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Sample Sunday!

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There is 2 hours left, and there is still time for me to post the second sample sunday! I almost forgot, that would be pretty sad of me to forget only on the second sunday! Eeep! I am typing quickly and yet trying to prevent the typos to get this in still on a sunday! Even as I type this I am trying to think of a sample to post! I have decided to post a sample of End of the Line, I know I posted last week as part of the string, but I hope that the new edits! I'll probaby do something special for Family Ties next week. People have been liking the parts of Pirates and Project US so I'll keep this up!

End of the Line

Chapter One ~ Lauren

No one ever said that the end of the world would be quick and painless. Actually, no one would have ever thought that the conclusion of life as we know it would have only partially ended...leaving all of what was left living to kill off the rest of the life so that the world could restart. Leaving most of the plants dead or close to dying off, limp like that Dahli painting of the melting watches. All that was left would destroy all that was good in this world that was once, well not perfect, but a hell of a lot better than this. Thus then creating a beginning to new struggles to those of us who were just trying to survive.

This mess all started just short of a year ago. Our neighborhood was having one of those very family oriented, corny block parties as a celebration for Labor Day that it does every year. I, being seventeen at the time, didn’t like being at the celebration at all since first of all, the party wasn't exactly for my age group. The parents thought we were still into the little ponies and treasure hunt games. Second, most of the kids in my neighborhood were younger then I was and the few that were my age were able to escape the festivity. Later I will wonder: was it worth staying at the gathering and living, or escaping the party and dying?

I was hanging around my little brother Sean for the party since my parents were with the other adults, but they wanted someone to stay with him so that there was someone watching him. They were able to go have liquor while I was here waiting in line for a smelly animal, whose long face looked even more excited then mine at being here. I loved my brother, but I just didn’t want to be outside on the blocked off street with people racing around and wasn’t ashamed to show it.

At the time of this my brother was six and was fearless like a normal little boy. Slightly on the hyper side and full of questions that tested my patience at times. At the moment he was holding my hand jumping up and down searching for his miniature friend Paige so they could go on at the same time. Even my brother had a girlfriend! I was currently single. Okay so I went on a few dates. I didn’t need a full hand to count the guys, but I just never really had the full out real boyfriend, never genuine strong emotions towards any of the guys that I went out with. It was frustrating.

“Lauren, there she is! Paige over here!” yelled Sean letting go of my hand to wave his in the air while still hopping about and I was starting to blame those double chocolate cupcakes for his energy.

I smiled, not sure whether to be embarrassed or to think that his behavior was adorable. A little girl with dark red hair in long pigtails came running over to us. She was wearing a yellow shirt with a big matching kitty on the front. She was wearing yellow shorts, one of those little kid matching outfits you later yell at your parents for what they were thinking when they bought it. Yet Paige and my brother are so cute together.

That was when the sky started to get darker. For some reason, for the past week the sky was getting an odd glow of obscurity, not that I really noticed since I always kept my shades closed from laziness till my mom threw a fit. It had the effects of getting shady for night, but still had that little morning glow to it. Almost like a storm was about to start, but no actual rain actually ever falls. At this point in time, the sky wasn’t that pretty to look at, possibly looking worse then it had been looking like. The atmosphere gave me the chills to be honest.

“Sean, you want to go in and watch a movie with Paige? It kind of looks like it is going to start raining. I’ll make you guys a big bowl of popcorn just for you two,” I spoke, letting my voice be filled with excitement to try to draw them in.
I really hoped they wouldn’t pull the ‘I haven’t gone on the pony yet’ card. The sky was giving me the creeps and I wanted to get out of there, as I shifted from one foot to the other with my arms crossed over my chest. They looked at each other and whispered to one another with their tiny hands cupped to each others ears. Then they both glanced at me and agreed to go see a movie. I sighed in relief as I took one with each hand so we could stroll back to my house. I had to tell my parents and Paige’s parents so they wouldn’t worry when they didn’t see us outside in the blocked off area.

So we walked to the Jones’ back yard where most of the parents were sitting back on the porch at the tables they brought out to sit at while drinking. Their laughter could be heard clear as a bell from the front yard where the horses. Finally, I saw my parents sitting in deck furniture drinking some form of alcohol that looked summery and tropical fun colors. Someone said something funny again that I must not have understood as they went up in hysterical howling once more. I would have needed aspirin if I were with them the whole time.

“Mom, Sean and Paige want to go watch a movie at our house. They are getting bored here,” I added with a lie knowing she wouldn’t care about that little detail because she’ll see right through that.

We were close, and she knew her two children very well, their likes and dislikes to the very down habits. A lie could be sense from another floor in the house with my mother.

“Honey didn’t you at least try to have fun?” my mom asked pushing a stray piece of hair behind my ear before looking down at my brother.

I looked into my mother’s bright jean blue eyes. I got the same ones while my brother got greener ones that weren’t completely green, but weren’t as blue as mine. Sean and I both had the same auburn hair that my mother had. Mine was curly like my grandpa’s except it was two inches under my shoulders.

“Lauren, how about you take Alex and Jill with you to watch the movie? They have been here playing cards the whole time. They are probably bored out of their minds.”

“Okay, mom, I’ll bring them.”

It wasn’t like it would affect me. They would be watching a little kid movie and I finally found my glasses again so I could see the screen. I didn’t care. I had no problem to admit at my age of still liking Disney movies. Plus, I was never in the high rank at school, not that it would matter in the time I am living in now. There wasn’t school now, but life seriously was survival of the fittest, in which a couple of years of high school will do to you.

I turned around to see Alex (who was sixteen) and Jill (who was fifteen) playing war with a deck of cards looking really bored at a circular, wooden picnic table on the deck. As they sat there near each other, Mandy, on the other side of the table, sat with her head resting on her folded arms. Mandy, who at the time was nine years old, is an only child so she attaches herself to the other neighbors for friends. I walked over to them with Paige and Sean at my side whining about how they wanted the movie now. The movie that I had to talk them into seeing, was now taking too long to get started for their taste.

“You guys want to get out of here and watch a movie at our house?”

