Saturday, January 28, 2012


Hey Lovelies!
I just finished the first round of editing with Beneath the Scars and I'm happy with how the story devloped! It is a story staring Eponine and Rily who both have interesting sisters that I hope you all will get to enjoythis year. I have to see how my friend Amy feels about reading through it for the second round of editing, she's picking up speed in her stories which is really exciting! Amy and I talk about our stories and characters with each other especially when we need someone to bounce ideas off each other.

So for Beneath the Scars I had to do a little research on Roses, and the meanings behind each color. Using a couple of sites to compare the information just to double check information. Rily really doesn't buy into the information when being told that each color rose had meaning to it. I figured I'd share some of the findings between editings. For me I knew flowers had meanings, but when reading it was pretty interesting.

What girl doesn't like getting flowers? They are sweet gesture, and are beautiful. In Beneath the Scars a character talks about how when she was dating her boyfriend one Valentine's Day got off the train from work to see her. When he got off the train he a single white rose for her with a dark pink bow wrapped around it. Cute right? Things like that don't really happen? I'd like to take the credit for that cute scene, but than I'd be lying. Took that from real life, my ex when we were dating our only Valentine's Day got off the train later at night and when I picked him up he was there with a single white rose for me, well he also had a teddy bear too. I told him I used that for the story he didn't seem surprised.

Love and affection, passion, desire, and respect...


Grace, gentleness, joy, harmony & warmth, and admiration...


(probably one of my favorite flowers now)
Love, enchantment, majesty, and wonder...


Purity, Innocence, honor, everlasting love, rememberance, youthful...


Mytherious beginnings, the impossible, unattinatable


Friendship, Joy, Promise, Good Luck, Warmth,


Modesty, Closing of a new deal, Great cheer, Sincerity & Genuineness, Sympathy, Gratitude and Thankfulness, and Desire


Enthusias, Desire, and Fascination


Farewell & Sorrow, Loss & Mortality, Death of Old habits, Begining of new things or journey, Courage & Resistance

Monday, January 23, 2012

Interview with the author Shawn Maravel

Hey Lovelies!Today I have a little surprise for you! An interview with the author Shawn Kirsten Maravel! Her and I met on Goodreads I guess last year on Goodreads and still talk. She is sincerely sweet and a great person. If that wasn't enough she has 3 equally awsome books, Volition, Serverance, and The Wanderer! I asked her if she would want to do an interview on my blog and she agreed! So I hope you enjoy the interview and check out her books.

1. What sparked the idea for The Wanderer?
I have a thing for men in uniform riding motorcycles. I figured that that wold be kind of a shallow story on its own so from there I tried to imagine where a soldier would be going if all her had was a packed up bike and what exactly it was he was running from.

2. Is there a common theme or message you like to have in your stories?
I like to write love stories, delving into how two people in love interact and how they work together.

3. When you had started writing Volition did you have the ending for Severance already ploted out?
To be honest, I had originally planned for the ending of Volition to be vastly different. In fact it was only going to be one book, and Alex's role was going to be much less significant. Though the epilogue to Severance was more or less what I'd planned to use as the ending for Volition. But after watching a suspense thriller on TV I felt like I'd been flipped upside down, seeing Volition through different eyes. At the time I'd been nearly finished writing it but couldn't seem to end it just yet. After watching that movie I finished it within a few days with the new cliff hanger ending and moved right along to Severance!

4. Is there a reason you chose to write The Wanderer in third person unlike the Volition which is in first person?
I enjoy reading both first person and third person. the dynamic is a lot different. With third person I could delve into a bit more of each character without having to formally alter perspectives.

5. Is there a character of yours you feel like is most like you? If so who?
I think if I'm most like any of my characters it would be Max. I like to get my hands dirty and I'm kind of a tomboy, but I know how to dress nice if I have to. I envy her in a lot of ways as well, I kind of took who I am and who I wish I was and spun them together into the web of who Max is. She completes aspects of my personality that are what you might consider incomplete. I took an autobody class in high school for example and know a bit about body work on cars. But she is skilled in her profession of working on bikes. I would love to have a motorcycle where Max actually has one. A collection of other things as well.

