Monday, February 21, 2011

montage of news!

So not even sure if I spelt the title write, but I'm going to go with it! So yes I have several news, but first I am sorry that it has been a week since I have last written!! Okay so I got in my email yesterday a very lovely piece of mail!!! I got the edited verison of Family Ties after much talking to the awsome editor Jenn!! I know hell week is over, though I'm in college hell weeks never fully end. I have started to read through it to make sure I approve. It is so exciting!! To see something I have written in a book format, it's still on word, but still it's amazing. I don't care if this is the second book I'm producing, it all feels new and exciting and I love it!!

However like I said, it's still busy in school and I'm trying to balance school which is slowly eating away my soul, and looking over Family Ties before saying the okay!! I'm ubberly excited, even though I have not seen the cover which I am itching to see! Waiting and I do not go hand in hand too well...

Hmm what else did I have to say...Oh! Yes so End of the Line is competely and utterly awaiting those with e-readers to enjoy! I am still not very happy with Xlibris, calling when they want money for something else when I keep telling them I don't have a job, but they dont' return my calls when I have a problem. Along with other cat and mice games so I am thinking of canceling my service with Xlibris, while looking for another self publisher or something for it to be in print I'm going to keep the e-reader form up till then!! I have spring break in like 2 weeks and I'm hoping to do all of that during that time! That way hopefully the print form will be cheaper for yall!! I'm probably keep the cover for End of the Line because I love it!

There was more news...

Oh yeah so I'm still attempting to write the short story for the charity, edit Project US, write part 2 of Pirates and school, silly school getting in the way!! Spring break in 2 weeks I'm hoping to get stuff done and not feel guilty about school and stories...


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