Monday, February 7, 2011

Plotting Pirates!

Hey Everyone!
So I have mentioned many times about my two pirate stories. That I have been trying to figure out where I'm going with the second one, but if I didn't write a second one I'm pretty sure if I get it published the readers will want to chuck their copies at my head, which I do not want! I want readers to enjoy my work, and for me to produce something that I am proud of. My name is on it, so I should be proud of what I'm presenting.

Okay back onto topic! So I've played with the idea before, but today when I was in my World History II class (shhhhhh I'm not always the most amazing student...I'm sure karma will get me as a teacher!) and this idea came to mine! Awaken me a little after not really sleeping all week. So I have an idea of where I am going with the second Pirates, but I do not think I will have enough to make it into a full on story, so...I'm going to combine the first and second!! I will play around to get it to flow right, and write the second part! I'm ubberly excited and can not wait to see how it turns out! Potientally this and Project US will battle for next for me to write a letter for submission to see if it can be published. I can get myself as excited with this as little kids when they hear there is cookie batter!! I do not know where to start and just want to get into it all!

Okay Though onto business other then I'm still waiting to read the first verison of Family Ties being edited. In April I'm pretty sure Family Ties will be published, I'm thinking if any blogs are curious in doing a review for it. Even if it is an electronic way to read it, I would seriously appericate it!! If you think you might be interested in reading this YA book please check out the description on the Books Tab up at top and contact me either on this post or my email just put something in the subject so I do not delete! Thank you!!



  1. I'm excited for you about your pirate story! Combining sounds like a great idea. I know it frustrates me as a reader when authors deliberately leave a book unfinished just to ensure a second book.

  2. I just gave you the Stylish Blog Award! Come check it out!

  3. Lilly Bear: Haha thank you!! Oh yeah I'm highly impatient when it comes to waiting for a series so I know as a reader it is not fun. I do not feel right submitting a start of a series if I do not have it finished just incase I can not. So I'm hoping people like what I did to this story, I might not be taking classes this summer so I'm hoping to finish it this summer. I asked my friend Taylor, and she liked the idea of combining so it is good to hear someone else likes the idea and I'm not crazy!

    Brittany: aw thank you!!


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