6. You've written in two female and two male perpectives, is there one you found more difficult?
I found Landon to be the most challenging to be honest. He's been through a lot more than I ever have and I felt a bit bold trying to gauge how he would approach different situations, especially taking his PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) into consideration. Luckily I had a lot of help from my husband and another soldier who has been through almost exactly what Landon has and they were able to confirm a lot of what I was unsure of.

7. Is there something about writing you really love?
I love being able to create a story after my own heart and finding that it appeals to not only me but other readers as well.

8. What is your favorite dessert?
Oh no, that's a hard question! Haha. I like chocolate fudge cake but it's been a long time since I have been able to get my hands on one! Probably a good thing...

9. You've grown up in Jersey, lived over in Germany, and now live in New York is there one place you enjoyed living more than the other?
New Jersey is where I grew up and I'll always love it and New York has a lot of potential...but Germany takes the cake. I miss it almost every day, especially now that it's snowboarding season! I'll always consider Germany my second home.

10. Do you think that your different locations help spark the creative juices?
I wrote all three books in Germany, so being there definitely helped! Since our move to New York I've been going from one old story idea to another trying to decide which one to pick up and really get into again but I'm not sure that I can say I've felt nearly as inspired as I did in Germany. But as far as inspiration goes I think it has a lot to do with what I'm doing in my life and less about where I am.

11. What is your favorite genre to read?
I enjoy YA paranormal and contemporary, a romance novel here and there, but I think my favorite would have to be contemporary literature. I like to read about an ordinary yet somehow extraordinary story. I especially enjoy a book with humor. And of course if I had to pick, I really enjoy a good love story.

12. Do you have a writing routine?
I used to but I kind of fell away from it since we got ready to move. I don't really believe in forcing myself to write if I'm not feeling inspired but I do try and set aside time every day and the amount of time I end up writing per day varies from there.

13. Are you working on anything right now?
I am actually going back and working on a story that I jotted down a year or so ago in Germany. Cross my fingers I'll be able to get it all down! If all goes well it's going to be a fun, lighthearted, love story.

14. What has been your favorite/best marketing tactic?
My favorite marketing tactic is getting to know readers. Now and then I'll go through the people who have marked my books as "to-read" on Goodreads and send a random selection of people a message offering to send them an ebook copy of any or all of my books. It's kind of an unannounced giveaway. And I like to talk to readers about things we have in common whether its the books we like to read, travel, or any other collection of topics. When you're an indie author marketing is about establishing your "brand". So I try and reach out to people, I want my brand to be an author who is approachable and personable, someone who isn't just out to make money and sales.

15. Do you have any suggestions for future writers?
Be willing to take the critiques both good and bad. Read as much as you can. Branch out and read outside of your "genre comfort zone", you may be surprised what books you might like but never considered before. Research marketing techniques and reach out to fellow authors as well as book bloggers, they'll be your best allies in this very competitive industry. And don't give up. Once you stop trying to improve your work, reach readers, or market your books chances are your career will quickly see its end.

The Wanderer

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Nearing an Ending

Hey Lovelies!
No I'm not disappearing anytime or anything like that, but I'm almost at the end of writing Beneath the Scars. I always feel like I put myself into each story I write, which is probably typical thing that happens with writers. However with this one writing it mostly within a month minus the first two chapters of it, that and I really love these characters and their development. That and I really love Beauty and the Beast which is where I based this story off of, a modern day Beauty and the Beast with twists. I have around two chapters left to write before I write the short prologue which will help tie a few strings together! I really hope that people will enjoy and it's early to say this, but after helping Cambria with one of her days on the Blog Tour and seeing it on others I want to try doing one of them when Beneath the Scars is published (whenever that is...). Not going to stress about it now since Beneath the Scars is going to be read by a friend before I even submit it. Amy I'm sure wants to see what I've been talking nonstop about for a month, but she also see holes that I might have missed. Seriously love her for her help! When it gets close I'll be having fun figuring out how to do one :) Well I figured I'd show some news on my writing, show that I'm back from vacation and getting settled with school which should be an interesting semester. Well happy readings and stay warm :)

Friday, January 6, 2012


Hey Lovelies!
Just as a warning I'll be on vacation January 7th through January 14th! I'll be in St. Martin with the family defrosting! I'm so ready to see the beach again, well I was at the beach the other day but in a jacket and winter clothes..not the same... While I'm gone, everyone stay safe and happy readings!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cover Revealing!

