Friday, October 3, 2014

Baking Adventure

Good Evening,

I know that I said I would review the new books I got over the summer and I haven't. However I've been a little busy, and when my mind is need to relax I like to bake or cook. It kind of keeps me busy and over worrying about things. I got Sally's Backing Addiction book in the beginning of the summer and loved all the colors in the book. The book is more than an eye catching cover, and a book that actually has a picture of what you are baking, but it is also easy to follow. I decided to try her take on an old classic, the chocolate chip cookie. Yeah, I know not much of an adventure, however my last batch was flat and I wasn't real impressed, it really bothered me. I mean come on, I should be able to bake a good batch of chocolate chip cookies.

I'd been following Sally's blog for a few years now, and had been book marking her recipes. Mostly deserts that I'm sure that would make my work clothes not fit. However, I noticed she had a book and got real excited when I could get it. I already talked about how gorgeous the colors were (I know I'm easily amused!). However I loved how she had little tid bits, and help throughout the book, it was so organized! Not only was it easy to read, but the directions were real simple and straight forward. I wouldn't have thought of putting the dough in the fridge before baking them, but I think I found a recipe that will be a classic in my household and I can not wait to try her other stuff. I haven't bitten into the cookies themselves yet, but I have tried the dough. I will be bringing them to a friend's house for the weekend and will be testing them, one of them has as bad if not worse sweet tooth than me. He will not spare my feelings if they taste bad! He will be my guinea pig.

Sally's Baking Addiction Cookbook - on sale

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