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Sample Sunday ~ The Four Purposes of Oil

Hey Lovelies!
Sorry that I haven't posted one of these in awhile, especially since I couldn't with working on Walking a Thin Line, since it is a second book I feel like posting a sample would be a major spoiler for the first book. So today I'm going to post a sample from The Four Purposes of Oil! I'm getting attached to the characters already so I hope you enjoy this Romantic Fiction ~ New Adult book. Heads up though, I will be changing this book to 3rd person instead of first. I will tell you though I will be learning more about cars so it will get a little fuller with details. Again this is just eh skeleton of the first chapter and I hope you enjoy :)

**I'm tossing and turning over if it should be in 3rd or 1st person that's why it changes sorry!!**

Chapter one

The speakers were shot, more static then music was really blaring out, but with the constant sounds of the machines it was hard to hear the music anyway. The sounds of the engines and tools roar as they fixed the inner workings of a car all were tranquil peace. There was nothing greater then working on a car. The warm air drifting into the garage and as a young man wiped his forehead with his forearm not caring that there was probably new smudge of grease on his face.
“Noah, did you figure out what’s wrong with the Wyant’s car?” a voice called out from the office, the door was open with a small fan blowing.
Glancing up the young man, Noah saw his boss Stan holding a box with the lo mein hanging over parts of the box. His t-shirt was half tucked into his jeans and baseball cap on his head; he was in his early thirties.
“Yeah I got it, it’ll take another couple of minutes if we’ve a piece that needs to be replaced,” Noah responded wiping his hands on his own t-shirt.
Stan’s face stretch into a half smile, “That’s my guy, I knew I kept you around for a reason.”
Noah raised an eyebrow and smirked, “Yeah so you don’t have to do the work.”
“I thought it was so he could look at our fine asses,” another voice shouted across the garage, Justin.
“I swear if your head inflates anymore Justin you won’t be able to fit through those doors,” Stan shot back pointing over to the garage door with his fork.
Justin grinned, his blond hair was held back by a bandana. He twirled a wrenched in his hand.
“Stop thinking you’re a pretty boy and finish that carbonator,” Stan rolled his eyes before going into the office.
“I swear it’s on a daily bases I feel bad for your poor mother,” Noah muttered heading out back with the supplies.
“My mom or my girl?” Justin asked for clarification.
Noah grabbed the part that he needed and headed back to the car he was working on.
“Both I guess, possibly more for your mom because your girl could leave if she wanted to.”
“Hey she got a taste of Justin, and now she doesn’t want to leave,” Justin chuckled, but he was peering into the hood of the car he was working on to see what Justin was doing.
“Oh so you’re drugging the poor girl,” I responded back moving parts around.
“Ha! Nothing, but with my charm.”
I shook my head. I had met Karen and he was a lucky guy.
“My butt you have charm.”
“Will you two Chatty Cathy’s put a sock in it or do I have to bring out the tea set for this ordeal?” Stan yelled out.

My body ached as I got home late that night, I always worked longer then what the hours said at GARAGE NAME. Trudging my feet across the tile floor of my apartment I opened the fridge to find something to eat. The light from the fridge lit up the small apartment, and it was pretty close to empty. There was a carton of orange juice, a box of baking soda, and something in a Styrofoam box. Narrowing my eyes I picked it up not remembering when the last time I brought something home was. There was a buffalo chicken wrap with some curly fries. How was it possible I brought home food from Angelia’s Diner? I usually ate the entire thing when I was there. Looking at the top of the box I smiled at the sticky note on there.

Miss you Idiot!
Remember to eat, noticed no food!
What’s wrong with you?

