sounded like padded walls. I wouldn’t trade my life with anyone. Sighing I pushed myself up out of bed and to be greeted by cool air. Bailey my mutt stretched further on her back, not bothering to get up with me.
“You’re one spoiled brat you know that?”
She sighed. I shook my head and dragged my feet to the bathroom. I turned on the water. I went to the bathroom and tossed my pants into the hamper as one of the legs didn’t make it in. Mist floated around me bringing me back to the dream. When was the last time I’ve been to the lake? Hopping into the shower and started to scrub every inch of me even though my fingers seemed to be permanently dyed in dark grease.
The lake. How many summer days did I spend in the water or on the grass sitting with my buddies. We would all take turns swinging on the rope to see who would get out the furthest when we were in middle school and early high school. How many dates did I take there? I think I lost count when I realized I couldn’t have a conversation with them. Then there was her.
Before I could continue my thoughts the water ran cold. A harsh jolt overcame me. I couldn’t turn the water off fast enough. I grabbed my towel and dried myself. Bailey went from taking up one side to being sideways taking up more bed.
“I thought you were supposed to be man’s best friend,” I muttered and she didn’t even move.
I shook my head and pulled out clothes for the day. The t-shirt was a light material, but the color was dark. After working in the marines for years, it was freeing at first to be able to have more options of clothes again, however the novelty wore off quick. The idea of turning wrenches and problem solving machines was soothing.

My life went from one routine to another and I was okay with it.


The light from my television was lighting up my living room and Bailey was outstretched on the couch with me. I was sliding down my couch slowly and my eyelids were bobbing. I needed to go to bed already. I could always watch this another time. I had an actual that I spent money on, I just had to motivate myself off of the couch. Putting my hands on both sides of me I started to push myself up when my phone went off. Lifting the phone to my ear I didn’t look to see who was calling me.
“Hello?” my voice was hoarse.
There was a pause. I scrunched my eyebrows together and took the phone away from my ear to look at the screen.
“Sorry I didn’t mean to call you.” Her voice was soft.
Her voice was a little different, but I knew that voice despite the years. My throat clenched and my stomach dropped. The words seemed to be stuck in my throat as they fought to see which words would come out.
“It’s fine.”
I could almost hear a clock ticking as I waited for a reply.
“So how-”
“Well I guess I should-” we both spoke at the same time and stopped.
“How have you been,” my voice was soft and I could almost hear the teenage voice coming through.
I could almost picture her pushing her hair behind hear as she glanced around searching for the answer.
“Pretty good, just busy with work. How about you?”
“My mom told me you’re out of the marines now and are working at Lennie’s garage.”
She’s not even here and she’s aware of the town’s gossip.
“I saw her recently. I know she misses you, she always talks to me when I work on her car.”
“Oh I know she does and makes sure I know every phone call that I need to visit. Thank you for looking out for her.”
“It’s no problem.”
Silence filled the phone. I was sure that she could hear my pulse through the phone. Did I continue that conversation or let it die off?
“Well I have to go. I’m working late tonight and was trying to order dinner from Jack’s.”
“Okay, bye.”
My phone clicked, but I still had my phone to my ear for a moment. She didn’t even have to introduce herself, but I knew that voice anywhere despite it being years. I sat forward and pressed the side of my phone against my mouth. I thought that part of my life the door had closed, locked and built a brick wall. Which I was finally fine with. Between the dream the other night and the phone call I had to wonder if the lock and brick wall were illusions.
I shook my head placing my phone on the arm of the couch and headed to my room. Reaching for the bottom of my shirt I pulled it off before tossing it into the laundry basket. However, I missed and it landed on the floor. I kicked off my pants and crawled into bed with Bailey jumping in after me. I scratched her head until I was able to doze off of what felt like hours later.

