Monday, August 24, 2015

Wings of a Beast

Title: Time to Live (Wings of Beasts book 3)
Author: R. Holland
Genre:  Science Fiction/ Fantasy Romance
Format: Kindle Edition
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“Wake up, Amyna. It’s time to live.”

After being captured by the Kold-Bloods, Amyna is forced to make some tough decisions. She has affirmed in her mind that she will not be a slave. After the ultimate sacrifice, she has to brave the brutal winter of the north to stay alive. She must decide for herself if it’s a life worth living.

Is it time to live or time to die?

About the Author
R. Holland has lived in Texas all her life. She lives with her supportive husband and three wonderful children. She loved to write poetry at a young age and has tried a hand at writing short novels. Along with fishing and being in the outdoors, she enjoys writing horror, paranormal romance, and adult dystopian.

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Twitter: @rhollandauthor

Other Books in Wings of Beasts series

Wings of Decent (Book 1)
Dorian A’Kraine, the leader of this mission, and future ruler over the Aubadians, against his father’s wishes, decides that Earth is the next planet to conquer. But not all of his kind wish their young prince good fortune. His own blood plot against him, and something dark and demonic is lurking, entrapped in the shadows of their prison walls. As Dorian A’Kraine and the Aubadians descend to Earth, he unleashes his legion of winged beasts that are stronger, faster, and more brutal than the human race could ever be.
High school senior, Amyna Carter, has lost everything. With her father, Shane, sentenced to fifteen years in prison for a bank robbery, and her younger brother, Robbie gone, life seems hopeless. Shane is released on the agreement that he will help fight against their attackers. Instead, he rushes to his family, making it to them just in time. While on the run, Amyna, her family, and a group of other survivors, are forced to make decisions that go against their morals and better judgment if they want to survive. As the group of survivors continue to fight and attempt to stay one step ahead of their new masters, Amyna realizes she may want much more than to survive. She wants to live.
Will Dorian and Amyna both get what they want? Or what if the ultimate sacrifice is losing everything they want, to gain everything they need?
 Book 1 currently on sale for ….. on……

Claim It (Book 2)
On the run, Amyna Carter and other survivors have decided Canada is the safest place to flee. They now know the enemy’s weakness– the cold. With winter not far ahead, they travel through the United States hoping to make it to a refuge in Canada in time. With tensions running high amongst the group, the survivors have to deal with threats from within while they run from the growing threat of the Kold-Bloods. But they may have more than just the Kold-Bloods to worry about. They may have to worry about each other.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

End of the Line 2

So today I was able to print out a copy of End of the Line 2 that I will be sending to my Aunt to act as a second pair of eyes and go through the manuscript. She might be related, but she is able to write notes, ask questions if she has any, and puts editing marks on the story. Thankfully I have family that is willing to do so, I'm sure she will be happy that this story is about 20K shorter than Project US!

I'm trying to type this as Lily wants to use my keyboard as a pillow and Leo wants to play fetch. So after she sends it back to me I'll go through the paper copy myself and see what I want to fix. There is something about catching mistakes in a physical copy. Then I'll send it to an editor. I already have this cover figured out so I am not worried about that. However, it does not match the first book so I'm debating on changing the first cover again so that they would somewhat match.

I am also trying to figure out the name. I have two different title ideas in mind for this book. I am leaving a poll up on the upper right hand corner for you vote on until September 4th.

Happy Voting!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Back to the land of social media

Where have I been? I released a book then I disappeared. I'm sorry about that, what happened is I got a new job an hour and a half away from the current school that I was working at. So needless to say I had to find a place for Leo and I to a new place. We went from an apartment in Fredericksburg to a house in Sutherland Virginia. I am still a special education teacher, but instead of being in a middle school I will be in an elementary school which I'm excited. Leo is too, he has a backyard to call his own, well mostly he does have to share it with my boyfriend's dog, Lily.

I moved in last weekend (mostly I still have a couple of things in my apartment oops!). The cable/internet people weren't able to come to use until today. This morning I got to mail out a couple of ebooks out for review which was nice. I even finished editing the first round with End of the Line 2. I'm hopefully going to be sending the rough draft to my aunt to go through :)

I'm debating if I like "Walking a Thin Line" or "Off the Beaten Path" for the title for the sequel. Please share your thoughts in the comment section. Right now though I'm watching TV with Leo curled by my side.

Happy Readings!