The best friend a guy could have. She must have dropped it off today since she was using my laundry room. Glancing over at the top of oven to see what time it was, a little after eleven. She probably would still be awake. Putting the food onto the small tray then into the toast my stomach growled as if it finally realized it was hungry. Pulling my cell phone out of my pocket using my short nails that were still dark from the grease from work I searched for her name. Pushing her Remy on the contact list I heard it ringing.
“Hey you’re alive! Or are you still in the garage?” Remy responded.
I chuckled, “Nah I’m home sorry for being a little MIA lately. Thanks for the food by the way.”
Remy laughed a little, “It’s the least I could do is give you food, I mean you work so much you need food. You use to be organized and on top of things.”
Glancing around my place that was just the opposite of what Remy just described.
“I’m never home, I pretty much live at the garage.”
“Yeah I noticed I went to your place and a couple of your neighbors asked if I was a new tenet.”
Turning the lights on in the place I peeked into the toaster and took out my food.
“I think I’m at your place more then you are,” Remy continued as I took a bite out of the food, best thing ever.
“Oh my God I think I love you,” I mumbled with food still in my mouth.
Remy broke out fully laughing.
“Well I know how you love their buffalo chicken wrap.”
“It’s food for the Gods,” I spoke with food still my mouth and I leaned back against my counter tops.
“So I’ve decided you and I need to go out,” Remy randomly blurted out.
I raised an eyebrow and stopped chewing.
“What are you talking about?”
“God way to make hanging out with your friend sound like a chore.”
I sighed rolling my eyes now waiting for the punch line.
“I haven’t seen you in what weeks?”
I narrowed my eyes trying to back track in time in an attempt to remember the last time I had seen my friend, or anyone who I didn’t work with.
“I’ll take your pause as a sign that I’m correct if not longer. So I know for a fact that the garage closes at eight so on Friday I will be kidnapping you at nine and we’re going out. You’ll be showered, shaven, and wearing something that does not have grease on it before we go to Murphy’s.”
“Why do I have to get so dolled up?”
“Showering is getting dolled up? If that’s a case you and I need to have a discussion about hygiene.”
“I’ll be clean, don’t get your panties all in a twist.”
I grabbed a couple fries and shoved them into my mouth.
“Sorry for wanting to hang out with my friend?”
“You should be, how dare you,” my voice was even before eating a couple more fries.
Crunchy fries were the best.
“So you want to meet there or do you want to car pool?”
“I’ll drive it sounds like you need a drink,” I offered.
“I work with kindergarteners all day, you do that and see if you need a drink.”
I chuckled.
“What happened to, ‘I want to have eight kids’?”
“Hey when they are my own kids I can do what I want!” Remy’s voice was borderline shriek.
“That’s a comfort.”
“Oh shove off.”
“What a friend, no wonder we haven’t hung out in awhile,” I joked with her.
“You’re a pain.”