There was a slight breeze, but it was the first night that we could go outside without a coat. The sky was ink black and decorated with pure white stars clear as a bell. I was sitting in the backyard with my feet up on another chair. My head was tilted up, my phone that was on my lap went off. I’d been waiting for hours to hear from Faye.
Don’t feel like leaving.
I had to ask, because the day before she went on about how she needed to get out and do something. That she was bored out of her mind.
Just don’t feel like seeing the outside world today.
Wyd then?
Sitting in bed watching TV.
I raised an eyebrow.
u’re seriously just going to lay in bed tonight?
y not? Long week and parents are out.
I stood up and marched up the deck stairs.
Don’t be lame.
I just feel eh and don’t feel like much.
I grabbed my keys off the hook in the kitchen. Mom got tired of finding my keys all around the house.
“Mom, I’m going to Faye’s for a bit.”
She looked up from whatever she was working on at the kitchen table.
“Okay, but don’t be out too late. We have church in the morning then we’re with the grandparents the rest of the day.”
I kissed her on the cheek and went out the front door. I practically jumped off the front porch and walked around my mom’s car to reach my truck. It was my mom’s and she gave it to me. It was used for her and the once vibrant color was now a steel blue color. Starting the truck I made my way towards her house listening to the dings of my phone as she was talking until it was silent. She was probably not going to be in the best mood about the fact that I wasn’t responding. Finally I pulled up her rock driveway. I turned the car off so that silence was in the air and slipped my phone into my pocket. I ran up the stairs and rang her doorbell. After a moment she answered her door. Her blond hair was tied up in a bun. She was wearing plaid pajama shorts and a t-shirt, just further supporting her words of not wanting to do anything.
“I should’ve known you’d show up since you weren’t responding.” Her voice was flat as she leaned against the door.
I grinned as she let me into the house.
“What else are friends for other than making them do things they don’t want to do.”
Her hands went to her shorts. “Once the pj pants are on, I don’t leave the house.”
I made my way to her room. “That’s fine I don’t have any intention of subjecting the outside world to you tonight.”
“I’m not sure if that is a jab at me or not.”
She crossed her arms as she stood in her doorframe. Her room was a mess. Her soccer cleats and other clothes were scattered across the floor. I tried to ignore the clothes as I was sure there was a bra hanging over the foot of her bed. My cheeks warmed as I pushed some of her homework away from her speakers and plugged up my phone. I had to focus.
“What are you up to Jack?”
“Wouldn’t you like to know?”
“Well, duh that’s why I asked.”
I turned around as music came through the speakers. A corner of her lips curled.
“Time to get out of that funk my friend.”
I turned the music louder and went over to her. She bit her lips almost to stop the smile from forming. She just stood there. I grabbed both of her hands and started to move her side to side.
“Stop fighting our house party.”
“It’s just the two of us.”
“Who ever said a party had to be more than two people?” I asked her still trying to get her to move.
“Every normal human being,” She finally laughed and started to jump and down.
“Embrace the dorkiness of it all,” I called out.
She broke out laughing real hard. Faye’s face lit up and I could not help the grin on my face grow bigger. She was at ease. It was at that moment I knew that I wanted to make sure there was a smile on her face for the rest of my life.

“Did you get any sleep last night?”
I lifted my head to see Ethan glancing at me through the side of the hood of the truck.
“Sorry I didn’t really sleep last night.”
“Nightmares again?”
I shook my head and went back to staring at the engine. “Something like that.”
Leaning further in of the car I tried to get a better look at the problem. That and hoping that he would get the hint.
“It might be time for you to see some professional help,” Ethan lowered his voice.
“I don’t need any professional help that’s why I got Bailey,” I shot back.
“Did you just say you got a dog instead of seeing professional help?”
I glanced up, “Dogs are great listeners and are cheaper in the long run.”
“What were you having nightmares from then?”
“Why am I even hearing that name?” Ethan’s voice came out harsh.
Groaning I got out of the hood of the car. I took my hat off, gripping it in my hands I re-slid it back on my head. The garages clatters filled my ears, but I could still hear my heart racing in my chest. Her voice came to me once again. The high school version was fresh in my mind. My palms were sweaty already. I wiped them on my jeans pretending that it was because of the grease.
“Because she accidently called me last night,” I muttered and walked over to my toolbox, making sure not to meet his eyes.
I turned my back and took some sips of my water.
“She still has your number in her phone?”
I shrugged. “Apparently. There’s some restaurant near her called Jack something and she was ordering dinner.”
“I’m pretty sure that’s one of the lamest things that I’ve ever heard of in my entire life.”
“Can we please for the love of God end this conversation? I feel like a middle school girl.”
“You two sound like it too,” Joey called over before sliding back under his oil change.
“Answer one thing first.”
I rolled my eyes as I turned to face him. “What?”
“How long was your conversation?”
I scrunched my face and shrugged. “A few minutes, not long.”
He nodded. “Good, I don’t need you running off again because of her.”
“I didn’t run off because of her.”
“You two broke up, and she was on a plane to New York City two hours later then less than a week later you were seeing recruiters for the Marines.”
I grabbed a wrench. “This will be lodged somewhere if you don’t stop talking soon.”
He held up both of his hands and took a step back.
“Okay I get it. I’ll drop it.”
I put the wrench back on the top of my toolbox and went back to the car that I was working on.
“You haven’t tried to contact her today have you?”
I just dropped my head and sighed instead of answering.

