Friday, July 1, 2011

Book Signing is Tomorrow!

Hey Lovelies,
I know it's been awhile since I last posted, I am sorry, I keep doing this! Well if you haven't already noticed, on the side the ticking clock, but tomorrow is my first book signing. Gah! I keep almost typing singing instead of signing for weeks now! Okay so tomorrow I'm doing my very first ever book signing! This is for Family Ties, so I'm growing excited and anxious! I've only attended one book singing myself, and not really sure what to really expect. A few of my friends from home will be there, in addition to some family! So if you do show up in Manasquan New Jersey, pop in, I'll be the 5'2'' blonde at Booktowne between 12-2! Yes I know I'm not really tall, but if you show up you'll notice some of my friends are the same height. Okay again I'm side-tracking!!

I'm sure my family will take some pictures, my family is one of those. I'll post the pictures up here as soon as I have them! Practcing my signature a little since my handwriting is not known for its neatness...I'm making sure i have pens, a few just incase. Then I'm being a total girl wondering what I'll wear. So time to take deep breaths and continue to get excited for tomorrow!



  1. I'm all the way in Texas, but I wish I could be there! :)
    As These Pages Fly

  2. Haha aw thanks! You can be in the there in spirit section! :)


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