“Woah, wait a minute,” Justin’s voice came from behind me in as I was inside the office. “You know it’s time to check out right at a normal rate?”
“No I didn’t notice that, I thought the moon and sun switched roles,” I muttered standing back up and took my car keys off of the hanger on the wall.
“Justin leave him alone this means I can actually close at the right time,” Stan responded locking the door behind us.
“So what’s up?” Justin asked as we headed to our cars.
His car was next to my baby.
“Remy said we needed to hang out so she is kidnapping me,” I replied opening my car door and standing out still looking over at him as he fiddled with his car.
“She’s still working on you isn’t she?” Justin glanced over me with serious eyes.
“I’m kind of hoping if I keep playing obvious the girl will give up,” I groaned running my fingers through my short hair.
Justin chuckled, “Yeah? How’s that working for you?”
I rolled my eyes and paused.
“That good huh?”
“Life isn’t a romantic comedy, you don’t always end up with your friend that you’ve known for years.”
“I know those damn movies are making our lives hard.”
“Just treat your girl for a night out every once in awhile and she’ll stop throwing these movies in your face.”
Justin raised an eyebrow at me, “Whose side you on?”
Laughing I replied, “Didn’t know I had to pick sides, but her cooking is better then yours.”
Justin smiled, “It is she’s cooking dinner tonight.”
“Pick up flowers for her or something maybe she’ll go easy on you tonight,” I suggested inching a little into my car so I wouldn’t have to face the wrath of Remy tonight myself.
Justin shrugged, “I should, so see you tomorrow.”
“See you tomorrow.”
Sitting in I slammed my door and headed home. Once I parked in the lot behind the apartments I waved to one of my neighbors while grabbing the mail. The neighbor squinted and awkwardly waved back. I guess Remy wasn’t joking about my neighbors not knowing who I was. I jumped the stairs taking a couple at a time and unlocked my door. Dropping the junk mail onto my counter with my keys top since I didn’t have a table I started to yank my shirt over my head as I walked to the bathroom. Turning the shower on and waited for the water to heat up. While waiting I decided to brush my teeth and check the facial hair situation, got to love the few moments of being able to multitask.
Once I was showered and dressed for the evening I grabbed my keys once again and headed towards Remy’s place. She was renting a place till the condo she was buying was done being built. Texting her to let her know that I was there I bopped my head around a little to the music. Finally she came strolling out of her place. I had to give it to her, she walked in heels like a well trained model. Remy tossed her hair over her shoulders as she made her way over, in jeans and a off the shoulder shirt. She got into the car and turned to look at me grinning.
“See you clean up well when you actually leave the garage!”
I rolled my eyes.
“Yeah, yeah whatever,” I muttered pulling out of her complex.
“Oh don’t be such a sour puss or this night is going to suck,” Remy responded as she fiddled with my radio stations.
Shaking my head I finally pulled into Murphy’s place where most of the spots were taken and people were crossing the parking lot laughing. When we got out of the car the live country music roared causing the two of us to smile. Remy grabbed my hand and pulled me across the parking lot and into the restaurant. The whole middle was wooden floors in front of the stage where the live music was held so that people could dance. Off to the side was the bar and around the perimeter were tables for everyone to sit at. I prefer the seats near the bar so I had a nice view of the poor guys who got dragged across the floor.
“I can’t wait to get a drink,” Remy was bouncing in her seat as she grabbed the menu even though I knew she that whole menu by heart.
“Good to know that you need to drink to be out with me,” I spoke dryly smirking at her.
“I didn’t know I had to threaten my friend to hang out with me,” She responded not taking her eyes off of the menu.
I rolled my eyes as one of the waitresses came by, she was friendly with Remy as she took out drink orders then left.
“See so far, all is good right?” Remy asked smiling at me as she leaned on her elbows on the table.
“Yeah, yeah, I never had any doubt about that, I’m just busy,” I replied with a shrug.
“And I sit around eating Oreos all day?”
“Well you deal with five year olds,” I smirked.
Remy slapped my arm from across the table as I laughed.
“You’re rotten! I know your daddy raised you with more manners!”
Chuckling, “Yeah he did, but you know I got his humor.”
Remy rolled her eyes down to her drink stirring it a little, “What are the odds of me getting you on the dance floor?”
I snorted, “Not on your life is that happening.”
I started to pat around my pockets for not only my release, but also my escape. Finally I pulled out my box of cigarettes and Zippo lighter. Remy’s face scrunched.
“Ugh, I don’t get you and that nasty habit,” Remy spat.
I shrugged, “I don’t smoke near you and never have so chillax. I’ll be right back.”
Once I was outside I opened the cartage and cursed under my breath. There was an IOU from Justin. What kind of guy takes a man’s last cigarette?
I made my way to the side of the road and waited till there was slow enough traffic for me to cross the pharmacy. The beep greeted me and I made my way over to the only cashier on duty. This woman with short black hair carrying a small bag up as well. I waved her to go in front of me.
“They couldn’t take this back there?” The cashier questioned with a raised brow and mid chew of the gum.
She shook her head, “He said they were closing and to go here.”
The cashier popped her gum then finished the young woman’s transaction. She bent her head over her small plastic bag as she fished for her wallet once again to put her money away, but she stepped aside so that I could pay.
“Hey Dawn, the usual,” I spoke taking out my own wallet as the cashier took out a pack of cigarettes for me.
The young woman walked out of the store. I paid for my pack and walked outside breaking the seal. Once outside the girl was still there searching through her bag frantically. A curse was uttered under her breath before she started to glance around on the ground.
“Do you need help?”
She glimpsed up before biting her bottom lip, “I think I dropped my keys somewhere I can’t find them in my purse.”
“Is there anything on the keychain?”
She raised an eyebrow at me.
“I want to know what I’m looking for.”
She nodded, “There’s a flat monkey on it, and they are to my Nissan.”
Nodding my head I helped her search the ground for something shiny. Pacing the sidewalk to two of us searched in the dim parking lot lights. Finally something twinkled near the bushes alongside of the pavement. Bending over my hand grazed the woman’s, she retreated her hand. Picking up the pieces of metal I straightened back up to look at her. Handing over her keys once again her eyes did not meet up with mine.
“Here you go.”
“Thanks,” she brushed some of her short hair behind her ear after she took the keys from me. “Well thank you again I’m going to go now.”
“Okay, by the way-” before I could introduce myself the woman hopped off towards her car leaving me behind not sure what really happened. She was really in a rush.