Friday, November 3, 2017


It is November and National Novel Writing Month has started. Last year I thought that I would attempt it just to get a number count. However, I was working and in grad school. This year though, I'm still working, but I'm ready to really put a dent in Call for Help (Beneath the Scars 2). I'm tired of just talking about it and ready to get moving with this story. This month I am going to be attempting if not to accept the 50k word count challenge, but at least put in a good amount of the story down. I've been writing notes all over the document and can't wait to write a few of those pre-planed scenes. I love these characters and I hope you do. The poor leading lady though she's on her third name change, but I love the new name Faye. I can't wait to show you scene this weekend, maybe bring back Sample Sunday?

Check out my nanowrimo status or befriend me HERE!

Saturday, October 28, 2017


Good Morning,
I am sure I will go crazy this weekend. Usually I try to get things done around the house, clean, and run errands I didn't get to during the week on the weekends. However, I wasn't feeling great at work yesterday and went to the doctors. The verdict was that I had a strand of strep and a fever. So the errands that I was going are now pushed off a few days. So I am currently in my pajamas watching Serendipity waiting for my throat to stop hurting. It is a total feel good movie, it has John Cusack (probably spelled his name wrong, but not well enough to go look it up) and Kate Beckensal (now I know I spelled that wrong!). My boyfriend likes her so I tried to get him to watch it, he got as far as the elevator scene which is like 8 minutes. For the most part we have the same movie taste, but every once in awhile he makes a poor choice by not liking a movie like this ;) Now that I have internet though I can post about this fabulous giveaway that I am lucky to be part of!

Look at all those amazing authors! Do you notice that Diana Nixon is part of that? I've done several reviews for her works so you've had a taste of her works.You can see how to here to win these prizes by click HERE. I would highly recommend it. There are only a few days left to enter so run don't walk!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Love Triangles

Please be patient with me as I am typing this on my phone. I hate typing things on my phone I am more prone to mistakes if you haven't noticed on Facebook. So I am working on several things right now since I submitted my Christmas Lites story! I love being part of such an amazing project every year. So start prepping because that marketing will be starting up soon!

So like I said I'm working on a few projects. I'm going to include an older project in this conversation. I don't typically care for love triangles. I half the time usually cheer for the one the person doesn't end up with. That might be part of the reason why. Does anyone else have that problem?

Oddly enough I'm having that problem in two projects. I have an idea where I want the story to go. I set things into the works and then I start liking the other guy more. Part of me is like "damnit I like the other guy, can I change my ending?" Yet another part is like "well how do I dig myself out of this hole?"

Leave it to me to put myself in that situation! You will see what I am talking about on Mistakes 5. I've been putting a real dent in that story the last couple of days. Hopefully hearing about a love triangle doesn't make you not to finish the series! Well, I should probably go back to writing because I have a couple of errands to run before going to my boyfriend's cousins birthday!
Happy readings!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Cover Reveal ~ Shattered 2 Diana Nixon

Good Morning,
I don't have many mornings like this left, school starts up in a couple of weeks so I will be back to work. However, that's not why we're here today. I get to help the author Diana Nixon reveal the cover to her book Fragile, Shattered 2. I don't know how she always ends up with amazing covers! It is an adult book, which is coming out this fall!

Diana Nixon, an International Bestselling Author of contemporary and paranormal romances, is a woman of contradictions. She was born in Minsk., Belarus. She has a Master of Law degree and speaks several foreign languages, including English, Polish and Spanish.

Diana’s writing career is like a roller coaster ride. It started with a fantasy novel named Love Lines, that was originally written in Russian and only later, it was translated into English. Since then, Diana has published 18 more books, both of contemporary and fantasy genres. Her books are being translated into Spanish, French and Russian.

Diana Nixon is the founder of Inks & Scratches, a literary magazine intended to help authors of all genres find readers and spread the news about their writing all over the world. 


