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Sneak Peak!

Hey Lovelies,
I know I deserve to get things thrown at me for how little I actually write on here. I especially deserve to get some shoes thrown at me for not really getting much writing done that past week, but I have gotten a fair amount of reading done. I will be fixing that! I will be going into mega drive for writing. HOWEVER I feel terrible for being absent so I will be posting a little sneak peak at a story that I keep talking about and am currently rewriting, Project US. I really enjoyed writing it my freshman year in high school, but then went back to write a prologue for the story so that the readers weren't just placed into the story. That and I missed writing about Rachel and Nick. I am probably not going to use this sample, but a little curious to what others might think, hope its a little tease ;) Things will change a little, and this is one of many more normal realistic fiction writing I have. Since I've been gone I hope you enjoy this!

Project US


It was a normal day of High School for two freshman students at Adams High School in a small town in New Jersey. As Rachel walked into her homeroom that she shared with a few of her friends, she noticed she was the only one in there because she was early. She looked around the room nervously not liking the quietness in the classroom. It was nerve ending to her, so eerie. She took her seat and picked up her current book to read while she waits. She could hear the students arriving in the halls being loud as they tried to make the best out of the fact that they were in school now, early in the morning unlike the hours that they woke up during the summer. She could hear the distinct voices of the ones she didn’t want to see and their whole crew walking towards the room. She slid down her chair as they entered the room hoping they wouldn’t see her behind her pile of books. That she could just hide from the world just a little bit longer.

“Nick can you believe that stupid teacher!” Mark yelled as his face scrunched from hatred for their History teacher as he noticed Rachel out of the corner of his eye. “Cat, give me your homework!”

Why can’t you ever leave me alone?!

She couldn’t say this to them as much as she wanted too, but shook her head ‘no’ instead. She was more out going in her head than in her actual actions. She wished Mark and Dill would just leave her alone, that’s all she wanted…

“Mark, just leave the girl alone already,” a calm male voice spoke, even toned not favoring either side.

Nick looked down at Rachel, as she was curled up slouching in the chair, locking eyes with her. How much Rachel appreciated those peaceful blue eyes instead of his friends’ cruel ones. She couldn’t believe that this was the same guy the other students say goes to wild parties. That she heard about people in her classes talking about doing some untamed stunts or barely escaping the police at some parties. That this was the guy who dated the type of girls that Rachel and her friends hated in addition to going through them like tissues. There were also rumors that Nick drank at parties, and Bridget suspects that he also smokes. Which neither her friends nor Rachel would have ever dream of doing in their lives.

Why did the kids in our grade use Rachel like this? Make fun of her or just use her just to get a good grade? She was the quiet little girl that I talked to in homeroom or a few other classes when I had no one else to talk to or needed a good grade. So I’m not much better then the other guys. At least I wasn’t calling her bad things or talked bad about her behind her back! I still acted like she was a human being.

Nick thought as he watched his friend tower over Rachel as she sat there timidly. Not moving a single muscle. To the point where he wondered if she was even still breathing.

“Fine then I’ll go ask that kid Deidra pays to do her homework to do my homework!” Mark muttered.

Mark left with the others so that Rachel and Nick were alone in the room.

“I’m sorry about Mark, Rachel,” Nick spoke in a hush tone, Rachel looked back up at Nick.

“It’s alright I’m used to it by now,” Rachel said in a tone that was barely over a whisper.

So she wasn’t totally used to it, she was lying. It wasn’t like it would affect either of them. What harm could it do?

“So how is everything?” Nick spoke, each word stiff.

“Alright I guess, Nick.”

This was awkward they both thought. Nick was about to start a great laughing conversation with Rachel, but then Wendy, Holly, and Bridget (a few of Rachel’s friends) came in the room, breaking all that was silent and dragged her out of the room. As Rachel was dragged out of the room she flashed Nick a friendly smile that he returned. Everything was alright.

“That girl has answered every question so far! She is making us all look bad! Why the hell does she know all this stuff?! I mean come on Ms. Applegate is the hardest History teacher in this school and she still knows this crap!”

Rachel hearing this slid down in her chair putting her hand near her face, chewing her thumb nail. She was used to having to hide in class or just in life. She has heard this a lot of times, but she wasn’t the smartest person in the room. She was learning slowly to get used to getting criticized about everything by her peers, but not really well. No matter how much a person wanted to ignore words, the words still stuck, even rubber can be sticky.