The two of them, gazed at the cards as the parents went on high pitch laughter and then glanced at each other. They got up shortly, and trailed the three of us to my house. The door was unlocked since my parents were only next door and the whole neighborhood was outside, so we didn’t have to bother with keys because of all that. I pushed open the door then the six of us headed down the stairs to our basement. Flicking on the lights, the group of us headed down until we got to the corner of the basement, which my father isolated from the rest. In this spot, my dad made a sound proof room so everyone in the house would not have to listen to the video games or the shows that would be playing down there.

We went in and I closed the door behind us. Sean and Paige ran over to shelves of movies to pick one that they both would like, their eyes gazing each title on the spines of the cases. The other three went to the table and started a new game of cards whispering to each other. I guess they couldn’t really talk with the adults always chuckling. It was always a lot easier to talk when the adults weren’t in hearing distance. I was the same way at times.

The two finally picked some Disney movie so I set it up then sat on the couch with them. I put my thin rimmed glasses on so I could get the screen to focus a little better. Forty minutes into the movie when all of us were settled and calm, it all started to happen. The house started to vibrate as the TV went black. The lights flickered then went completely off. The two little ones all bellowed in annoyance, but that quickly turned into apprehension. My nerves started to be set off as I felt my hands start to shake with the rest of the house.

Thinking quickly, I pushed all six of us under the table that just a moment ago was home of a card game, mentally thanking mom for putting the old kitchen table down here instead of getting rid of it. I drew Sean closer to me as we squeezed as close as possible to fit all of us. I buried my face into my brother’s hair as I felt the fear of death breathing down my neck. Of course that wouldn’t be our end. As the tremor continued, heat and a gagging smell come upon us. Paige started to cry onto my shoulder while holding tight to me, her fingers gripping the top of my shirt. I felt the others start to tremble. I wrapped an arm around Paige to bring her close to Sean and me. I could feel the sweat on my body from the heat and didn’t care all that mattered to me was the notion of getting through this.

After what seemed to be forever, though it was most likely only over an hour, the earth started to wobble less until it completely stopped, the world seemed still. It took me a bit to even realize that it had. The quietness just left a new air of heat on top of the New Jersey humidity which already lingered here. A weird stench filled my nose nearly burning the inside of my nostrils. I didn’t want to move for dread that the floor would be taken from right under me. My legs were probably as loose as the house was just a moment ago. Slowly, I let go of the two little ones to creep out from under the table. I had to pry their fingers off of me, none of us wanted to let go.

“Where are you going?” asked Alex looking very worried.

Yet the others were looking more worried then Alex. The rest of them were still holding onto each other. Mandy with her very short brown hair in low pigtails was holding onto Jill, trembling. Her face was against Jill’s shoulder whose dark eyes were wide with fear as she held onto Alex. Paige and Sean then attached onto Alex, since I got up, as they were too petrified to move.

“Stay there you guys. I’m going to see what just happened.”

“I’ll go with you,” said Alex starting to shift to see if he could find a way out from underneath the table.

“Alex stay with them!” I tried to muster up a hiss of an order, yet my voice wavered. “Someone needs to keep an eye on everyone, so you stay!”

I tip toed toward a wall to go find the door, each step was hesitant preparing for the floor to start moving once more. I could see it only because steam poured through the cracks of the door's frame. I went to put my hand on the door knob, but I could feel the heat radiating from a few inches above it. Knowing I had to open it, I grabbed the blanket from the couch and wrapped it on the knob so I would be able to turn the handle.

When it swung open I never thought I would see anything like it. Half of my house was gone, which was the part with the stairs to get out of the basement. There in its place was a rock the size of a house that had smoke searing off of it. A little of the sky that was seen was black with an eerie red glow in strips against the dark clouds. Along with it all, there was the purest silence I have ever heard in my life that made chills run through my spine. Quiet has never sat well with me. We needed to get out of there right now! This was all very, very bad.

“Hello! Someone help us!” I screamed with my voice cracking with panic several times.

After what seemed to be the hundredth time of high-pitched screeching for help, I felt tears in my eyes. Smoke seemed to drifting around me, irritating my throat and eyes. I fell to my knees wondering what just happened and why no one was coming to help us. I coughed feeling the smoke filling my lungs as my throat felt raw from the yelling. I knew I had to get the kids out of here if there was any chance of surviving. I got up and pushed some of the ash that was mixed with parts of my house off of my legs. That was when I heard a sound.

“Help!” I screamed feeling a little relief come.

I looked up in the haze to try to make out the face that was above me now. I couldn’t, but it was someone who could try to help us out of here. Ash, drywall, and god only knows what else was clogging my sight.

“Is someone down there?”

“Yes!” I shrieked not able to hold back the jumpiness of my nerves. “Yes, there are six of us down here! Can you help us?!”

“There are six of you!” his voice was deep yet something else was in there, he paused. “So more people did survive…”

I take a breather as I felt sick with that last sentence he said.

“What do you mean?” I asked, not really sure if he had heard me.

“Hold on a second I’ll come down and help you guys!”

Rope appeared a few minutes later. I didn’t bother moving, since I was stuck where I was, as I saw a figure coming down the rope. I did not know who this person was, but he was coming down to help us. When he was a few feet above the ground he let go and landed right in front of me. I’m considered tall for a girl at five feet and six inches so when a guy was standing taller then me, I was a little taken aback with my nerves still not calmed yet from what seemed to be another planet around me. However, with the scarlet smoulder, I was just barely able to see who was standing in front of me. Part of the reason I probably could see the guy before me because I had seen him so much.

It was Aaron from school and the neighborhood that was behind our backyards. There was a good mile or mile and half between our two neighborhoods. He is considered a unruly guy who really didn’t click with people other then his tiny group of friends. People from school didn’t know if his circle was snotty or just didn’t care to be with other people. Yet all the girls drooled over him and his friends, seriously, some of the girls should have been carrying a bucket around with them as they walked through the halls. Who couldn’t stop from gazing at the bad boys, right?
Aaron had fine blonde hair that always had some thin strands falling into his razor, dark, blue eyes. I have had gym and a couple other classes with him over the last few years and if he wanted to he could be a great athlete (which would only improve with time with the situation of our lifestyle now). Though now he had some residue smudged on his face and arms, as he was looking at me.

“Where are the others?” he asked and I was shocked he was talking to me, we really didn’t talk in school.

I guess things had change with the situation.

“This way.”