Hey Lovelies!Yes I'm finally revealing the cover for End of the Line edition two! I was going to it tomorrow, but Amy already talked me into posting it on facebook. I hope you all enjoy the new cover! You all are probably wondering why a cabin, well the character Ed lives in a cabin in the woods. The group comes across the cabin by accident and in that place they meet Ed. Ed is an elderly man that affects their lives forever. I enjoy the character. My friend Amy took this picture while she was camping (if I am actually am to write the sequels right and it ends up being a trilogy you'll probably see a few more pictures from that trip). I got a phone call asking me what Ed lived in, her and I are weird. Oh I'm sure you all are wondering if I have a thing for trees too...I don't but they fit!

Amy did post a copyright at the bottom of the page because she has had a problem in the past with someone stealing her work so please be kind and don't do that! Any comments on the new cover? I really like it :) I really liked the old cover too, but when I tried to use the same cover it didn't translate over well, and got really distorded. So new edition new cover, new added scene ;) so I'll keep you in the loop for when it is released!!

 (this is slightly blurred sorry!)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Brand New Store!

Hey Lovelies!Now you must be thinking, okay I don't live near this girl so what do I care about a new store opening up. If I were you I would be curious so here is the news! On top of Bucks County Publishing now making Family Ties permantly at the low price of $10 I did something myself! I had some trouble at first considering me and technology don't always get alon. It wasn't helping that I was also being attacked by our spazzy puppy. I finally did it though! I opened my own little store on CafePress and it is called Flipping through Pages!! I'm so excited and can't wait to add my other stories to it, but for now it is just Family Ties being featured! I'll be playing around more I hope you all enjoy and take a look! If you lose the link I added it to the contact me page!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Goals and Sample Sunday!

Hey Lovelies!
Happy New Year! For me New Year's Eve and day haven't really been a biggie for me, that could be because half of the ones when I was growing up was me in bed sick. Not fun. So I haven't really been one to go search out parties so what did I do last night you might ask. Well I barely made it to midnight for starters because I'm cool like that. Second of all I wrote over 5,000 words for Beneath the Scars! I'm so proud of that! May people are working on their resolutions, me, I don't usually set resoluations, but rather more goals. Same thing probably, but it's all in the wording the goals are more certain things than 'I will lose weight!' One my friends would kill me if I lose weight, but rather I'm always looking to be a little healthier overall, usually doesn't last too long... So other goals are to finally get End of the Line out again, finish Beneath the Scars before I go away on the 7th, and just overall keep on writing.

Now I haven't done a Sample Sunday in awhile so I should post one! Here is chapter 3 of Beneath the Scars! I keep talking about it I figured I'd show you what will probably be published next (I know i keep telling you with other stories will be, but this time I mean it!).
Beneath the Scars

