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Sample Sunday!

Hey Lovelies!
I have decided on sundays I will be posting samples of my stories in varies stages on here! Sundays are usually for catching up on homework, reading/writing, and sunday night dinners before another long week! So why not ease into the week a little easier! I really hope that you all will enjoy this, and that this will keep me posting more frequently! I hope readers enjoy the little tid bits I post. For the first one I'll probably post links to other samples of mine, might do that periodically! I really hope you find this first sample to be a real tease! ;)

Published Samples:
End of the Line (edition 1)

Family Ties

Work in Process:
Project US

Now for Today's featured sample!

A Pirate's Life for Me

Chapter One ~ Jocelyn

I headed towards the Quarter deck where the steering wheel is. I let my long fingers drift over the ledge of the ship. The wood felt so smooth under my finger tips. Oh I just wished that I could just sail out and leave my problems behind. I took a quick look to make sure that no one was watching me then picked up my skirt of my dress and ran the rest of the way. I bit my lip trying to stop my steps from making too much noise against the planks of wood almost wishing that I was barefooted to help silence. My fingers shook a little as I went to go touch the wheel. With quivering hands I put my hands on it real fast. My heart seemed like it would stop from beating too fast, even though the anchor was in the water I felt like I was already on my way towards sailing towards the horizon to lands that only stories could describe and hopefully they weren’t as good as the real thing. To see if mermaids are real or even to touch land from other areas other then where I was born.

“Ye look like a natural up thar,” a soft deeper voice spoke.

I jumped back and took my hands off with them in surrender position. My eyes went wide as a guy around my age chuckled at me close by. His thick raven black hair was just below his ears glistened as the sun shined brightly. He had these piercing green eyes that were smiling at me or were they smirking? Then his clothes were just horrible, like he was a pirate or a slave, something along those lines, or even possibly in the same situation as I was in. They were tattered and had some dirt grounded into the fabric.

“Sorry I hadn’t meant to scare ye,” he spoke while finishing getting onto the ship and taking an unhurried step towards me.

“You hadn’t scared me,” I tried lying hoping he didn’t see the fear that must be showing from my eyes.

He had taking another leisurely step closer to me, and another till he was finally standing next to me as I tried to keep my heart from leaping out of my chest yet my feet never moved. I wasn’t moving away from him. Why wasn’t I moving away? Even though I wasn’t trained to be a lady I knew that when a strange man came up to me I was not be alone with him!

“I hadn’t?” the guy raised an eyebrow to his smirk. “Then why did ye jump?”

“You just surprised me that is all,” I snapped straightening my shoulders.

He smiled and pushed his hair back from the wind blowing it. That was when I saw the earring. Defiantly a pirate! That could not be a slave trait! I jumped up and squealed with joy as my eyes grew real wide. My hands flew to my face, hiding my beaming face at this discovery. He just got a real confused look on his face, raising a dark eyebrow, his grin disappeared.

“You’re a pirate!” I shrieked.

I was so excited I said it too loudly and he covered my mouth with a calloused hand. He looked around agitatedly then back at me. His eyes started to narrow at mine.

“Why would ye say that?”

“Your clothes, the earring, and the fact that I can see an outline of a tattoo through the back of your shirt say it all!” I could hear the excitement with every word that was spoken quickly I was losing restraint that was stopping me from jumping up and down.

I couldn’t believe I was meeting a real pirate! I was getting over excited! There were so many questions I wanted to ask. I wanted to know everything! I have always wanted this moment and I couldn’t think of where to begin. My mind was a swirl of blanks though unable to process a single query.

“Ye will not rat me out?” he asked with still narrowed eyes as they locked onto mine.

“No! Tell me what it’s like to be free!”

He looked at me weirdly, he raised an eyebrow again.

“Ye be not like any girl I ‘ave e’er met,” he spoke slowly.

I looked at the deck floor nervously as I shuffled my feet a little. I really was not like a normal girl, if I had any girl in me at all. Then he glided my chin so I could meet his gaze. They were softer this time.

“That be not a bad thin’,” his voice gentle as his thumb rubbed my cheek. “The name be Sly.”


