Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Brand New Store!

Hey Lovelies!Now you must be thinking, okay I don't live near this girl so what do I care about a new store opening up. If I were you I would be curious so here is the news! On top of Bucks County Publishing now making Family Ties permantly at the low price of $10 I did something myself! I had some trouble at first considering me and technology don't always get alon. It wasn't helping that I was also being attacked by our spazzy puppy. I finally did it though! I opened my own little store on CafePress and it is called Flipping through Pages!! I'm so excited and can't wait to add my other stories to it, but for now it is just Family Ties being featured! I'll be playing around more I hope you all enjoy and take a look! If you lose the link I added it to the contact me page!

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