Monday, February 14, 2011

A Dance in the Gardens

Hey Everyone!!
Yes today is Valentine's Day, this holiday has never been a biggie for me. It's a whatever holiday for me, and it is not only because I'm single, but that's a bigger discussion on a maybe different day. However despite the fact that it is monday, that I had 4 classes today, this is hell week, and to top it off it's Valentine's Day I'm not in a bad mood. Whether it be from the weird sleep pattern my body has developed, or the fact that it is in the 50's for temperature my mood is good and I'm blissifully unaware of the world around me. My friend Ryan is in a horriable mood because of the holiday I'm hoping he doesn't reach through technolgy and kill me. The fact that even though he's my ex I can still make him laugh.

Wow I'm seriously all over the place mentally I am terribly sorry! Oh, but in the spirit of Valentine's Day a scene in Part Two of the Pirate story came to me when I was waiting for class to start. I really am not the best student mentally attention wise apparently. I envision this garden and Jacqueline slow dancing. Can't share all the details because I'm mischious and do not want to give the plot away :) BUT I'm hoping people will enjoy the scene when I publish it. I really had no idea I would write a small scene like this when I started this story. I also do not know how I'm going to end this tale. If I still do not know what is going to happen at the end I might use one of my friends as a wall to bounce ideas off of, either Taylor or Ryan or someone who will listen to my phsyco babble.

I really sound like I have an obession with slow dancing. I have done this in a couple stories in different ways. Each dance having something special about it. End of the Line has a cute little slow dance in it between Aaron and Lauren [check the book out to see ;) ]. It is simple and happy, springish, to the song 'Everything I do, I do for you' and I really am trying not to give too much away. Project US is Nick and Rachel which I will promise to introduce yall to them eventually, they are caught up in a moment and flurries. Then Family Ties has a shorter one which yall get to see in April, filled with giggles of friendship.

I however only really slow danced once, only matter of seconds long, with an ex guy friend of mine now. I was pushed into him and had bruises up and down my arms from my friends pushing me into him, then it was ended short because he gave up.

I did not want to depress everyone on this holiday. For those who have love, cherish it, don't let them no know how much you love them, that you apperishate them. Today is a holiday to celebrate a couple, the love shared between the two people, a family, real close friends. Today is a day to enjoy the small things. Today is not a day of gifts given, but more the emotions.
Happy Day of Love,

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