I trudged through the rubble to the room and they were still under the table, they had listened to me whether it was from fear of me or the weather I was not sure. I walked into the room and felt his five-nine body against my back, which was not shaking in alarm like I was. Sean must have seen me because he ran over to me and held onto my leg. He was followed by a just as spooked Paige. I had been almost like a sister to Paige from all the time the two of them spent together.

“The other people are children!”

I picked up Sean as Paige held my hand. I didn’t care at the moment that Sean was getting too big for me to pick up. That was when Jill, Mandy, and Alex came out from beneath the table. Except now, Alex was standing tall, shoulders squaring out, his face turning blank. Was he trying to hide his horror?

“Lauren have you seen what it looks like outside?” Aaron whispered into my ear.

“No, we were down here when the house started to shake. What happened?”

I turned to look at him. His eyes meeting mine and I saw seriousness that I never thought that I would see in his eyes.

“You’ll see soon. Now let’s go.”

He picked up Paige who was still stunned at all of this. We moved collectively, staying close together through the steam, over to the rope and he stopped.

“Lauren you stay down here and help and I’ll go up first and assist everyone up okay? That way you’ll have someone to aid you up. I’ll take the younger two on my back since they won’t get up. Do you think you could carry one on your back as you climb?”

I looked into my brother’s frightened bluish green eyes. I felt like a failure. I shook my head no. I was not even sure if I could get myself up alone, besides a six year old on my back.

“Lauren, give me your vest.”

I looked confused as I handed over my vest after taking it off. That was when I heard a ripping noise. I looked at him in the eyes as he sighed.

“Trust me they need this more as a blindfold then you do for a fashion statement.”

He then blindfolded Paige and Sean. My heart started to race wondering how bad it was up there that he was blindfolding them. He handed Mandy one, but told her not to put it on till she climbed the rope so she nodded her head, still quivering. Aaron put Paige on his back, as she held on for dear life to a guy she has never met before in her short life, and then climbed up the rope with such ease. Mandy went up next, struggling with her chubby little kid fingers, while trying to stop shaking. I could see Aaron lean over the edge a lot, than pulled her up.
Jill went up, trying to use her lean sports muscles. She wrapped her legs around the rope and draws herself up making it look easier than Mandy had. Next Alex went up without saying a word, though he was having a harder time then Jill had. Of course, I knew his pride wouldn’t let him admit it. I knew these people all our lives, seen them around learning each other quirks. I then realized Sean was still attached to me and I wasn’t sure if I would be able to scale the rope with him. I didn’t have any upper body strength. I wasn’t even kidding.

“Aaron can you come down and bring Sean up with you?”

I held Sean unyielding, feeling that what ever was up there couldn’t be good. Sean with his blindfold on held tighter because he did fear what he couldn’t see, I knew it. Aaron didn’t answer, but I saw him coming down.

“Sean, listen to me. Aaron is going to carry you up the rope. I can’t do it, but this is for your own good. I’m here to protect you always remember?” I whispered into his ear hoping that my words were soothing him.

“Come on Sean, you and I are going to climb the rope so you can be with your friends,” Aaron spoke.

I could tell he was really trying to be comforting to Sean, possibly to even me too.

“Is Paige there?” Sean asked in a timid voice.

“She is up there waiting for you, Sean,” I spoke in a low voice thinking they were so cute, and lucky to have each other during something like this.

“Okay Sean you have to hold on really tight, okay?”

Sean nodded as he held on just as rigid as Paige had and I watched Aaron, a guy that barely knew me, take my brother away from me. I took a deep breath, trying to calm my racing heart. I was going to be sick if my stress didn’t compose themselves soon.

“Lauren I’m up and he’s safe, now it’s your turn.”

I wrapped my hands around the rope, hoping I could do this. I could almost hear the laughter from gym in my ears as I pulled up. My muscles tightened as I kept pulling. The rope burned against my skin and I didn’t think I could keep going. Aaron then leaned over and pulled me up just as he had done for Mandy. I couldn’t believe he could do that. I finally had my feet on the ground and didn’t even look at Aaron as I grabbed Sean close to me, closing my eyes against his head as I held him.

“Thank you Aaron,” I murmured.

I bent down and held Paige, who had tears running down her face from under the blindfold, soaking the fabric. That was when I glanced up and I wish I hadn’t. I turned to look Aaron and he just nodded his head, unable to say the words. My once manicure neighborhood looked like another planet as it had a red glow with vapour rising high, that acted like fog. Rocks the sizes of large houses were everywhere mixed with wreckage of what used to be homes were now to the point of being almost unrecognizable. That was when I saw the reason for the blindfolds, dead bodies everywhere destroyed to the point where I couldn’t tell who used to be who. I thought I even saw blooded hooves under some debris.

“I’ve been going around our area and I haven’t found anyone except you guys alive,” he spoke in a low wounded voice into my ear so they wouldn’t hear.

I felt tears in my eyes understanding just in that sentence that everyone from the party was now lying in their graves. Our friends, neighbors, and family were all dead. We only had each other. Aaron picked up Paige and was on the move over the ruins as the other three followed. I was in the back with Sean in my arms with his arms around my neck. I tried to catch up with Aaron with bare feet and no soft surface to walk on. Rocks and god only knows what stabbed the bottom of my feet, I nearly was jumping with each step, trying to hold back the whimpering. Finally I caught up so we could talk about what to do. I wasn’t going to let us die now. So we spoke in hushed tones so we wouldn’t scare anyone.

“Aaron what are we going to do?”

“We have to get away from the bodies so we don’t get sick from them or have to smell them,” my eyes widen as he said that with my jaw dropped. “Don’t look at me like that! I know it’s horrible, but it’s true. I’ll help you guys if you need the help since the kids.”

“Thank you.”

“I wasn’t excepting to find kids or you down there,” his voice was somewhere else.

“I’m happy you found us. I thought we would be stuck down there till we…”

I couldn’t even say what I thought would have happened. He put an arm around my shoulders bringing me close to him, rubbing my shoulder slightly. I looked at the ground fearing to see the distorted bodies of everyone that I knew and grew up with. Aaron almost was steering me in directions in which we needed to be heading. The three were still quiet behind us because they, like us, had seen what had gone on. Well, Mandy was being lead by Alex and Jill since she had a blindfold. We walked to the pond, about a mile from our homes. Then Aaron put Paige down to wash his face and hands in the water.

