Sunday, December 6, 2015

Needing reviews and updates

Good Morning!
I'm about to start keying in the edits from Off the Beaten Path (End of the Line 2). I'm hoping to release that around February. I'm pretty excited to release that and I have had the cover ready for a few months. I love Aaron and I hope others enjoy him as well. Cole, I hope everyone loves him, I got to explore his character. I also think some other questions will be answered in this sequel.

However, End of the Line was released a few years ago and it has been awhile between books. I am sorry that I do that with books as I am writing Beneath the Scars' sequel. Since it has been so long I was wondering if there were people who would be willing to do a review for Beneath the Scars as well or just read it then turn around to read Off the Beaten Path. Or if people remember the first book stay in tone for when I ask for reviewers. If you are interested you can either comment or email me at: ottilieweber @ gmail (dot) com.

End of the Line

When so much is lost how does one to have the strength to move on? At seventeen Lauren was prepared for yet another year of school. Then asteroids hit, killing all of those she knew except for a few other teens from her neighborhood. Joining forces with her classmate Aaron, they work together on the journey in the hopes of finding more people that are alive. On the way, threats of starvation, illness, and freezing to death don’t compare to the danger of Dean Manson. Manson is an ex-con out for revenge against Aaron. With so much working against them these teens fight for everything even if it means denying their feelings just for the chance to see a new day.

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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Book Cover Revealings ~ Diana Nixon

Diana Nixon is starting off the holiday season with not one, but TWO cover revealings! I can't wait to catch up on her books and send some reviews your way. Here are the two covers and the blurbs of her upcoming works.

Life is not always easy. Especially when you are in love with the man whose life is so much different from yours. Power, money, respect – these are the things that a girl raised in an orphanage can only dream about. But sometimes, love is the only power that you need to get whatever you wish for…
Louise Woods had always been a fighter. She had known since childhood that everything has a price. But freedom was the only thing that she could never have.
Living in a world of lies and betrayal, will she sacrifice her love to become finally free?
Or will she let her heart win?
A new journey full of passion and forbidden dreams; it’s a new dance, it’s a new life.
“We will start it all from the very beginning, from the very first kiss…”

Official page:

It was love at first sight; a story that was supposed to last forever. A young heart that had never known true love, and a lonely soul seeking something real. I was that soul, and Elizabeth Brown was my beautiful heart, innocent and full of lawless passion.  She made me believe that love can change anything. And it did change me… It broke me, it shattered me.
The betrayal that I never saw coming, was like a dagger straight through my heart. In the blink of an eye, my love was replaced by endless hate and pain that I thought I would never be able to forget.
But who would have thought that even bleeding hearts can love? Who would have believed that in eyes with no hope, a new fire can start burning?
“I will make her fall for me again. And then, I will ruin her, just like she ruined me…”
Official page: