Tuesday, December 1, 2020


Hello Lovelies!
Again it has been awhile since I've written, there will be a day that I will be consistent. I hope everyone has been staying safe this holiday season. I know with my kiddos we have been social distancing and it has been making teaching different. I will give my kiddos credit they have been real troopers with coming into the building. I will not argue about safety and masks on here.

I started out doing nanowri this year, but I got distracted with an editing project. I have Beaker to Life which is a sci-fi young adult story that was calling to me. I edited it. For some reason I keep doubting this story and the relationships. So the story is about the first human clone and how she grows up. I worry since it takes place over seventeen years that I am timing jumping more than diving into the story. Then I wonder if I really skimp or it is my brain overthinking.

I am still working a little here and there on the third book in the Awakenings trilogy. It is fun getting to know all four girls by themselves on top of them learning about each other. I cannot wait to finish so you all can read the trilogy.

Also I was visiting a high school friend during the weekend and we were talking. Then she said the phase from the Bible, "beauty for ashes" or from. I love it and changed the manuscript "A Flower in the Ashes" to "Beauty from Ashes". They're similar but it's the meaning that I've been searching for. I love it and I'm trying my best to finish my young adult trilogy before going to my historical fiction story.

Stay safe Lovelies!