Saturday, January 7, 2017

Latest update on End of the Line 2

83 Days until my thesis is due
136 Days until my graduation!
Sorry I can't wait for these days, I will not be going back to school after this. It is also still snowing and it has been snowing since 8pm yesterday. It is pretty amazing, and beautiful. Especially since I don't have anywhere to go. Now to the news. I know I mentioned that End of the Line 2 would be released in 2016, but as you all can see 2016 has come and gone. However, my editor's computer crashed and died so it will be a bit longer. I would have cried if that was my computer and I talked to my editor. Amy is amazing and is going to do a round two of the story! I will keep everyone updated with the process. That includes a cover reveal and a possible giveaway of a book. Sorry that there isn't more to share, but there will be!
Happy Readings,