I placed Sean down as he and Paige took off their blindfolds then sat by the water putting their feet in it. I sat next to Aaron as he was cleaning himself off, dirty water dripped off his body. His sleeveless black shirt was covered in ash and plaster just like his jeans. I looked down at my own red cami and shorts and they weren’t as dirty, but had some ash dusted on them.

“How did we not get warning of this?”

He looked up, confused.

“Just about every country has a space program,” I continued.

“They probably knew that they couldn’t do anything. Those aren’t your average size asteroids and they are supposed to shrink when they hit our atmosphere. So they knew that the end was here so why send the world in an up roar when they knew it couldn’t be stopped?”

I looked at the ground seeing my own reflection in the water with the reddish haze still in the air. I drew my legs into my chest as a few silent tears fell down my face. My legs seemed to be turned to jelly, once I was down, there was no chance that I would be able to stand once more. I really didn’t care if people saw me. What does it matter now, we didn’t even know who was even still alive for people to judge me.

I glanced over at the other three who tried talking, but weren’t sure what to say. I saw Alex struggle to calm them down and I looked at me being pathetic, sitting there with tears running down my face. Even Sean and Paige found a way to escape this even if it was only a moment. Though they knew even less then I did about this, I wished I were in their shoes instead of my own at the moment. That was if I was wearing shoes.

“Hey are you alright?”

I glanced over at Aaron who was titling his head at me to get eye contact, so blue would meet blue. I felt really stupid at the moment.

“Yeah I’m fine. Can I ask you something?”


“Why are you helping us?”

“You have to be kidding me,” he started, pausing as he wiped his hands on his pants. “I’m not even going to answer such a stupid question. I’ll say this though. You are a nice person who puts up with a lot of crap from people at school, and you were in trouble. I was alone after watching my parents getting smashed by one of those rocks and I had to find someone who was alive. I walked around for an hour trying to find someone who was at least moving and I heard this little voice about to break out into tears. I had to save the person in tears.”

“I’m so pathetic,” I whispered as I buried my face into my knees.

“Self pity later, right now we have to figure out how to stay alive and take care of them.”

“At least someone has their head together,” I half muttered, half sighed.

“Give yourself a few more minutes. We might also have some more trouble.”

I let out a snort of laughter as I finally looked up at him.

“You don’t call this trouble?”

“Even more trouble.”

“What are more rocks coming to kill us?” I asked dryly.

“No, Mr. Dean Manson is alive.”

“Why does that name sound familiar?” I squinted looking at him as I tried to search my files in my memory bank.

“He was the mayor here for years and was head of the police department at another point. I got him in trouble in many ways, which I’ll explain later on, and he lost everything. He’s been out to get me ever since. There isn’t any order now, it seems, so this would be the prefect chance for him to get back at me.”

“What could you have done for him to want to get you?” I asked scrunching my eyebrows together.

He gave a very weak smile and looked at Sean and Paige playing in ankle deep water.

“Let’s not get into this now okay?”

I nodded my head.

“Well let’s just leave it at it was really bad and he has been out for my head since. Now he has the perfect chance to kill me. There is no form of laws, there is a limited supply of everything, and he is a very powerful man because people fear him, which is all very bad for us.”

I was going to be sick. I wrapped my arms around me tighter as I leaned my forehead on my knees and I wanted to be younger so I wouldn’t have to be responsible. My stomach felt like it had been turned upside down.

“Look, I can see you’re having a hard time with this-“

“Of course I am! Everyone around here is dead and we don’t know if it is like this at other places too! You just basically told me that the people that I grew up with are dead!” I spat.

“You have to be strong for your brother!” Aaron finally barked.

That was when it hit me as I quickly turned to look at my brother. I had to take care of Sean. The reason Aaron was thinking clearly was because he knew that we had to focus to keep those alive, alive.

“So the plan I take it is to look for those who are alive?” I asked after sighing.

“Yeah, we have to see if it’s like this in other areas…maybe even other states.”

“It’s going to be tough with little kids. They won’t want to walk that distance.”
He let out that same small smile.

“I know, but if there are other people that can help us, that will be better in the long run.”

“Will you help us?” I asked, hoping he would stay with us.

I really did not know what I was doing and to have another person to help I would highly appreciate.

“Yes, I will to the best I can, but no promises. Just remember, Lauren, I can’t always be with you guys since Manson is after me. I barely believed it myself when
I saw him wandering around before I found you.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

“We’ll stay here tonight, than we move tomorrow.”

“Sean, Paige, come here please,” I called to them.

They ran to Aaron and me so I could embrace them close to me. They were wet, and I was happy for the heat so that they would not get sick.

“Lauren where is my mommy and daddy?” Paige spoke up.

My heart stopped.

“How about we go to sleep now okay?” asked Aaron trying to get their minds off of this.

“Awe, but I’m not tired,” yawned Sean.

“Come on you two. Lay here and go to sleep. Aaron and I need to talk for just a bit longer then I’ll come, okay?”

They nodded, too worn-out from the excitement of today, as they fell asleep, quickly. I got up and went after Aaron who was with Jill, Alex, and Mandy. Mandy appeared to be in tears as Alex was going to hit Aaron. So, I rushed over.

“What is going on?” I spoke in a low voice hoping not to wake the other two up.

“Why should we listen to this guy?” Alex growled, his eyes still on Aaron. “Do we even know him?”

“I kind of know him from school, Alex...and he saved us!”

“Kind of?! You are placing our lives in the hands of this jerk? How do we even know he didn’t just save us because he thought there was going to be a bunch of hot females waiting just for him?”

“Look here kid,” Aaron said getting angry and picked Alex up by his shirt collar, “I can go put you back there! Would you rather be with the bodies that got incinerated by the heat!”

“Stop you two are making Mandy cry more!” shouted Jill as she bent down, wrapping her arms around Mandy.

“Alex and Aaron, I get that we are all a little testy at the moment and I still don’t have my wits on me so please keep it together! Now go to sleep, so we can move tomorrow since we have to see if there are any areas around here that weren't affected by this!”

Aaron dropped Alex onto the ground with a thud. Alex gave him a dirty look.

