Sunday, April 10, 2016

Little spurts and a change of date

So the spring cleaning bug has really dug its teeth into me lately. The house we're renting is a two bedroom, one bath without a pantry or a hall closet so the suggestions on pinterest are simple teases. So I'll have to get inventive which sounds more appealing than my homework. However, what I've done to one of the flower beds little spurts of green are popping up out of the ground. I know a few of those are weeds or those clovers with the small purple flowers that are all over the yard, but I kind of forgot what I even planted so I am waiting a little long until things are bigger.

Then I get to this big green plant that is doing so well! I don't remember if I have mentioned this before, but I do not have a green thumb. I'm actually trying to find a way to tell my boyfriend our aloe plant  seems to have exploded and died. I didn't know that was even possible, but that seems to be the only thing that could've happened. Now about this one plant, my boyfriend is convinced that it is a weed. I think it's a daisy plant. Anyone, if you know what this is I would love to hear your suggestions!

Now, I am sure you're done listening to me talk about gardening and my failed attempts of organizing when this is a book blog. I will go straight to the point, Off the Beaten Path (End of the Line 2) I know I said it would be released this month, but I have moved it to June. It is still being edited. I will keep you updated if there are any changes. Meanwhile I have been barely able to write, but I have gotten a little bit done with Mistakes #5 (Moonlit Eyes),  and first rounds of edits of Mistakes #5.

Let me just say grad school has been kicking my butt this semester especially the past month so I have not been able to get much done. Which is seriously digging at my sanity as I have been outlining a new story. I know I need to finish other stories that I have going on before I start a new one. However, I like to think to work on the stories on  which the voices are the strongest. This new story I am not sure if I will be connecting it to Beneath the Scars. I will say the story known as Call for Help will now be called something else because I will be stealing that title for the new story. It fits it better. I will share more details on the new project once I am able to actually work on it other than writing notes here and there. I will say that there a few country songs influecing this song.