Official page:
Twitter: @DianaNixon9
Instagram: @authordiananixon

Friday, July 28, 2017

Mistakes 5

It is a rainy Friday night. My one dog, Lily, is curled up under a blanket against me as I am spending the night writing Mistakes #5. I originally thought that it would be a full length novel, but as I am writing it, I'm thinking it's probably going to be a novella just like 1-4. I like the changes that the characters have been taking. This is the story that started it all. Back in high school I wrote about half of a werewolf story that was put on the back burner. Then I wrote the first one to be part of collection that didn't happen. When it wasn't use I thought of a way to connect it to the one that I wrote in high school which is now known as Mistakes #5.

I can say it is a little different than the other four. The other four lead up to this hopefully big battle that will be the fate of all humans. It will be different to be done with the series. I don't know if I'll write another werewolf series. I don't know if it is weird to write two different werewolf stories, but have them be in different worlds in a way. I know I have a few other stories that I have been working on a little here and there. It is helping that my attention span is slowly returning from grad school. I swear grad school took my attention span and put it in a blender, then ten rounds in a boxing ring.

I also started my Christmas Lites short story. I think I was going to go one in direction, but I have a feeling this story might go in another direction. We'll see. I'm getting back into the world of writing more since I'm done with grad school and work will be starting up in a month. Part of that story's problem is it's been over 90 degrees and I'm suppose to be feeling in the Christmas spirit. It'll happen, it always does.

I was visiting my family in New Jersey for a couple of weeks this month. It was great to see my family and friends. I went to see the play Anastasia with my family which was one of my favorite movies growing up. I went to the beach twice! I miss the beach and wish we lived closer to it in Virginia, but oh well maybe eventually. While I was up my Grammy gave me my great great grandmother's wedding band. I'm the oldest of soon to be 8 grandchildren ranging from 27 years old to going to be born in September. My sister is the next oldest at 21. My fingers are smaller than her and she's not dating. My Grammy said I'm the only one it would fit and she wanted me to have it. My Grammy helped a lot while I was growing up. I got the ring and it was a perfect fit. Hopefully it will keep on being the perfect fit as I lose a few more pounds or so.

She had told me about the ring months ago, and considering how old it was I thought it would be very thick which I don't like. However it is beautiful and I can't wait to wear it. I texted my boyfriend while I was there, I told him no pressure, but my family gave me the wedding band already. Very Family Ties if you ask me.

Happy readings!

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Ice Cream

I know it's been a few weeks and you see the title ice cream. I'm having a night in, finished a book, and about to get into some writing. So bare with me and my boredom. I know recently I posted about the pre-diabetic diagnosis. I have a major sweet tooth and since I've been eating healthier some of the sweets I used to enjoy makes me feel well for a lack of better words, blah. I've lost about 7lbs with my boyfriend laughing when I rewarded myself at 5lbs with buying Beauty and the Beast DVD. At this point I think there is more Mt. Dew than blood in his body so when I say laugh it isn't at the new lifestyle I've been inflecting on him, but the fact I rewarded myself with a DVD.

I've been reading the labels, and I've tried both cauliflower and whole wheat pizza. There's been other changes, but I'll spare you the long list because it's not really interesting. I'll be visiting my family in New Jersey for a little over a week/two weeks. I'm hoping that I can stay strong and keep going with the progress. I'm hoping it's going well, I can't get my blood retested until November. However, I keep saying "healthy" ice cream ads. I got sucked in and looked into the Halo Top ice cream. They aren't sold at my food store so I had to go to Walmart when I was in town spending money on plants again (I might have a slight problem).

The ice cream was more than I'd like. I typically go generic or look for the best buy. Thankfully there is a rebate on it on IB app. I got vanilla bean and red velvet because the Walmart by me was cleaned out. I must have missed some memo or something about it. I really wanted Oatmeal Cookie because I've been craving oatmeal cookies, but they were out of it. Opening the containers not that long ago I was shocked that one was up to the lid, while the other had a chunk out of it. There was a plastic seal so I know someone didn't eat it than put it back.