“I swear you make us all look bad,” Justin called from behind my back as I was hunched over a hood.
“Morning to you too,” I replied straightening up and cracking my neck.
“Do you live here? I swear I saw you leave yesterday,” Justin continued before taking a big gulp of his coffee.
“I left, hung out with Remy, came home slept, then came here. You can call Remy if you don’t believe me, but if you wake her up I’m not taking responsibility for your death,” I replied hunching over once again working on a couple of things so my voice came out short.
“Fair enough, so I took your advice and brought home something for Karen. She’s been wanting a puppy-“
“Woah,” I backed away from the car I was working on. “I said flowers not a living creature.”
“I didn’t get her a real puppy, I’m not ready for that commitment, sharing an animal together. No I got her a stuff animal dog of the one she mentioned she wanted once. This way it shows I’m listening to her, but that we’re not ready to have a dog yet, especially since her place doesn’t allow dogs.”
Nodding my head I pointed the wrench at him, “I change my mind, that’s a nice touch.”
Justin with a wave of his hand bowed.
“So how was getting out last night,” Justin questioned again walking over to the wall of tools.
“Good, but that reminds me,” I chucked a hand rag at him. “When were you planning on telling me that you took my last cigarette?”
“Sorry Karen has been trying to get me to quit so I haven’t bought any and I really needed one.”
“Wow really,” I spoke quietly. “Good for you though, guess I should go hide the pack I got last night then.”
Justin just nodded his head as his hands jittered about.
“When I was getting a pack last night I met this strange woman. She was in such a rush to get out and lost her keys. I had to help her find them then once I did she like disappeared into the night.”
“What’s weird about that?” Justin called out as he wheeled himself under a car that was left before he showed up. “What thought she was good looking and didn’t get her name?”
“She didn’t have bad legs, but just a gut feeling.”
“You’re over thinking things.”

Friday, February 8, 2013

Aha title!

Hey Lovelies!
So I think I mentioned last post that I was working on a story with no name. The title is The Four Purposes of Oil! Well my friend Amy helped me think of titles, always good to have a separate mind help you to bounce ideas off of. I will need a lot of that with this story because I do not know much about cars and I decided to write a story about them. Well it's more about the guy, Noah, who fixes them. Like Beneath the Scars, The Four Purposes of Oil is a New Adult, Romantic Fiction genre!  A little different the my two other works, but it's fun to be multi-genre with writing, plus it keeps things interesting :) Sorry I'm in a romantic mood lately, I'm blaming someone for that. So you'll be hearing more about this tale and many more I'm sure!