Sunday, February 26, 2012

Blast from the Past...

Hey Lovelies!Author's always post photos of where they got costume ideas, even I have posted a few. Bad news for me I lost the picture of the pink dress Emma wore at the ball in Family Ties. Which is sad considering it was really beautiful! It might have been a my generation thing, but those cartoon dolls you make online, anyone remember those? If not then I'm probably about to embarass myself! Well my friends and I had a lot of fun with them, and I liked using them to get ideas for characters, play around with different clothing ideas. I found my old photobucket account, the one where I used to upload images on my freewebs account when I had one. I figured I'd post the ones where you would recognize the characters. Just remember I used doll marker sites online, to put the images together, I didn't make the actual pixels. Also these are not the heights or body types of the actualy characters! I hope you have fun and have a good laugh! There are more from other stories, I'll probably post those on another date, but again have a good laugh!

Family Ties:

Abby: Photobucket Danielle and Zoey: Photobucket Abby and Cory: Photobucket Abby and Cory: Photobucket Cory and Abby: Photobucket Abby: Photobucket The Gang: Photobucket
End of the Line: Lauren: Photobucket Lauren and Aaron: Photobucket Lauren and Aaron: Photobucket Alex/Cole (changing his name...) and Jill: Photobucket Lauren: Photobucket Aaron's Tattoo: Photobucket The whole group: Photobucket Lauren and Aaron: Photobucket

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