Monday, August 10, 2015

Back to the land of social media

Where have I been? I released a book then I disappeared. I'm sorry about that, what happened is I got a new job an hour and a half away from the current school that I was working at. So needless to say I had to find a place for Leo and I to a new place. We went from an apartment in Fredericksburg to a house in Sutherland Virginia. I am still a special education teacher, but instead of being in a middle school I will be in an elementary school which I'm excited. Leo is too, he has a backyard to call his own, well mostly he does have to share it with my boyfriend's dog, Lily.

I moved in last weekend (mostly I still have a couple of things in my apartment oops!). The cable/internet people weren't able to come to use until today. This morning I got to mail out a couple of ebooks out for review which was nice. I even finished editing the first round with End of the Line 2. I'm hopefully going to be sending the rough draft to my aunt to go through :)

I'm debating if I like "Walking a Thin Line" or "Off the Beaten Path" for the title for the sequel. Please share your thoughts in the comment section. Right now though I'm watching TV with Leo curled by my side.

Happy Readings!

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