Thursday, July 16, 2020

New Series

So I don't know how I could be home during a pandemic and not write for nearly two months. Then again I was pretty busy with teacher stuff while I was home for the last couple of months. I am sorry. I know I have been majorly missing in action and weird the last several months. I was taking a step back from things and working on me. This might be TMI, but I've always had female problems. This past fall I was diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) . It isn't life threatening, but because of the hormonal imbalances I do have to watch stuff for my overall health. It's been an emotional roller coaster. One minute I'm ready to conquer everything the next I am cursing my body and our healthcare system for brushing things like this under the rug. So part of this pandemic I took a step back from a lot of things and decided to work on me. I've been working on my physical health (my scale my say otherwise) in addition to my mental health. I am sorry for the tmi and too much information. 

That was probably a heavier than what you were all expecting and I am sorry. However, something that I've been trying to get back into to help myself is writing. The first month during the pandemic I wrote the second half of the first book of my upcoming young adult trilogy!! I have been kind of fauge about it because I've been over thinking titles and what not. This trilogy will be different from my previous stuff. It orginally was going to be four books, but I'm worried that I'll drag things out that don't need to be. So it is a trilogy.

How is this trilogy different? First off it is a different genre. First time I'll be publishing fantasy/scifi genre. Now I've tried writing in these areas before, but never published. These books will be about elements!! As in earth, fire, air, and water. Hopefully this idea isn't overplayed.

Second, this trilogy might have a couple snippets of romance, BUT this series will NOT be about love. First one of my stories that will not be centered about two people coming together. Instead I will be focusing on friendship/sisterhood. It is a little bit of a challenge, but I'm oddly liking it. I cannot wait for all the characters to meet up. I keep having these scenes in my head (hopefully I remember them all!) And I love them.

Last reason this series is different. The first two books are written in one point of view. Which if you have read everything I have written has only happen two other times, Going Rogue, and Invisible Bonds (this might be stretching it). Otherwise just about everything else changes points of view. I like writing that way because I love getting in different character's heads. Especially when I am tired of one character. I think that's been part of my struggle with the second young adult book I'm working on now. First off it is a fire person, which I'm finding that I am not, water was way easier to write.

So I'm thinking the series name will be Awaking, but I don't know if that is over used. The first one is Against the Current. Second is In the Line of Fire. Then the conclusion is Mischief in the Air. You can read the first couple of chapters on wattpad. Read Against the Current.

I hope you all enjoy the sample and hopefully the series to come out in 2021!