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Leading Ladies ~ Sonja Bennett

We got to meet Lucas Edwards who is lame and doesn't like Star Wars. I know, how lame right? This is the last leading lady for a Beneath the Scars book. I'm sure you all want to throw something at me because I keep saying 'the last time'. I'm sure it's annoying to hear, but it's weird to think that this is the last time that I'm working on with this project. I will have other projects, but I throw myself into each of my stories.

Sonja Bennett

Black hair
Dark eyes
Likes to binge watch movies with sweets with her friend Kensi.
Needs a new car.

My feet were sore and my hips were stiff from standing on my feet the last two days. Today was the second full day and I didn’t know who felt it more, me or the kids. The first week was over. Sitting at my desk my eyes were scanning the desks. I could tell I was going to have to move a few kids around because of the chattiness. Sighing I took my phone out of the top drawer. There was a missed call, I didn’t recognize the number, but they also didn’t leave a voicemail. I swiped the notification off to the side. There weren’t any text messages either. I chewed on the inside of my cheek. Taking a deep breath I clicked on the message icon and clicked on Sawyer’s name.

Hey, what are you up to this weekend?

I shouldn’t contact him after he blew me off the other night. Maybe he was busy? Well I’m busy too. Why did I keep doing this to myself? He and I have known each other since middle school. My phone vibrating broke my train of thought.

Not much, sorry missed you the other night. Had to help my buddy move some stuff.

See he was busy.

You’re fine, I went to bed early for my first day.

Nice, you survive?

One corner of my lips curled up. He sent another message.

I got paid in a case of beer so I’d say I did.

So do you want to do something this weekend?

I stood up and grabbed my stuff. The sun cut through the blinds of my classroom, hitting every laminate surface of the kids’ desks. Pulling my sunglasses out of my purse I perched them on the top of my head. Swinging the bag over my shoulder I marched out of my room. Leaving the building I signed out, I survived the first week. I only had one hundred seventy-seven school days to go until summer break. As I walked out into the warm sunny afternoon, the warmth filled me after being in the building all day. My phone buzzed.

Don’t know haven’t thought that far out, u?

Was kind of hoping that we could hang out

I got to my car and tossed my stuff into the passenger seat. I took a deep breath of fresh air as I made my way around to the driver’s seat. Once I got myself in my seat and situated my phone went off again. Picking it up Sawyer had responded.

Sure we can. Want to show up tomorrow around six at twelfth ave and we take it from there?

My heart fluttered.

That sounds good to me.

Shaking my hands out I was grinning like a fool. Starting my car I pulled out of the parking lot. This week might have been a little rough, but I had a date with Sawyer tomorrow. We were going to the beach as well, which in itself helped restart every fiber in me. That could help me relax for the upcoming week a little. Rolling down the windows a little I turned up the music. I was going to enjoy the fresh air as much as I could.

When I got home I quickly changed into my pajamas and threw my hair into a bun. Tonight I was going to do laundry and relax, tomorrow I was going to have some fun.

Leaning over my mirror I opened my eyes real wide to get each lash with the mascara. My lashes were already dark, but the mascara helped with the defining, at least that’s what I was told. Mixing a couple of shades of eyeshadow I coated each eyelid with the shimmery powder, but made sure not to cover the eyeliner. Grabbing my brush I pulled it through my nearly black mane. The light waves were pulled straight with each action then sprung back to their original form. Gathering the strands I pulled it up and turned my head a couple of times. Scrunching my face I let them fall back down my back. Taking a couple of steps back I looked at the mirror on my dresser.

I pulled on my light pink shirt, then smoothed out my grey and blue striped skirt that came down to a little above my knees. Exhaling I glanced around my room. It was nice to dress for something other than work. Now to go grab my sandals. Opening up my closet I bent over to pick up silver sandals from my shoe rack. Slipping them on, I gripped the straps to my purse. Jogging down the stairs I didn’t want to be late.

“I’m going out with Sawyer, see you all later,” I called out as I ran out the door.

