Wednesday, January 30, 2013

House Cleaning

Hey Lovelies,
I miss saying that in my cleaning. Then again I had to explain what I meant by that and that I wasn't making the students clean the classroom. Want to get everyone updated with what I'm up to. Oh gees my Russian reading plus my senior thesis so needless to say I will be a little busy. I'm still going to try to squeeze in writing especially as I try to get my resume shiny and pretty for schools to want me to be their newest History/Social Studies teacher. I'm still trying to get through End of the Line's trilogy, however I'm also working on a couple other stuff, (one of which is untitled) because it helps me relax from school. Also multiple stories because my mind seems to be everywhere. Plus my friend Amy is almost done editing Beneath the Scars! I love that story and can't wait for everyone to see it. I'm probably going to be releasing a short story soon because I feel bad that I keep pulling people along when I don't mean to!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Lost in the Woods

Hey Lovelies!
No I'm not actually lost in the forest, just working on End of the Line 2, and they are currently oh right won't spoil anything! I do want to say though that I am still working on it, just taking a little longer then I thought. I'm working on it though, just had to be studying as well. I have to take a test to be certified to teacher, I unfortunately missed it by 4 points in September. So I have to retake in on the 26th, so I have been studying, tests are not my thing. Anyway I'm close to writing the end of Walking a Thin Line and know how I'm going to start off the third (later will be revealed I seemed to have misplaced my list of options...) so I'll have fun thinking of new ones. Anyway when I'm done writing Walking a Thin Line and I'm working on the revisions I'm going to try to work on the 3rd to make sure that it is long enough to be on it's on, if not I'll make it a part 2 of Walking a Thin Line. I'll keep you in the loop :)