Sunday, February 26, 2012

Blast from the Past...

Hey Lovelies!Author's always post photos of where they got costume ideas, even I have posted a few. Bad news for me I lost the picture of the pink dress Emma wore at the ball in Family Ties. Which is sad considering it was really beautiful! It might have been a my generation thing, but those cartoon dolls you make online, anyone remember those? If not then I'm probably about to embarass myself! Well my friends and I had a lot of fun with them, and I liked using them to get ideas for characters, play around with different clothing ideas. I found my old photobucket account, the one where I used to upload images on my freewebs account when I had one. I figured I'd post the ones where you would recognize the characters. Just remember I used doll marker sites online, to put the images together, I didn't make the actual pixels. Also these are not the heights or body types of the actualy characters! I hope you have fun and have a good laugh! There are more from other stories, I'll probably post those on another date, but again have a good laugh!

Family Ties:

Abby: Photobucket Danielle and Zoey: Photobucket Abby and Cory: Photobucket Abby and Cory: Photobucket Cory and Abby: Photobucket Abby: Photobucket The Gang: Photobucket
End of the Line: Lauren: Photobucket Lauren and Aaron: Photobucket Lauren and Aaron: Photobucket Alex/Cole (changing his name...) and Jill: Photobucket Lauren: Photobucket Aaron's Tattoo: Photobucket The whole group: Photobucket Lauren and Aaron: Photobucket

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mini Banners!

Hey Lovelies!I started to see these little banners on people's blogs and thought they were pretty cute! Then talking to another author, Shawn Maravel, I've interviewed her on here she emailed me because she had made ones for Family Ties and End of the Line! They are seriously adorable, I'll probably be adding more to my blog a little later because they are really cute! She made a bunch of them and you should click to check them out! Be free to steal these to add to your own blog!~Ottilie

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Ulitmate Sample Sunday!

Hey Lovelies!
Since I am not really broadcasting Valentine's Day and some of my writings have been pushed back, then to extra top it off I have slacked on the Sample Sundays I decided to make an Ulitmate Sample Sunday! I will be posting links to EVERY sample that I have posted! You all will have fun exploring many chapters of varying stories! I hope you enjoy!

End of the Line
Chapter 1 Lauren 
Family Ties
Chapter 3 Cory
Chapter 4 Abby 

Beneath the Scars
Chapter 1 Rily
Chapter 2 Eponine
Project US
Old Prolgue
Chapter 1 Rachel
Chapter 2 Nick

Chapter 1
Beaker to Life
Prologue & Chapter 1 Derek
Pirates' Life for Me
Chapter 1 Jocelyn

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Character Corner

Hey Lovelies!Sorry that it's been awhile since I have posted and I'm sorry! I added another tab above, if you click on it, you'll get directed to my little store at CafePress! Hope you all check it out, it has shirts for all ages, bags, ebook covers, jewerly, and more! I hope you all check it out. And if you have any suggestions or requests contact me and I'll try to get it up! Okay so since it's been awhile and especially since I did a Character Corner I thought it was time for a little take over. Since End of the Line is getting edited and I've been working on its sequel, Walking a Thin Line I thought it would only be fair to let Abby and Cory take over for today...
At last! a little time to take over the blog!

Try not to be too evil or she might not let us do this again.

(Abby waves her hand in a 'nonesense' way)

She loves us. I mean come on she has already ploted out a sequel, The Invisible Bond, that has to mean something.

(Cory nods.)

Anyway she probably likes me better than you because I obviously smarter and get the better lines.

(Cory raises an eyebrow)
That's bias, you are both girls.

(Abby grins.)

Whatever we both know you are jealous.

Of what?

(Abby sighs)
Of how awsome I am of course!

Whatever helps you sleep at night.

So you think she's letting us take over to get out of a post about the upcoming holiday?

(speaks dryly)
You're one to talk about your beliefs on the holiday.

(Abby slaps Cory on the shoulder)
Shut up! She hasn't written the sequel yet so there is time for me to help her to torture you!

Do and I'll help her to pick on you.

Guys, I did not let you take over the blog to bicker...

Whatever, he started it!

Well I'm ending it!

(Abby rolls her eyes.)
Fine, ruin our fun, what a mommy.

(Cory chuckled.)

Me & Abby
Shut up Cory

(Cory sighs)

Fine, so with a little bit of V-Day talk, our tale is a modern day fairy tale. Little girls only think of a prince coming to get them and taking them from the life they know. For me, well I was kidnapped and was trying to escape, while I was in Germany I just wanted to be home.

(Cory takes hold of Abby's hand and grins.)

Well I missed you.

Missed you too...

Well I think I'll stop the two today just so that too much isn't given away or before they start fighting once again... Happy Weekend everyone!