“Look, you three, Lauren and I are in charge. You can’t go anywhere without either one of us. It is for your safety that you have to listen to us, if we have any chance of staying alive. You have to listen to our rules or whatever, you got it?”

Jill and Mandy nodded their heads and went to join Paige and Sean. Alex stood up and tried to stare down Aaron while brushing some dirt off his pants, but was a few inches shorter being at my height left his glare without any strong backbone. Alex wouldn’t even have a chance if they were in a fight, if us girls would even let that happened. My heart started racing hoping Aaron wouldn’t kill Alex now. Hadn’t there been enough death today? I had seen the not- even- trying fights Aaron was in at school and Alex wouldn’t have a chance against Aaron. Alex has always been more talk then punch, even when we were little.

“I don’t even know why Lauren is putting so much trust in you, Alex questioned, voice rough as he scowled at Aaron. “Maybe it’s because you are taking advantage of her at a delicate time?”

“Watch it kid, enough blood has been spilt today, just go to bed before I kill you myself,” Aaron muttered between gritted teeth.

He gave Alex a small shove towards where we were all going to sleep, he stumbled only to turn to watch us, waiting for us to make our moves. I walked over leaving Aaron alone or to follow me, giving him the choice on what to do. I sat by my brother’s feet not believing he could possibly be the only family I had left in the whole world. I really didn’t want to believe that, as two tears fell down my face.

I pressed my hands against my face, trying to brush away the tears.

“Lauren, get some sleep. I’m a light sleeper so I’ll make sure everything is alright,” Aaron spoke in a soft voice to me.

I looked up at the guy who I barely talked to at school. The guy whose table I couldn't even sit at because I wasn’t on his and/or his friends’ level of social being. I made a fool out of myself in gym in front of him on numberless occasions. Yet, here Aaron was, protecting us at this moment after helping us out of the hole of my basement and I couldn’t believe it. I slid down on the grass knowing I wouldn’t get any sleep, but tried. I brushed some of Sean’s hair out of his face, he almost looked at peace. I just had my eyes closed, with only an hour of sleep at most, through the whole night with the dark horrors of what happened playing before my eyes, over and over.

To be continued soon! Almost done for this to be re-released!

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Kimyunalesca not only has a lovely blog that you all should check out, but she also gave my blog 6 awards! Yes SIX! I want to take a second and thank this sweetheart for this!

Rules for these awards:
1. Link back and thank the person who tagged you.
2. Post seven things about yourself and answer the list of favorite questions.
3. Pass these awards to 15 bloggers.
4. Notify the lucky bloggers who got these awards.

7 Facts about me:

1. I am 5'2''! Hard to tell through a computer screen!
2. I have a slight Amazon addiction especially with my books...
3. I worked at Rec Center/gym while I went to school at Montclair University for two years even though i have ZERO atheltic ability and I'm ubberly accident prone!
4. I could not read in the first grade, that's when my school tested me and found out I was dyslexic
5. I love disney movies!
6. I was one of those girls who had a mando crush on a guy for years in high school on a guy I never had a chance with, and I still joke about it till this day (my friends think he pops up in my writing at times!) I think there is always that one crush that stays with you for life.
7. I have a 5 years old mental matality when it comes to promises and telling the truth.

The Favorite Questions:
1. Name your favorite colors:
purple, blue, green

2. Name your favorite song:
One of my favorites is Unwell by matchbox twenty!

3. Name your favorite dessert:
Chocolate! Um probably mint chocolate cookie by ben and jerry's! :) I have a huge sweet tooth...

4. What pisses you off:
Liars, two faced people, self absorbed people, unprofessionalism, people harping on others for dumb reasons, People who break promises, people who can't take responsiblity for their own actions!

5. When your upset you:
Writing really helps either a story or in my diary, curling up in bed and watching tv/a movie, talking to my friends.

6. Favorite pet:
I am a huge dog love, I love the big fluffy puppies who think they are little, I grew up with a german shepard and a golden reteriver! I do like cats too, I have a 15 pounds cat, I'll eventually post a picture of him, I named him after a gladiator, Maximus!

7. Black or White:

8. Your biggest fear:
Snakes, though a group of friends saturday might have twisted that, and ending up alone.

9. Best feature:
My Eyes and Smile :)

10. Everyday Attitude:
I try to be positive, I think it drives my ex a little crazy how I look for the silver lining in things. But I know this is life I have to do x-y-z and it's life so make the best out of what you are given.

11. What is perfection:
Hahah drama, warm, but not too hot temperature, bright blue sky and a chance to relax with great people on the beach :)

12. Guilty pleasures:
I think I like Kimyunalesca's answers for this, but I've never gotten a massage. Beach is a huge one, but the guilty ones that I try to hide is I watch wedding shows with my mommy hahaha, yes to the dress, amazing cakes, my fair wedding.... shhhh a little secret!


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Saturday, July 23, 2011


Hey Lovelies!
If you do not know the author Shawn Kirsten Maravel, you really should check out her books! I read Volition by her, (eagerly waiting to buy the 2nd book in the series!) the book was my first book of that genre, and I loved it! Well she did an interview of me on her blog! Check out the interview and her blog while you are there!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Sample Sunday!

Hey Lovelies!
I have decided on sundays I will be posting samples of my stories in varies stages on here! Sundays are usually for catching up on homework, reading/writing, and sunday night dinners before another long week! So why not ease into the week a little easier! I really hope that you all will enjoy this, and that this will keep me posting more frequently! I hope readers enjoy the little tid bits I post. For the first one I'll probably post links to other samples of mine, might do that periodically! I really hope you find this first sample to be a real tease! ;)

Published Samples:
End of the Line (edition 1)

Family Ties

Work in Process:
Project US

Now for Today's featured sample!

A Pirate's Life for Me

Chapter One ~ Jocelyn

I headed towards the Quarter deck where the steering wheel is. I let my long fingers drift over the ledge of the ship. The wood felt so smooth under my finger tips. Oh I just wished that I could just sail out and leave my problems behind. I took a quick look to make sure that no one was watching me then picked up my skirt of my dress and ran the rest of the way. I bit my lip trying to stop my steps from making too much noise against the planks of wood almost wishing that I was barefooted to help silence. My fingers shook a little as I went to go touch the wheel. With quivering hands I put my hands on it real fast. My heart seemed like it would stop from beating too fast, even though the anchor was in the water I felt like I was already on my way towards sailing towards the horizon to lands that only stories could describe and hopefully they weren’t as good as the real thing. To see if mermaids are real or even to touch land from other areas other then where I was born.

