Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Ulitmate Sample Sunday!

Hey Lovelies!
Since I am not really broadcasting Valentine's Day and some of my writings have been pushed back, then to extra top it off I have slacked on the Sample Sundays I decided to make an Ulitmate Sample Sunday! I will be posting links to EVERY sample that I have posted! You all will have fun exploring many chapters of varying stories! I hope you enjoy!

End of the Line
Chapter 1 Lauren 
Family Ties
Chapter 3 Cory
Chapter 4 Abby 

Beneath the Scars
Chapter 1 Rily
Chapter 2 Eponine
Project US
Old Prolgue
Chapter 1 Rachel
Chapter 2 Nick

Chapter 1
Beaker to Life
Prologue & Chapter 1 Derek
Pirates' Life for Me
Chapter 1 Jocelyn

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