Chapter Three

Turning the music high as I drove off towards my sister’s home I could still feel my muscles being tensed. I preferred to run my errands late at night, less people. Less odds of being seen or stared at like the newest act to the Freak Show. Even when I was in the hospital after the accident with other burn victims I didn’t feel right there. I was alone in the car yet I still kept my hood raised on my head and the sleeves pulled down to cover my hands.
Turning off the engine after I pulled into the driveway I sat there listening to the music be cut off, as the engine slowed down till it stopped completely. I had to get out of the car and into the home. Sighing I tugged on the hood even though it was already up and covering. Slamming the door I walked to the front door ringing the doorbell as I waited on the front porch. Even though I was at family’s house I couldn’t bring myself to just walk in. My once stand up right posture was now slightly hunched over with my head covered. Through the door I could hear the dog barking and shuffling of feet before my sister, Charlotte opened the door with a wide smile. She stood aside as she let me in.
“I was starting to wonder when you’d show up,” my sister spoke her voice was so cheery.
“Well I was waiting for it to get dark,” I answered as their collie ran over to me standing on it’s hind legs to put the front ones on my upper body.
My sister pulled the dog off me.
“Dumb dog, you are going to wake up the kids,” Charlotte pulled on the dog’s collar off me as she started in the direction of the kitchen. “Rily, I love you and the kids miss you. You are going to have to eventually come out in the daylight, can’t live like that forever.”
I huffed, rolling my eyes at my sister’s back.
“Don’t you dare roll your eyes at me!” Charlotte snapped turning into the kitchen moving cups and the kettle around.
“Don’t use your mom ninja skills on me,” I sighed not in the mood to deal with my sister mothering me, again.
“I’m your older sister and a mother of two, it’s a habit,” Charlotte turned to face me, head titled slightly as her long, loosely curled hair framed her pale face. “I worry about you.”
Her eyes softened, their shade similar to my own. Heavy steps came down the steps and in a couple of seconds her husband walked into the room. He nodded in my direction as he looked over at his wife, she smiled at him.
“I’m finishing up the last bits of my paperwork, but the little monkeys don’t want to go to bed,” he stated, his eyes locked on my sister’s, as a crash upstairs occurred on cue.
“I read to you guys your bedtime story go to bed,” my sister yelled as she put water into the kettle.
“But Mom,” a small voice whined, I smirked ready for what my sister was about to bestow.
“But nothing, you two bed-“
Before my sister could finish I interrupted unable to control myself, “Get back into bed before the monsters tries to bite your ankles!”
Yelps and screams poured from the upstairs as thunderous steps came down the stairs. Charlotte glared at me as she threw the empty box of tea at me, I chuckled. The two nearly slid into the kitchen with the younger one almost falling from the footie pajamas against the tile.
“Uncle Rily,” my niece Madison glowed as she noticed me changing her direction to me with open arms.
Madison had only recently been this friendly with me, right when I came home she was in tears refusing to come near me or even lay eyes on me. Charlotte talked to her about what I did overseas and why I was burnt all over, Madison slowly came around calling me a hero despite the fact that I didn’t feel like one. She was seven, but my nephew Elliot was four, and was still afraid of me, I couldn’t blame him I looked like a monster. Madison jumped into my lap giving me a hug while Elliot tip toed over to my sister nearly hiding his face in his teddy bear.
“Uncle Rily can you read us a bedtime story and check to make sure that monster isn’t there?” Madison begged, her eyes grew wide, bottom lip puckered out.
“Maybe,” I responded ruffling the top of her head, my fingers got tangled in her light brown hair.
“Aw come on,” Madison continued to plead. “Elliot don’t you want Uncle Rily to read to us too?”
Elliot buried his face into Charlotte’s leg.
“Elliot go on and say hi to your Uncle,” Charlotte encouraged her son, putting her hand on his back nudging him in my direction.
The smile on my face faded. My eyes drifted to the floor knowing that my once happy go lucky nephew who was so young when I left. Everything changed, now my own family was afraid to look at me, treaded on broken glass when they talked to me. My sister was the only one who acted like nothing ever changed. I felt sick and angry wanting to go back into my dark apartment.
“It’s fine Charlotte,” I mumbled, my hand formed into a fist by my side.
“It’s not fine Rily, go on Elliot see Madison is fine,” she spoke gently.