“Ye look like a natural up thar,” a soft deeper voice spoke.

I jumped back and took my hands off with them in surrender position. My eyes went wide as a guy around my age chuckled at me close by. His thick raven black hair was just below his ears glistened as the sun shined brightly. He had these piercing green eyes that were smiling at me or were they smirking? Then his clothes were just horrible, like he was a pirate or a slave, something along those lines, or even possibly in the same situation as I was in. They were tattered and had some dirt grounded into the fabric.

“Sorry I hadn’t meant to scare ye,” he spoke while finishing getting onto the ship and taking an unhurried step towards me.

“You hadn’t scared me,” I tried lying hoping he didn’t see the fear that must be showing from my eyes.

He had taking another leisurely step closer to me, and another till he was finally standing next to me as I tried to keep my heart from leaping out of my chest yet my feet never moved. I wasn’t moving away from him. Why wasn’t I moving away? Even though I wasn’t trained to be a lady I knew that when a strange man came up to me I was not be alone with him!

“I hadn’t?” the guy raised an eyebrow to his smirk. “Then why did ye jump?”

“You just surprised me that is all,” I snapped straightening my shoulders.

He smiled and pushed his hair back from the wind blowing it. That was when I saw the earring. Defiantly a pirate! That could not be a slave trait! I jumped up and squealed with joy as my eyes grew real wide. My hands flew to my face, hiding my beaming face at this discovery. He just got a real confused look on his face, raising a dark eyebrow, his grin disappeared.

“You’re a pirate!” I shrieked.

I was so excited I said it too loudly and he covered my mouth with a calloused hand. He looked around agitatedly then back at me. His eyes started to narrow at mine.

“Why would ye say that?”

“Your clothes, the earring, and the fact that I can see an outline of a tattoo through the back of your shirt say it all!” I could hear the excitement with every word that was spoken quickly I was losing restraint that was stopping me from jumping up and down.

I couldn’t believe I was meeting a real pirate! I was getting over excited! There were so many questions I wanted to ask. I wanted to know everything! I have always wanted this moment and I couldn’t think of where to begin. My mind was a swirl of blanks though unable to process a single query.

“Ye will not rat me out?” he asked with still narrowed eyes as they locked onto mine.

“No! Tell me what it’s like to be free!”

He looked at me weirdly, he raised an eyebrow again.

“Ye be not like any girl I ‘ave e’er met,” he spoke slowly.

I looked at the deck floor nervously as I shuffled my feet a little. I really was not like a normal girl, if I had any girl in me at all. Then he glided my chin so I could meet his gaze. They were softer this time.

“That be not a bad thin’,” his voice gentle as his thumb rubbed my cheek. “The name be Sly.”


A woman in the market always get flustered from joy when she just mentions seeing the royal family before she went to travel. I felt just as restless and enthused about the guy before me.

“Ye really be not afraid of bein’ near a pirate?” he asked again in hushed tones and I don’t know why he had to ask again.

Couldn’t he see the bliss just seeping out of me?!

I leaned against the ledge of the ship then he followed my lead. I gave a small smile someone was actually talking to me like a normal person. I wasn’t getting made fun of or harassed. He genially seemed like he wanted to talk to me, curious about me in fact. I was still nervous though being the fact that I just met him. He was very at ease about this situation. I don’t think I’ve ever really been alone with a male like this.

“No actually they fascinate me! I have always dreamed of becoming a pirate! Yet two things stop me from becoming one,” I spoke just being honest with him, the words were just effortlessness with him.

“What be they?” He asked liked he cared.

“My Papa is the first and I have been worrying about him more these days. The second is most important and that is that I am not a male if you haven’t noticed.”

“I very much noticed,” he chortles.

I laughed a little anxious then he bend over to my ear. I could feel his lips touch my ear as he spoke. Shivers shot through my spine.

“Do ye want to hear what it be like?” he asked, his voice on the husky side.

“Everything, everything you could possible tell me!”

He laughed from deep within his chest and stood up fully to walk a little more in the back of the ship leaving me to follow. I didn’t take much time as I jumped to shadow him.

“Ye would seriously rather listen to me talk, then anythin’ else?”

He raised an eyebrow. I pretended to ignore to what he was hinting at. I was not going to let him ruin my chance of asking him questions.

“Yes! It would mean the world to me!” I beamed.

He sat down on the deck floor so I copied and again he looked at me oddly for my boldness. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of his green eyes that were unlike any eyes I have ever seen, such a daring shade of green. There was just the familiarity and comfort around him even though I had just met him.

“So Jocelyn why ye be so different from e’ery girl I ‘ave e’er been with?” there was a playful tone in his voice.

I blushed. This was one of the main problems I had with pirates, the way they were with

woman. To try to charm their way into the bed room to spoil any reputation just for a moment of mischievousness.

“I never had a Mother to raise me, just my Papa. He jokes around that I should have been born a son. That he had always wanted a daughter and never got one. He taught me the sword and ships. I just feel like I am being imprisoned by staying here on this pile of dirt!”
He sighed. I can’t believe I just told him that! I just met him! No one else knows about any of these fantasies.

“That’s why I love the sea. I am free.”

“I’m so jealous,” I let go a deep breath of air.

“Ladies such as yerself should want to be married an’ havin’ children not be tryin’ to gallivant the waters.”

“That has never been a dream of mine. I just never really pictured any of those things.”
He smiled big.

“Come with me fer a walk.”

I couldn’t say no to those eyes. I got up and we walked off the ship then we slipped off hoping not to get noticed. I could not be seen leaving work. He took my hand as we ran off towards the beach away from the docks. I picked my skirt to around mid leg to help a little. I giggled the whole way there finally feeling free and he smiled at me. I didn’t care about the girly sounds escaping me around him. I don’t know if it was from the sneaking off, or the sea air, but for a brief moment in my life I felt away from everything in my life. My hair came out of its bun and flew just as liberated as me. We finally stopped with us trying to catch our breaths. I bent over to take off my shoes which were already practically dead. Walking in sand with shoes on was not fun or an easy task.