Can you tell the difference? I know it's with the vanilla is hard to tell. I had two spoon fulls of both just for curiosity sake. Both were creamy and so good. So far I'm not really nauseous either. I'm sure there is a catch other than the price. I've heard they cause some stomach upset-ness, but hopefully that's not the case. This week I'll be starting a book that I'm review since a long time. Now to get back to writing. :)

Happy Readings!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Chameleon Soul ~ Mia Hoddell

Good Morning!
Today is the second to last day of school and the summer heat by me is in full swing. I'm lucky enough to help share the news of giveaway opportunity that the wonderful author Mia Hoddell is giving readers. Her new release is a NA contemporary book that takes place in the sports world. I would check it out if I were you because I know with grad school being over I am ready to dive back into the indie book world again. I miss reading and knowing indie authors. Don't be like me and miss it, take a chance to enter the giveaway. I am also doing my own sale. Beneath the scars is a dollar cheaper on Smashwords and Barnes and Nobles. In addition to End of the Line is about to be free for a bit to prepare for the release of the second installment! Keep your eyes out for that!


Thursday, June 8, 2017

Something Crazy...

Look at this, two nights in a row! Maybe I can get back into the groove of things! I know I'll have End of the Line published this year (for sure this time!), but there might be more coming as well. I'm itching for being away so long. So I'm hoping to use that as motivation to get the ball rolling on a few things, including series. Now, you might be thinking 'what's with the title of this post'? Family Ties was my second story published which was a few years ago. It's been so long for that story and End of the Line I am gambling putting sequels out there. End of the Line still gets noticed here and there. Once I go through Family Ties 2, I'm thinking of one weekend only of releasing the draft for ebook users to test run, to get a peak. There will be grammar issues which is a risk of putting out there, but I'm curious what people would think of the story. It would be free and available for one weekend. So everyone who is a Family Ties fan would have to keep an eye out...

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Happenings

Summer is approaching and I finished grad school which I thought would mean time to dive head first into writing. However, right around the time of my graduation I went to my doctor and my blood work came back as pre-diabetic. When I got the results I was confused, upset, and just didn't know where to begin. I eat healthy and exercise 4-6 times a week. I don't drink soda, and most of the food I make at home is homemade. I didn't really share the information because I have been a little embarrassed about it. I probably shouldn't be, but I am. I wasn't sure about that doctor's opinion in addition to not liking how the doctor handled the results  I went to my  primary doctor. She talked to me, and unlike the other doctor didn't seem bothered to explain the blood work then what the game plan would be if they came back positive. She's amazing.

Thankfully I have a supportive boyfriend who lives off mt. dew and pizza just said we'll do what we have to, to get the levels lower. Now I'm not very elevated so I am staying positive that it will be reversed before I get an actual diagnosis of diabetes. I've been reading, changing my eating habits, and changed my exercise routine. Since my doctor appointment which was May 26 I've lost about 3lbs. I know that doesn't sound like much, but I've been wanting to lose weight for the last few months. Getting this diagnosis was that final nail, "I really need to do it". The 3lbs make me giddy and I hope there's more to come, well lose?

Sorry I really feel awkward sharing real personal information like that so thank you for making it this far on my post. Last night I dove into editing my pirate story that I started back in high school and have since then refurbished. I don't know why picking an old story and editing it helps me get back into the grove of things. However, based off going the first chapter this might be the last time I go through it before I have a beta reader go through it. It reads as if I've gone through it many of times...I know the first part is ready, but we'll see about part two when I get there. Then on top of that I've been doing a few notes on Beneath the Scars 2 and Mistakes #5! Now to get through my nightly exercise so that I can do a little writing before bed!

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Graduation sale

Good Morning!
This past Wednesday I had my grad school graduation. I started in 2013, took 7 classes for my special education teaching certificate. I moved to Virginia. After taking about a year and a half off, I got nudges from my family, friends, and boyfriend to go back to finish the last 5 classes so that I would have my masters. I contacted my old school and they allowed me to finish the last five classes online. I finished my masters despite having my hand in a cast for one semester. Despite my boyfriend cutting our internet while doing yard work. Despite my work schedule, moving, moving to a house in the country and having to use a hot spot as my internet in the house, which was after the spotty hughes net. Needless to say it was a journey. However, I made it! I struggled with reading and spelling my whole academic career, but made it through my masters. I can honestly say though I'm never going back for any high of a degree, this time I am sure!

Here to celebrate though, I put all my ebooks on sale: HERE

On a side note. I know tomorrow is Memorial Day. Thank you all of the soldiers that gave their lives to serve the country. Not only do they, but also their families' give up a lot for the rest of us. 

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Cover Reveal ~ In a Whisper by Diana Nixon

Good Morning
It is already a muggy heat on this Saturday morning and my allergies is making itself known. However, I'll take it over the freezing temperatures. Some of my plants are actually growing! I'm not a complete plant killer. I am a day late on posting this cover reveal for Diana Nixon. This is the second novel in her Set Me Free series. It is an adult series.