“Nick, you have talked to the nerdy girl before, do you know how she does it?”

Rachel could feel her face start to heat up as she started to blush and played with the ends of her hair. She hated being called the ‘nerdy smart one’. Yes she got good grades, but she wouldn’t say she was that smart. Her peers had just labeled her as the intelligent geeky one. She was also labeled the band geek and book worm. Her friends like to laugh at being nerdy, but she didn’t think that they were that so called nerdy ones. Rachel thought her friends had their own unique fun, but normal.

“Dill she is right there,” Nick spoke dryly.

Nick got a glimpse of Rachel’s left eye when he said that. Nick liked his friends, but hated how they treated people who weren’t in their so called circle. Yet the same time he was just like them a lot of the time. He couldn’t help it. He loved the wild parties, just hanging around with his friends, and the many other things they did without their parents knowing about. Nick hasn’t been caught once by either his parents or the copes, but Mark has. Mark’s uncle stopped caring after awhile. His Uncle was just happy Mark was still in school and not in prison.

“Boys stop talking! Are you guys even taking down the notes?!”

“Yes,” the two boys answered.

Nick rolled his eyes. Nick hated the fact that the teachers in the school treated him like an idiot, that he was receiving the grades that his friends were earning. He was almost a straight A student, while his friends were goofing off in class with their grades reflecting that. Most of his friends were on the boarder line of failing. With their almost straight D’s it really showed. He couldn’t wait till he could just get out of this town, to be different. He wanted to go somewhere very exciting or at least have something more exciting then this small town.

Rachel ran out of the room as soon as the bell rang. The rest of the day she wouldn’t have to worry about Mark, Dill, Amanda, and Deidra. Amanda was Nick’s current girlfriend from what Rachel had heard nether kept a boyfriend or girlfriend long. Both so far have had more then she will in her whole life. She didn’t care too much for the whole dating world in High School. Where could that dating take you anyway? What were the odds of finding your true soul mate in high school?

That night it was Friday and not just a Friday, but the first Friday where Rachel didn’t have to go to a football game for marching band. So she curled up on her couch at home with her book that she was reading in homeroom and was almost done with it. Her parents where still at work while her sister was at a friend’s house so she would be home alone for at least four hours, a place of peace. After reading for an hour her friend Holly called her.

Her friend Holly had conference calling so she called Wendy who also had conference calling so Wendy called Bridget. The four of them loved calling with the four of them on the phone. The four of them couldn’t hear each other half the time because there would be more then one conversation going on at one time. Voices had to reach over each other, yet magically still able to hear parts of what was going on. They always had the weirdest conversations together. Rachel lay on her bed twisting her old fashioned telephone cord as she laughed with her friends about the ‘you took a shower yesterday’ joke. A joke only the four of them would ever understand.

Meanwhile on the other side of town Nick was at some person’s house. Whose house is it this week? Nick was always forgetting whose house he was at. He felt they all began to look the same after awhile. He had a plastic cup of beer in his hand as the music shook the house walls it was a wonder that their ears still worked at all. Amanda came over to him and put her arms around his neck and gave him a deep lustful kiss that he willingly returned. Amanda dragged him to dance closely to everyone as they had more people then the fire department allows them to have. Nick wasn’t into dancing, but he had a girl’s body pressed against his, he wasn’t going to complain. The music was so roaring that everyone just barely heard the police sirens.

Everyone ran as fast as they could to their homes or at least to somewhere else where they could continue the party. The party continued in an old abandoned parking lot by an abandoned diner that was around during the fifties, but now was out of business.

Nick snuck into his house by his window at four in the morning after the party hearing nothing moving in his house. Nick had gotten away with it yet again from another great party.

This was one of the weirdest of almost friendships. Out of all the students in the whole school you wouldn’t except to be seeing these two together. Two students that were labeled and were put into categories because it was their peers used their human nature to put things into categories. Before anyone actually got to know them they put them into categories based on how they thought of them. Yet as people later when talking about these two would quote science with “Opposites attract”. Both didn’t believe in it, but everyone is wrong every once in awhile, right? Could this be one of these times?


  1. This sounds awesome!!!! I want to

  2. haha ahh yay! this is the story that really got me into my writing, my friends at the time read it as I wrote it, so several people from my high school can't wait till I get this one out. I'll probably post the new chapter 1 when I finish, I'm currently rewriting it since I wrote this when I was 14/15. I am extra paranoid with this story so it's good to hear the good feeback :D thank you!! :)


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