He interlaced our fingers then pulled me over so I was enclosed in his arms. He let a hand drift to my cheek and pushed the now wind blown hair behind my ears. This was all going too fast, but he was a pirate after all. He started to bend down a little while inclining my neck a little, his lips started to head for mine then there was that annoying voice. His forehead was against mine as he paused, his jaw clenched.

To be continued....

Monday, July 18, 2011

Sneak Peak!

Hey Lovelies,
I know I deserve to get things thrown at me for how little I actually write on here. I especially deserve to get some shoes thrown at me for not really getting much writing done that past week, but I have gotten a fair amount of reading done. I will be fixing that! I will be going into mega drive for writing. HOWEVER I feel terrible for being absent so I will be posting a little sneak peak at a story that I keep talking about and am currently rewriting, Project US. I really enjoyed writing it my freshman year in high school, but then went back to write a prologue for the story so that the readers weren't just placed into the story. That and I missed writing about Rachel and Nick. I am probably not going to use this sample, but a little curious to what others might think, hope its a little tease ;) Things will change a little, and this is one of many more normal realistic fiction writing I have. Since I've been gone I hope you enjoy this!

Project US


It was a normal day of High School for two freshman students at Adams High School in a small town in New Jersey. As Rachel walked into her homeroom that she shared with a few of her friends, she noticed she was the only one in there because she was early. She looked around the room nervously not liking the quietness in the classroom. It was nerve ending to her, so eerie. She took her seat and picked up her current book to read while she waits. She could hear the students arriving in the halls being loud as they tried to make the best out of the fact that they were in school now, early in the morning unlike the hours that they woke up during the summer. She could hear the distinct voices of the ones she didn’t want to see and their whole crew walking towards the room. She slid down her chair as they entered the room hoping they wouldn’t see her behind her pile of books. That she could just hide from the world just a little bit longer.

“Nick can you believe that stupid teacher!” Mark yelled as his face scrunched from hatred for their History teacher as he noticed Rachel out of the corner of his eye. “Cat, give me your homework!”

Why can’t you ever leave me alone?!

She couldn’t say this to them as much as she wanted too, but shook her head ‘no’ instead. She was more out going in her head than in her actual actions. She wished Mark and Dill would just leave her alone, that’s all she wanted…

“Mark, just leave the girl alone already,” a calm male voice spoke, even toned not favoring either side.

Nick looked down at Rachel, as she was curled up slouching in the chair, locking eyes with her. How much Rachel appreciated those peaceful blue eyes instead of his friends’ cruel ones. She couldn’t believe that this was the same guy the other students say goes to wild parties. That she heard about people in her classes talking about doing some untamed stunts or barely escaping the police at some parties. That this was the guy who dated the type of girls that Rachel and her friends hated in addition to going through them like tissues. There were also rumors that Nick drank at parties, and Bridget suspects that he also smokes. Which neither her friends nor Rachel would have ever dream of doing in their lives.

Why did the kids in our grade use Rachel like this? Make fun of her or just use her just to get a good grade? She was the quiet little girl that I talked to in homeroom or a few other classes when I had no one else to talk to or needed a good grade. So I’m not much better then the other guys. At least I wasn’t calling her bad things or talked bad about her behind her back! I still acted like she was a human being.

Nick thought as he watched his friend tower over Rachel as she sat there timidly. Not moving a single muscle. To the point where he wondered if she was even still breathing.

“Fine then I’ll go ask that kid Deidra pays to do her homework to do my homework!” Mark muttered.

Mark left with the others so that Rachel and Nick were alone in the room.

“I’m sorry about Mark, Rachel,” Nick spoke in a hush tone, Rachel looked back up at Nick.

“It’s alright I’m used to it by now,” Rachel said in a tone that was barely over a whisper.

So she wasn’t totally used to it, she was lying. It wasn’t like it would affect either of them. What harm could it do?

“So how is everything?” Nick spoke, each word stiff.

“Alright I guess, Nick.”

This was awkward they both thought. Nick was about to start a great laughing conversation with Rachel, but then Wendy, Holly, and Bridget (a few of Rachel’s friends) came in the room, breaking all that was silent and dragged her out of the room. As Rachel was dragged out of the room she flashed Nick a friendly smile that he returned. Everything was alright.

“That girl has answered every question so far! She is making us all look bad! Why the hell does she know all this stuff?! I mean come on Ms. Applegate is the hardest History teacher in this school and she still knows this crap!”

Rachel hearing this slid down in her chair putting her hand near her face, chewing her thumb nail. She was used to having to hide in class or just in life. She has heard this a lot of times, but she wasn’t the smartest person in the room. She was learning slowly to get used to getting criticized about everything by her peers, but not really well. No matter how much a person wanted to ignore words, the words still stuck, even rubber can be sticky.

“Nick, you have talked to the nerdy girl before, do you know how she does it?”

Rachel could feel her face start to heat up as she started to blush and played with the ends of her hair. She hated being called the ‘nerdy smart one’. Yes she got good grades, but she wouldn’t say she was that smart. Her peers had just labeled her as the intelligent geeky one. She was also labeled the band geek and book worm. Her friends like to laugh at being nerdy, but she didn’t think that they were that so called nerdy ones. Rachel thought her friends had their own unique fun, but normal.

“Dill she is right there,” Nick spoke dryly.

Nick got a glimpse of Rachel’s left eye when he said that. Nick liked his friends, but hated how they treated people who weren’t in their so called circle. Yet the same time he was just like them a lot of the time. He couldn’t help it. He loved the wild parties, just hanging around with his friends, and the many other things they did without their parents knowing about. Nick hasn’t been caught once by either his parents or the copes, but Mark has. Mark’s uncle stopped caring after awhile. His Uncle was just happy Mark was still in school and not in prison.

“Boys stop talking! Are you guys even taking down the notes?!”

“Yes,” the two boys answered.

Nick rolled his eyes. Nick hated the fact that the teachers in the school treated him like an idiot, that he was receiving the grades that his friends were earning. He was almost a straight A student, while his friends were goofing off in class with their grades reflecting that. Most of his friends were on the boarder line of failing. With their almost straight D’s it really showed. He couldn’t wait till he could just get out of this town, to be different. He wanted to go somewhere very exciting or at least have something more exciting then this small town.