Practically running down the path I went to my car. After going through a couple of radio stations I finally settled on one. Zooming out of the neighborhood I made my way towards the beach. It seemed like I managed to hit every red light on the way. My thumbs drummed against the steering wheel with the beats. As I got closer to the Main Street people were strolling on both sides. Some were still in their bathing suits with a cover up or t-shirt. A couple of kids were running ahead of some adults who were calling for them. I turned down Twelfth Avenue. Driving by the homes, over the summer most of the houses had out of state license plates in the driveways. Now, more of the state that I knew was coming back.

The homes were big, some still with fresh siding on them. Off to the side a group of people around my age were sitting on a front porch with a cooler. The horizon was becoming bluer. The corners of my lips turned in. The meters that were up all summer for right on the beach parking were taken down. Once my car was off, I got out and jumped onto the boardwalk, holding the sides of my skirt down. I sat on a bench as a breeze came through.

Crossing my ankles I leaned back against the wood back. The salty air surrounded me. Taking in a deep breath the week that I had become a faint memory. The sounds of laughter and waves crashing against the sand reached my ears. The hums of the waves were a soothing melody to me. Checking my phone I saw that I was five minutes early. Sawyer was never early.

Sitting on the bench I watched some kids finishing up a sandcastle. An older couple was holding hands as they strolled on the waterline. The woman’s face was towards me, but her eyes were on the man she was with. Tilting my head I kept my eyes on them until they were too far. I wondered if Sawyer and I would end up like that couple. Checking my phone again it was quarter after six. Sawyer didn’t text me. My knee started to bounce. If I hit every red light, maybe he had as well. He usually left his house late to begin with.

The few families that were on the beach slowly dwindled. However, behind me I could hear people sauntering by as their feet hit the boards. Some of the restaurants were getting a little louder. The sky was turning a mixture of orange, purple, and pink. I looked at my phone. It was a few minutes after seven. Sawyer hated when I checked up on him. Picking up my phone closer to my face I clicked on Kensi’s name. She picked up on the second ring.

“Hey, what’s up?”

I sighed. “Hey.”

“What’s wrong?”

“I’m hungry and have been stood up. I’m at the beach and I’m really regretting my skirt decision.”

“What ave?”


“I’ll be right there.”

She hung up before I could say anything else. I slid down the bench and crossed my arms over my chest. Titling my head back I stared at the sky above my head. I was so stupid thinking that this was going to cheer me up. After everything we’ve been through I should’ve known there was a good chance that he wasn’t going to show up. My eyes stung. I kept blinking and took in deep breaths. I was in public.


I sat up and turned around. There was Kensi holding a pizza. She was in long pants and a flowy plum color tank top. Her blonde hair was tied in a high ponytail. In her arms was a box of pizza with a brown paper bag on top. I smiled. Using her other hand she tossed me something. Narrowing my eyes I caught it, there were a pair of shorts. I laughed.

“Go put those on in my truck and we’ll eat our feast of champions.”

I shook my head and jumped off the boardwalk to get into her SUV. Climbing in I shut the door quickly. I pulled the shorts on under my skirt, trying to keep low in the backseats. Yanking my skirt off I buttoned her shorts. They were a little tight, but I would take them. I left my skirt in the back and went to join Kensi on the boardwalk.

“Feel a little better?”

“Yeah, thanks.”

We walked down the stairs towards the sand.

“I know that’s not how you planned on getting out of your skirt tonight.” She continued.

“Thanks.” I answered dryly.

“Hey, I brought pizza, cheesy garlic bread, and some desert you should love me.”

I laughed. “I do. How can I argue with an opening like that?”

She plopped down and I mimicked. She opened the box to reveal a pepperoni pizza. Kensi leaned over and pulled out a bottle of water for each of us. I took it and put it in the sand next to me. I took a slice out of the box and groaned as I took the first bite.

“I’m starving.”

She giggled. “I can tell.”

I finished one slice and chugged some water.

“So, now that you have some food in you, care to explain?”

I separated another piece of pizza. The cheese stretched and I had to peel the cheese to let it free.

“Same old story. Kind of crazy first week. Sawyer said we’d meet up tonight here at six and I called you at seven. I haven’t heard from him to explain why he didn’t show.”

She shook her head. “I swear I don’t get why you keep giving him more chances or what you see in him.”

I glanced over at her and swallowed what I had in my mouth.