A woman in the market always get flustered from joy when she just mentions seeing the royal family before she went to travel. I felt just as restless and enthused about the guy before me.

“Ye really be not afraid of bein’ near a pirate?” he asked again in hushed tones and I don’t know why he had to ask again.

Couldn’t he see the bliss just seeping out of me?!

I leaned against the ledge of the ship then he followed my lead. I gave a small smile someone was actually talking to me like a normal person. I wasn’t getting made fun of or harassed. He genially seemed like he wanted to talk to me, curious about me in fact. I was still nervous though being the fact that I just met him. He was very at ease about this situation. I don’t think I’ve ever really been alone with a male like this.

“No actually they fascinate me! I have always dreamed of becoming a pirate! Yet two things stop me from becoming one,” I spoke just being honest with him, the words were just effortlessness with him.

“What be they?” He asked liked he cared.

“My Papa is the first and I have been worrying about him more these days. The second is most important and that is that I am not a male if you haven’t noticed.”

“I very much noticed,” he chortles.

I laughed a little anxious then he bend over to my ear. I could feel his lips touch my ear as he spoke. Shivers shot through my spine.

“Do ye want to hear what it be like?” he asked, his voice on the husky side.

“Everything, everything you could possible tell me!”

He laughed from deep within his chest and stood up fully to walk a little more in the back of the ship leaving me to follow. I didn’t take much time as I jumped to shadow him.

“Ye would seriously rather listen to me talk, then anythin’ else?”

He raised an eyebrow. I pretended to ignore to what he was hinting at. I was not going to let him ruin my chance of asking him questions.

“Yes! It would mean the world to me!” I beamed.

He sat down on the deck floor so I copied and again he looked at me oddly for my boldness. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of his green eyes that were unlike any eyes I have ever seen, such a daring shade of green. There was just the familiarity and comfort around him even though I had just met him.

“So Jocelyn why ye be so different from e’ery girl I ‘ave e’er been with?” there was a playful tone in his voice.

I blushed. This was one of the main problems I had with pirates, the way they were with

woman. To try to charm their way into the bed room to spoil any reputation just for a moment of mischievousness.

“I never had a Mother to raise me, just my Papa. He jokes around that I should have been born a son. That he had always wanted a daughter and never got one. He taught me the sword and ships. I just feel like I am being imprisoned by staying here on this pile of dirt!”
He sighed. I can’t believe I just told him that! I just met him! No one else knows about any of these fantasies.

“That’s why I love the sea. I am free.”

“I’m so jealous,” I let go a deep breath of air.

“Ladies such as yerself should want to be married an’ havin’ children not be tryin’ to gallivant the waters.”

“That has never been a dream of mine. I just never really pictured any of those things.”
He smiled big.

“Come with me fer a walk.”

I couldn’t say no to those eyes. I got up and we walked off the ship then we slipped off hoping not to get noticed. I could not be seen leaving work. He took my hand as we ran off towards the beach away from the docks. I picked my skirt to around mid leg to help a little. I giggled the whole way there finally feeling free and he smiled at me. I didn’t care about the girly sounds escaping me around him. I don’t know if it was from the sneaking off, or the sea air, but for a brief moment in my life I felt away from everything in my life. My hair came out of its bun and flew just as liberated as me. We finally stopped with us trying to catch our breaths. I bent over to take off my shoes which were already practically dead. Walking in sand with shoes on was not fun or an easy task.

He interlaced our fingers then pulled me over so I was enclosed in his arms. He let a hand drift to my cheek and pushed the now wind blown hair behind my ears. This was all going too fast, but he was a pirate after all. He started to bend down a little while inclining my neck a little, his lips started to head for mine then there was that annoying voice. His forehead was against mine as he paused, his jaw clenched.

To be continued....


  1. Love it, hope theres more to come :)

  2. Hehe thank you! I finished writing that one, just fxing up part 2 then going to make sure the two flow well together :) I'll be showing this to my publisher hopefully soon!

  3. I'm already hooked! I really want to read more :)

  4. Hehehe that's great to hear! I am currently having a friend read through it right now for comments and grammar suggestions, but I'm hoping to sumbit A Pirate's life for me to my publisher at the end of this month! :)


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