Friday, July 31, 2015

New Release ~ Project US

Happy Friday!
I know that I said that I would release Project US on August 7th, but I decided to release it early! Who doesn't like surprises? Plus it is Friday, who doesn't like a treat on a summer Friday? Weird people obviously. Now, I did the necessary approvals for the paperback and Amazon, but it will take a couple of days for Project US to show up on there. This story is close to my heart as it took me almost 11 years to write, edit, and build up the courage to publish this book. This could have been before Family Ties or End of the Line, but I kept it back and given the changes I did I'm glad I waited.

Project US is a Young Adult novel. It is a Romantic Suspense story that is like my other works and better suitable for high school and older. It is also longer than my other works!

If you read any author's work especially an indie one if you could it would be nice to leave a review so the author can grow. :) How will I celebrate my new release? I will be spending the whole weekend packing, moving, and unpacking. So have fun for me this weekend because it might take me a little bit to get internet as well! I also made white cupcakes with chocolate frosting and crushed oreos on top last night. I'm hoping that will be a nice gesture to those helping me move!

Project US

Rachel is used to being in control of her emotions, never letting anyone get close to the real her. Nick is exactly the kind of guy Rachel has been trying to avoid getting involved with. Yet, when their school arranges a mysterious project that puts them together, they soon become trapped in a marriage that turns out to be real and legally binding, and they aren't the only ones.

While their parents try to get four hundred students out of these marriages with legal help, the teenagers must live in a compound with their respective spouses for the duration of the project. Being trapped together leaves no room for denials. As Nick begins to fall for Rachel, she does everything in her power to avoid his charms and protect her heart. All she wants is to get out of the marriage, but does she truly want out, or is she only lying to herself?

Are you still interested? You can check out the following links!

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Amazon ~ Paperback and Kindle

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