Sunday, August 1, 2021

Review ~ The River House by Shawn Maravel


It is been so long we are going to ignore how long it has been. I have had a lot of personal things going on the past year and I might talk about it later on. I needed some time to get myself together first, but I am back and not only am I back I here doing a book review PLUS I have a book that will be released in the next month/month and a half! 

I could gush about how excited that Shawn Maravel was releasing a new novel when I found out a few months ago. I have reviews of her other books from years ago on my blog if you want to search for them. Shawn is an author that creates realistic love stories that make the readers feel and hope for the characters. Is the road easy? No of course not because that's not how life works.

I have had a really rough mental time the past year and a half so the fact that I read a book and finished it is alone a miracle. I read this book in a couple of days. It is a nice easy read without dumbing things down for the reader. The characters will have you cheering for them and a good-looking, charming male lead doesn't hurt either. I of course ordered a paperback so I could have all her books together.

Jocelyn's family experiences a loss in the family causing her family to decide what to do with the family house that is filled with wall-to-wall memories. Jocelyn volunteers to monitor the restoration of the house before the family puts the house on the river for sale. However, Jocelyn wasn't expecting to face her past as Jack Evans shows up on her doorstep. Together as they repair the house, feelings grow, but the question of what will happen once the house is ready to be sold.

This story I was super excited for as I loved reading Maravel's previous stories. Her characters are realistic so the reader feels as if they know them. The character's feelings are a gradual growth not only in love but also as they search for what they really want out of life versus what they had set out when they were young adults. The characters go on a journey and it is a good light summer's read.