“I don’t know, it’s kind of hard to explain. He is nice to me.”

She raised an eyebrow. “Standing you up, isn’t being nice to you.”

I rolled my eyes. “I’m aware, but when we do see each other he is nice.”

“You’re a great person,” I shifted my eyes to her as she was talking. “I just wish you’d see that and leave his dumb, worthless, ass behind.”

I lowered the pizza for a moment.

“I don’t know why I can’t.”

She wrapped an arm around me.

“It’s going to be hard to let go of a first love, but I’ll be here for every step. I want you to be happy.” I rested my head on her shoulder. “Lucky for you the first step includes food. I also have a couple slices cheesecake in this bag.”

I laughed and wiped my eyes.

“I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

She grinned ear to ear. “Good news for you is that you won’t ever have to worry about that.”

I smiled.

The next day I was tying my hair back as I was jogging down the stairs. When I reached the first level I turned down the hall. Audrey was sitting on the couch eating something for lunch. It looked like part of a quesadilla. When I walked into the kitchen, her quesadilla maker was still on the counter, flipped open. Peppers, onions, cheese, and a few other stuff were spread across the counter top. Every fiber of my being cringed. I kept my head turned away as I went into the fridge to search for something. I sucked in and made some clicking noises. There was some fruit, a couple Tupperware containers, and a package of chicken. Opening one of the containers there was a slice of chicken pie. I heated it in the microwave. Pulling out a drawer I grabbed a fork and made my way back up the stairs, nibbling as I went up.

When I got up the stairs I sat down on my bed, moving around until I was comfortable. Lighting up my phone I checked to see if I had any messages. Taking in a deep breath I let it out slowly. I was not going to give in to text him. Shaking my head I got up to put my phone on the furthest dresser before going back to bed.

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Serene Blog Tour

Good Morning,
So, my fiance got me a new computer so this will be the last post on my old laptop. I am going from my Dell to a new HP so it will be interesting. The new computer is also a touch screen, which has been interesting to play around with. I'm excited. However, I noticed that my external hard drive hasn't saved anything since August which makes me kind of worried. So today I will be hand picking documents to put onto my new computer as I try to figure out what's going on with my external hard drive! However, you didn't come here to read about my lack of computer skills. Today I am getting to share the third installment in Diana Nixon's Shattered series! Are you excited? I am, look at that cover! Read that description, I know that I am looking forward to reading it!

by Diana Nixon
Shattered Series (Story, #3)
I used to think that my life was a picture of perfection. I had everything a twenty-five-year-old woman could wish for: a loving family, friends, a dream job and a fiancé who thought the world of me.
Until the day I lost it all… Including my ability to see.
The car accident took away not just my vision, but also a part of me that I was sure I would never be able to get back.
And then I met him… Stanley Burke. A kind of a man I thought didn’t exist anymore: understanding, loving, supportive and generally too good to be true.
Without effort, he breathed life into my frozen heart, making it beat faster than ever before. 
He became a light that my eyes would never see again. He made me feel things that were long lost and forgotten.
Only I couldn’t give him what he deserved.
Because in my pitch-dark world, there was no place for love… 
“I’ve never been so scared of losing someone in my entire life… Then again, I’ve never had anyone as important as you are to lose…”

*****COMING DECEMBER 14th*****
Pre-Order with 1-Click:


About the author:
Diana Nixon is an International bestselling author of contemporary and fantasy romances. A Master of Law, she never thought she would betray the world of law and dive into fiction. But once her first book – Love Lines – was published, she realized that writing was her true passion. Since then, she has written 19 more books. She can’t imagine her life without her fictional characters and she never stops thinking about the new storylines that haunt her dreams. She’s married and has two daughters - her biggest source of inspiration. She loves music, traveling, coffee and chocolate. She believes that writing is the best cure for everything that can be healed with words. 

Diana Nixon's books are being translated into Spanish, German, Russian, French, Portuguese, Italian and Greek.  

Diana Nixon is the founder of Inks and Scratches, a literary magazine  intended to help authors of all genres find readers and spread the news about their writing all over the world. 

Twitter: @DianaNixon9
Instagram: @authordiananixon