Thursday, January 19, 2012

Nearing an Ending

Hey Lovelies!
No I'm not disappearing anytime or anything like that, but I'm almost at the end of writing Beneath the Scars. I always feel like I put myself into each story I write, which is probably typical thing that happens with writers. However with this one writing it mostly within a month minus the first two chapters of it, that and I really love these characters and their development. That and I really love Beauty and the Beast which is where I based this story off of, a modern day Beauty and the Beast with twists. I have around two chapters left to write before I write the short prologue which will help tie a few strings together! I really hope that people will enjoy and it's early to say this, but after helping Cambria with one of her days on the Blog Tour and seeing it on others I want to try doing one of them when Beneath the Scars is published (whenever that is...). Not going to stress about it now since Beneath the Scars is going to be read by a friend before I even submit it. Amy I'm sure wants to see what I've been talking nonstop about for a month, but she also see holes that I might have missed. Seriously love her for her help! When it gets close I'll be having fun figuring out how to do one :) Well I figured I'd show some news on my writing, show that I'm back from vacation and getting settled with school which should be an interesting semester. Well happy readings and stay warm :)

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