Monday, January 10, 2011

getting back to normal...ish

Okay so I think things are slowing down a little bit from break and unforunatly I go back to school soon. I really am just ready to graduate I'm done, and I really plan on going for masters?? I must really be losing my mind! Anywho... so the lucky winner of the Indie Holiday Giveaway Patty from NY! I don't really feel well today so I'll be mailing her, her copy tomorrow of End of the Line! Pretty exciting to have people read this book, it is one of my favorite that I wrote, written? I'm hoping others will be enjoying it also.

So news about Family Ties!! It is now going to be coming out in April not May! Not going to lie after seeing that news after checking my email for around 2 hours I nearly jumped, despite the fact that I was sitting on my floor. The waiting does not bring out the best in my curiousity which might be another reason my friends think Alice from Alice in Wonderland reminds them of me. I'm hoping to post soon the description of Family Ties on the Book Page soon! I'm eager to say the least. Also on
BCP's site I have an author page, you should check out! I feel like I'm forgetting something else...I was celebrating my friend, Mo's, birthday last night till late this morning watching movies with a group of friends then I was unable to sleep afterwards. Got to hate an overactive mind at times...

Oh also I have worked out a better direction for Heart out at Sea, the sequal to A Pirate's Life for Me. I was heistant when I started writing it, but I am getting excited as I found the direction of where the characters want to go. It's looking to be interesting!!


  1. Hello, love! Sounds liek you are working hard!

    However, I passed you the Stylish Blogger Award! Go check out my blog to get the info!

  2. Haha I try to work hard. My attention span doesn't always allow however. Aw thank you so much daring!!


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