Rachel ran out of the room as soon as the bell rang. The rest of the day she wouldn’t have to worry about Mark, Dill, Amanda, and Deidra. Amanda was Nick’s current girlfriend from what Rachel had heard nether kept a boyfriend or girlfriend long. Both so far have had more then she will in her whole life. She didn’t care too much for the whole dating world in High School. Where could that dating take you anyway? What were the odds of finding your true soul mate in high school?

That night it was Friday and not just a Friday, but the first Friday where Rachel didn’t have to go to a football game for marching band. So she curled up on her couch at home with her book that she was reading in homeroom and was almost done with it. Her parents where still at work while her sister was at a friend’s house so she would be home alone for at least four hours, a place of peace. After reading for an hour her friend Holly called her.

Her friend Holly had conference calling so she called Wendy who also had conference calling so Wendy called Bridget. The four of them loved calling with the four of them on the phone. The four of them couldn’t hear each other half the time because there would be more then one conversation going on at one time. Voices had to reach over each other, yet magically still able to hear parts of what was going on. They always had the weirdest conversations together. Rachel lay on her bed twisting her old fashioned telephone cord as she laughed with her friends about the ‘you took a shower yesterday’ joke. A joke only the four of them would ever understand.

Meanwhile on the other side of town Nick was at some person’s house. Whose house is it this week? Nick was always forgetting whose house he was at. He felt they all began to look the same after awhile. He had a plastic cup of beer in his hand as the music shook the house walls it was a wonder that their ears still worked at all. Amanda came over to him and put her arms around his neck and gave him a deep lustful kiss that he willingly returned. Amanda dragged him to dance closely to everyone as they had more people then the fire department allows them to have. Nick wasn’t into dancing, but he had a girl’s body pressed against his, he wasn’t going to complain. The music was so roaring that everyone just barely heard the police sirens.

Everyone ran as fast as they could to their homes or at least to somewhere else where they could continue the party. The party continued in an old abandoned parking lot by an abandoned diner that was around during the fifties, but now was out of business.

Nick snuck into his house by his window at four in the morning after the party hearing nothing moving in his house. Nick had gotten away with it yet again from another great party.

This was one of the weirdest of almost friendships. Out of all the students in the whole school you wouldn’t except to be seeing these two together. Two students that were labeled and were put into categories because it was their peers used their human nature to put things into categories. Before anyone actually got to know them they put them into categories based on how they thought of them. Yet as people later when talking about these two would quote science with “Opposites attract”. Both didn’t believe in it, but everyone is wrong every once in awhile, right? Could this be one of these times?

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Book Signing!

Hey Lovelies!!
Well today was the book signing in Manasquan! I am one of those people when they don't know what is going on, and being in a new situation gets really nervous. There is the very easy going sarcastic side, then there is the jittery on edge side, very annoying, but hey we are who we are! So yeah I was a little on edge, not really sure what to expect. Well I walked in, introduced myself to the two sweet women who own Booktowne. I've seen them before, but I introduced myself to them and things were off! Sorry I'm a little distracted, my kitty is being well behaved and sweet, he's usually well...if you have a cat you understand (he's between 15-20lbs, he's a ragdoll).

I still have the sign in my room (it's below!). My family (aunts, my 9 year old cousin, grammy and grandpa, my parents, and my sister) came by! They were pretty excited, both my Aunts were excited to read, my one was pretty excited to start reading it. She's going on vacation for a week with my 3 cousins (9, 4, and 2). My 9 year old cousin Alice might read it after her. Wasn't my inital targeted audience, but she's like me loves to read, and devours books. It was funny she started her summer reading (Diary of a Whimpy Kid) while she was waiting right before she left. My Aunt really loved End of the Line she that is one of the reasons she could not wait to start reading Family Ties. A few other of my friends, and people in my neighborhood came out to see me in addition to getting a copy!

One of my favorite parts about the book signing, probably more then I sold out of copies of books, was this little girl with her grandmother who came by. They were locals too, I didn't know them, but we were talking. The little girl wants to become an author herself one day, she wants to do her own pictures too. I told her she was lucky, because I could not draw for the life of me! We talked a little, the little girl was a little shy, so the grandmother did a little more of the talking. She bought a copy and I signed it, I really hope she likes it. For all I know I just signed a future author her book! I love touching stories like that, I really was excited to talk about writing a little with her! I'm still smiling about that!

Thank you for all of those who came, were there in spirit, and those who gave kind words! Hope to do another some time! :) Now, here are some pictures, I'm usually not one who jumps for pictures, but enjoy!

My Sign!

This is me, and my friend Mel! I've known her since 5th grade and she stayed with me the whole 2 hours with me I seriously appericated it! I was never known to be a hugger, or a dress wear-er the irony of this picture. She turned me into a semi huge-er, and the dress was cute :)

My mom is the one with the purse, and my Grammy is next to her. There is Mel and Alex, Alex read that chapter of Pirates for me in the fall, with Ryan. The two of them are a very amusing couple.

My sister is the one in the bathing suit as some people walk by checking out the book, and the cookie and brownies Mel brought :)

The picture below has my friend Kaitlin that I've known since early elemetry school in it plus a couple more customers :)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Book Signing is Tomorrow!

Hey Lovelies,
I know it's been awhile since I last posted, I am sorry, I keep doing this! Well if you haven't already noticed, on the side the ticking clock, but tomorrow is my first book signing. Gah! I keep almost typing singing instead of signing for weeks now! Okay so tomorrow I'm doing my very first ever book signing! This is for Family Ties, so I'm growing excited and anxious! I've only attended one book singing myself, and not really sure what to really expect. A few of my friends from home will be there, in addition to some family! So if you do show up in Manasquan New Jersey, pop in, I'll be the 5'2'' blonde at Booktowne between 12-2! Yes I know I'm not really tall, but if you show up you'll notice some of my friends are the same height. Okay again I'm side-tracking!!

I'm sure my family will take some pictures, my family is one of those. I'll post the pictures up here as soon as I have them! Practcing my signature a little since my handwriting is not known for its neatness...I'm making sure i have pens, a few just incase. Then I'm being a total girl wondering what I'll wear. So time to take deep breaths and continue to get excited for tomorrow!