IN A WHISPER by Diana Nixon


There are things that are so hard to say aloud. Especially when it comes to something that you never thought your heart was capable of feeling…
In Ashton Bright’s life, there is no place for feelings. A successful surgeon, he knows how to make hearts beat faster, yet his own heart is as cold as a scalpel He doesn’t know how to do romance, and he knows even less about love.
The day Nicola Holt comes to work as Ashton’s assistant, everything he believed was right for him becomes wrong. For someone whose everyday job is saving lives, Ashton finds himself too weak to stand against Nicola’s charm.
But most of all, he hates that she makes him feel things – the things he once swore to never allow himself to be submerged in.
“I have spent my whole life searching for what I have found in you. I do not want to let it go...”


If you haven’t read the first story from SET ME FREE duet, DO IT NOW!!!
Available in Paperback, Kindle and e-Book formats.

Diana Nixon, an International Bestselling Author of contemporary and paranormal romances, is a woman of contradictions. She was born in Minsk, Belarus. She has a Master of Law degree and speaks several foreign languages, including English, Polish and Spanish.
Diana’s writing career is like a roller coaster ride. It started with a fantasy novel named Love Lines, that was originally written in Russian and only later, it was translated into English. Since then, she has published 17 more books, both of contemporary and fantasy genres. Diana's books are being translated into Spanish, French and Russian.

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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Happy Sunday

Good Morning,
So Friday I finished my thesis paper!! ::Cheers:: I will however, have to print it out and mail a copy to my professor, but the writing part is done! That means that I will be able to get back into writing again! I still work a full time job, and tutor two times a week, but I will have some free time. I am already trying to think of projects to do around the house so that I can spend some time outside. I have been working on a couple of stories here and there just to keep my mental state's sake. I am already trying to think of what story I want to be working on first. The fact that they are all different genres will probably help, so whatever mood I am might help which story I get to work on. The three stories that I've been working on here or there are Beneath the Scars 2, Mistakes 5, and try not to cringe at the last one, a vampire story. I know I said that I wouldn't write a vampire story, but I had a dream a few years ago and started a story off of it. Thought I got stuck and put it on home, but I thought of how to fix it up to get rid of the writers block. Hopefully it works out. I cannot wait to dive into writing again. That might be why I have list of stories that I want to work on. I'll talk to you soon then!

Happy Sunday,

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Ebook Week

Good Morning!
The sun is shinning, and well unlike earlier this week it is cold. I went from wearing sandals to back to my fuzzy boots. I know that it is still technically winter so I really don't have much room to comment. However, when we got that tease of summer weather, I am ready for it. On another note it is ebook week starting tomorrow on smarshwords. I know I'll probably go checking books out throughout the week because I am almost done with grad school. My goal for the summer is to do some reviews again and to dive heads first into writing. I will have to clear some major cobwebs.

Now keep in mind these prices will only be from March 5-11 so make sure to take advantage of them while they are around.

The sales that I agreed to with my books are the following...
The whole Mistakes Novella series: FREE
There is a world in the shadows that watches us. The creatures watch people from their pasts, remembering all of their actions. Yet, there seems to be trouble brewing in this hidden realm.

Project US
YA novel: FREE
Rachel is used to being in control of her emotions, never letting anyone get close to the real her. Nick is exactly the kind of guy Rachel has been trying to avoid getting involved with. Yet, when their school arranges a mysterious project that puts them together, they soon become trapped in a marriage that turns out to be real and legally binding, and they aren’t the only ones.

Beneath the Scars
NA novel: 50% off!
Riley is back home and out of the hospital after sustaining severe injuries overseas. After the death of her parents Eponine is left picking up the pieces while trying to maintain a normal life for her little sister. Can these new neighbors help each other heal, finding the light and laughter in the world again?

Family Ties
YA novel: FREE
Stories told by word of mouth can get twisted or lost. Abby grew up hearing about her great-grandmother Emma. When she is kidnapped after leaving work one night, Abby learns there may be a hidden part of her family tree...

End of the Line
YA Novel: 50% off!
When so much is lost how does one to have the strength to move on? At seventeen Lauren was prepared for yet another year of school. Then asteroids hit, killing all of those she knew except for a few other teens from her neighborhood. Joining forces with her classmate Aaron, they work together on the journey in the hopes of finding more people that are alive.