Friday, February 8, 2013

Aha title!

Hey Lovelies!
So I think I mentioned last post that I was working on a story with no name. The title is The Four Purposes of Oil! Well my friend Amy helped me think of titles, always good to have a separate mind help you to bounce ideas off of. I will need a lot of that with this story because I do not know much about cars and I decided to write a story about them. Well it's more about the guy, Noah, who fixes them. Like Beneath the Scars, The Four Purposes of Oil is a New Adult, Romantic Fiction genre!  A little different the my two other works, but it's fun to be multi-genre with writing, plus it keeps things interesting :) Sorry I'm in a romantic mood lately, I'm blaming someone for that. So you'll be hearing more about this tale and many more I'm sure!

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