Elliot didn’t even budge, my brother in law just picked Elliot up and brought him back up. My brother in law had personality of a wet rag. He managed to talk less to me since I’ve been home the past year.
“He’s four don’t-”
“I’m a beast I get it-” I cut her off my voice gruff.
“You aren’t a beast,” Madison responded she turned around so that she was facing me she place a hand on both sides of my face, even the deformed parts that was forever scarred. “You are nice.”
Madison then leaned in and kissed my cheek.
“Night Uncle Rily,” Madison smiled as she hopped off my lap.
“Night Madison sweet dreams,” I responded, she giggled as she went upstairs.
“See,” my sister smiled now poured the hot water into a mug. “Do you want some tea?”
“Sure,” I answered waiting for the lecture that was about to be served with the steaming water.
“See Madison is not afraid of you, you can stop shutting yourself from the world,” Charlotte started while I rolled my eyes. “You did good-“
“Your husband is a grown man and won’t even look at me,” I pointed out getting sick of this.
“Oh he’s just awkward around every person, it’s not because of the burn scars Rily.”
“Whatever,” I grumbled.
“Rily, you’re not Madison’s age, use your words,” Charlotte scolded her eyes narrowed.
“Yes mother,” I continued to grumble stirring the liquid mindlessly.
“Rily seriously, you did an amazing thing and receive honors for-“
“Yeah the honors are really helping me I can’t even walk out of my house without being gawked at. My own nephew won’t come near me!” I snapped, not able to hold back the fury in my voice.
Charlotte walked over to me brushing the hood off my head, the hair was scrunched off of my skin leaving red rippling skin. I cringed as she ran her fingers over the top of my head down to my chewed up ear. Her touch was so soft.
“Baby brother, you have heart of gold, you always have. I just wish you could remember that and see past the mirror yourself,” her voice was a tender lullaby she bent down and kissed the top of my head while laying strokes on my scalp.
“Easier said then done,” I said my voice calmer then before.
“Uncle Rily you said you’d read me a story!” Madison called from up the stairs.
“Your audience awaits,” Charlotte gave my back a little push.
I rolled my eyes and took sluggish steps towards the stairs to see Madison in her pajamas with a stuffed dog in her grasp.
“Come on, Uncle Rily you’re walking too slow,” Madison complained causing me to run up the stairs as she squeaked.
I scooped Madison up so that she was in a ball near my head, blowing a raspberry into her neck she giggled louder.
“Stop it!”
“Continue? Okay,” I tickled her stomach, her laughter filled the house as a door behind us cracked open to show a peeking Elliot.
“Rily I wanted them to sleep stop winding them up!” my sister ordered. “So help me when you have kids karma is going to get you in the butt!”
“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” I stuck my tongue out at Madison she grinned, Elliot shut the door.
I sat on Madison’s bed as she grabbed a picture book. She skirted under her sheets curling against my side. I started to read the book as her eyes slowly drifted to close and before the book was done Madison was asleep. Getting up slowly I tucked her in before walking out of her closing the door gently. My sister was standing there at the top of the stairs smirking, her arms crossed over her chest.
“You’re great with kids.”
I rolled my eyes.
“You’re going to be a great daddy one day,” Charlotte continued.
“A girl would have to be able to stand to look at me to make that happen.”
“You would have to actually leave your house at normal house to start. I just want you to be happy Rily, you know that right?”
“I do, but I probably should get going,” I spoke she gave me a hug and I made my way out into the night.

My hands were deep into my sweatshirt, my hood covering my head fully. I had been prolonging getting the mail for as long as I could. The owner had been getting the mail for me, and dropping it off at my door, but he was gone on vacation this week. Resorting me to actually leave my apartment to get the mail, during the day thinking that people would be at work so that I would be more likely to be alone. Putting my key in, I opened my box. There were a couple of envelops, a few bills and my disability check from the military.
“Excuse me I need to open my box and you’re in front of it,” a young voice break my focus, out of reflect I glanced over to the sound to see a small girl with a backpack. “What’s wrong with your face?”
I tugged on my hood turning away from her. My stomach twisted as I wanted to strangle my sister for her words last night this was just evidence she was wrong. Taking a couple of steps away from the child I tried to walk out of the mail center.
“Hey wait where are you going, don’t you know it is rude to not answer someone!” she stated.
I could not get out of that room and back into my apartment fast enough.

Chapter Four