Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Hey!! Thanks to Brittany I recieved this award!! I want to take a second and thank her for this!! It is seriously sweet of her and you should check out her blog as well!! If I nominate you for this award you must:
1. Thank the awsome person who is giving you the award!
2. Post 7 random things about yourself!
3. Give the award to 15 other blogs!
4. Contact the blogger and let them know they have won of course!
7 random facts about me:
1. I have one sister 6 years younger then me
2. My gulity pleasure TV is Bridezilla, Amazing Cakes, Yes to the Dress, and David T.'s My Fair Wedding
3. I blush easily, and my friends including my friend Ryan adore seeing how red they can get me
4. When things go missing I joke and blame the trolls Opal and Gregor, Opal is from a short story I wrote in high school, currently Opal has stolen nail polish and pj pants...
5. I would love to backpack through Europe
6. I'm a daddy's little girl (I'm 21 years old and not afraid to admitt it!)
7. I enjoy my characters more then my plots when I write
Now the Lovely 15 Blogs!
12. Random Ramblings
Again Thank you Brittany!!!


  1. Ottilie,
    Thank you so much for passing along the award! And congratulations yourself!!! Hope you have a great week.

  2. TwoBibliomaniacs: Thank you so much!! You two, I hope you have a great week!!

    Carla: You are welcome!!

  3. Hi Ottilie! Thank-you for calling by my blog and for the award! It is very much appreciated:-)

  4. Hey Secret Writer!! You are more then welcome!! :)

  5. Your welcome Ottilie! Thanks for continuing to spread the award!


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