Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cover Revealing!

Hey Lovelies!Yes I'm finally revealing the cover for End of the Line edition two! I was going to it tomorrow, but Amy already talked me into posting it on facebook. I hope you all enjoy the new cover! You all are probably wondering why a cabin, well the character Ed lives in a cabin in the woods. The group comes across the cabin by accident and in that place they meet Ed. Ed is an elderly man that affects their lives forever. I enjoy the character. My friend Amy took this picture while she was camping (if I am actually am to write the sequels right and it ends up being a trilogy you'll probably see a few more pictures from that trip). I got a phone call asking me what Ed lived in, her and I are weird. Oh I'm sure you all are wondering if I have a thing for trees too...I don't but they fit!

Amy did post a copyright at the bottom of the page because she has had a problem in the past with someone stealing her work so please be kind and don't do that! Any comments on the new cover? I really like it :) I really liked the old cover too, but when I tried to use the same cover it didn't translate over well, and got really distorded. So new edition new cover, new added scene ;) so I'll keep you in the loop for when it is released!!

 (this is slightly blurred sorry!)


  1. Very nice cover. It's awesome to have a friend who take such great pictures.

  2. hehe thank you :) yeah I'm really luck Amy is awsome!


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